lately everything around me has to do with direction or a focus in life. Im filling out grad school applications that facilitate my future and new direction in life. the women in the campus ministry at church are doing this quiet time with a focus on what is at the core of women. the new year has stared and everyone has a new hobby or resolution that they are fixated on. more importantly, i realized that so many friends here, on tumblr, and other blogs have a focus. These two friends of mine have made a blog to document their friendship and adventures together. another friend who is about to make a tumblr account for posting her lookbook (she <3s fashion). still another friend dedicated this blog to hairstyles. and the list goes on.

but i dont seem to have any direction for my blog. hmmph. something else to think about i guess

there are people on twitter saying “why does fasolo always go for the mark, he’s meant to crumb” lol so when a player bombs it in to him, he’s meant to sit back and let the defender mark it????? okay.

you know what sucks majorly about trav’s injury???? that trav’s main role in the team is not just kicking goals (that’s a luxury), it’s the way he moves up the ground and marks the ball WHO IS GONNA DO THIS FOR US???? (i think we’ll be fine in this regard against the dogs unless bontempelli takes a few speckies…)

0200 lenge siden

jeg går hjem og til karet og jeg lukter som deg og mine skuldre og min nakke lukter som deg jeg elsker når du drar meg mot deg og fører mine lår på dine og vi sier hadet, mitt hår ødelagt og mitt ansikt sårt, du lå på benken så vakkert og din benhvite nakke lå på min skulder
og jeg lukter som deg når jeg kommer hjem, jeg lukter som deg når jeg kommer hjem, takk for de fine ordene, takk for din første gang

uncontested-poss replied to your post “You guise, Jesse’s out!!!! Poor Jesse lol finally. No but ugh poor…”

OH REJOICE!! There is a god.

lol and all the newspapers/media are like “shock! jesse dropped, who will kick goals” and “pies are too small” and like seriously???? A TRAFFIC CONE DOES MORE ON THE FOOTY FIELD THAN JESSE. nahhh idk soz jesse, we’ll be right, grundy usually hogs the ruckwork so wittsy and darcy can be the forward targets. it’s not like jesse was much of a forward target last week, one goal was gifted to him and the other was benken’s great tackle and he just happened to be free in the goal square. and those are the only two times he set foot in the forward 50. (i don’t actually know, i only had eyes for faz)

hopefully fitzpatrick does some more tunnel ball and H does some hilarious handballing to himself and kicking out on the full, and i hope jack watts is sandwiched between three magpies WE’VE GOT THIS, WHO NEEDS OX AND TRAV?????? 

you guise, i am super upset DO NOT LIKE LOSING

also, yeah, we had our chances and we made some dumb decisions, but i’ll just list who i thought played well:

brayden - i love this guy, he’s so much better than i expected (i expected nothing) HE’S SO GOOD IN DEFENCE

and then i liked: langdon, frosty, sidey (he was everywhere), darcy (obvs FIVE GOALS!!!! CAN PETER HAVE MORE CHILDREN!!!!!), wittsy/grundy, faz and benken tried hard (fully support benken and that set shot was HARD like fuck, even blairy has missed those too)

it was a shit day for our forwards b/c the delivery was shit (like bombing it in to faz????? really????) and yeah idk but DARCY’S MARKING AND GOALS WERE AMAZING, HE BETTER GET THE RISING STAR NOM

taylor adams will be SO GOOD to get back next week, and hopefully reid???? reid instead of jesse lol (jesse wasn’t too bad idk but he wasn’t great like he got gifted a goal, and then his other goal was from benken’s tackle)

uncontested-poss replied to your photo “benken <3”

Why have I never noticed how fucking cute this kid is?

b/c he’s usually the sub and only plays a quarter in each game he plays. and he barely gets selected in each game b/c it’s so hard to impress if you’re the sub???? so we’ve barely seen this kid play, and yet he’s really really good. just had really bad luck with getting sick at the start of the season, i think he missed the first few weeks with a virus idk.