benn robbins


Guys. Sometimes you just need to make shitty cosplays just because you can. 

Originally, this was going to be Cowslip’s Vaporeon– I was going to make it beautiful and intricate and every bit as pretty as I could imagine, since I would be spending the evening in the Atlanta Aquarium.

And then at the last minute, I was like “FUCK IT NOPE! IMMA BE MAGIKARP BECAUSE I DUNNO!”

And yeah, that’s a real fuckin sting ray in the last photo. All dem fishies are real too. I was the real freakin’ Magikarp, and I’ve never had so much fun being a derp. 

Cosplay is about having fun. Let’s keep it that way :D

First photo by Benn Robbins:
Second and third photo by PhotosNXS: