What if Dark Jamie is kinda like the Shadow in Persona 4 tho

so he was made out of all Jamie’s fear and insecurities ever since he was eight and became sentient after some times.

“So full of hope and belief, and for what? For an immortal that won’t return your feelings?”

And all Dark Jamie wanted was for both of them to be happy, nevermind the way he achieved it, as long as he got what he wanted.

I ship it

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((I am completely unsurprised that you like something that involves Pitch talking about fucking himself. You perv. ))

((Back before wet met, there was a lovely little thing called Benneception… Shadowed belief. and a lovely evil Jamie known as Jacomus..

Been there done that… I’m so not allowed to judge…

Though.. am I allowed to watch?.)

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But I think they got me too! It's okay, let's just calm down...! It's not such a bad thought, really~... I mean, I always kind of wondered what it'd be like to kiss myself... And if Jacks can kiss themselves why can't we?? Doesn't seem very fair...

“Yeah…you’re right…” Jamie’s lips slowly curves into a smirk. “You know what, that’s not such a bad idea after all. Let’s… let’s do it.”

Shadowed Belief Starter || Open RP

There was a time where all he knew was darkness. For several years it was blurry images and undistinguished feelings of confusions, fears, and insecurities for him. Then, in the middle of those chaos, a hand reached out to him. And even though it was still darkness all around him, he now understood who he was.  The man who saved him, Pitch Black, told him that he was a being made out of the pent up negativity of a certain someone named Jamie Bennett. 

Pitch named him Jacomus Maledicti, “My Little Curse…” he would murmured happily every time Jacomus did something that made him happy. Everyday he was showered with gifts and the frustrations of Jamie Bennett.

He could feel it, all the unrequited love and lust Jamie had for Jack. He hated it. Hated it, hated himself and hated Jack for making both of them feel that way. It was time for him to act. It was time for him to free Jamie.

Don’t draw Jacomus, don’t draw Jacomus


Oh great, now I have a headcanon where after capturing Jack and convincing Jamie to stay with him Jacomus would walk around Pitch’s lair with only bedsheets or naked to tease Jamie and sometimes dragged him to dance near Jack’s prison so Jack would listen to Jamie’s laughter to make the spirit jealous

I ship Jamie/Dark!Jamie and it’s unhealthy help

But seriously, Shadowed Belief is a great AU and ship