benjy-ross-fenwick asked:

Mourn me.

Mourn Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character mourning your character’s death.


"NO!” Caradoc screamed but there was no use. No trick to perform so that the piercing and horrifying bright green light would avoid Benjy completely. But this wasn’t a fairytale and sometimes good didn’t triumph over evil and those that deserved to live for doing what was right, didn’t. Like the Muggles say, the good die young and Benjy was the definition of what was good and what was pure. Benjy was light; a constant bright aura of purity that managed to pull Caradoc from his dreary and depressing moods that seemed to sneak up on him at the worst moments. Benjy always knew what to say and what to do when Caradoc was feeling at his worst. Caradoc was sure Benjy didn’t even know how many times he pulled him from his own darkness. Now he never would.

But he watched as his friend fell with no light in his eyes. Caradoc had to watch the only light in his life vanish. Not fade, not dim. Vanish. Disappear. Sadness. Depression. The only light..

The Death Eaters around him all cackled with laughter, snickering and sneering as one more Order Member was taken from the world, making their journey that much easier. And it didn’t seem fair. It wasn’t fair. But Caradoc had always known that things didn’t always work out. He was a pessimist, after all. But his heart still hurt and the tears still streamed, burning his cheeks as if his tears were acid that scorched his skin.

“Benjy! Benjy, please.” He begged, his knees buckling underneath him. He fell towards the earth and landed like a heavy bag of bricks. He was surrounded by four or five Death Eaters, he wasn’t entirely sure, but he crawled as fast as he could towards his fallen friend.

He shook him violently but of course, there was no movement. No light. Caradoc could feel himself slipping back into his darkness. It was as if someone pulled the plug and Caradoc just couldn’t escape now. He couldn’t without Benjy. 

You!” Caradoc growled, a sound he wasn’t entirely sure was his. He slipped out his wand, pointing it at the first Death Eater he saw. He attempted to rise to his feet, “CRU-“

Locomotor Mortis!”

Caradoc fell again and he could feel his legs unable to move. He knew what was coming; he had always known it would come. "Avada -

Caradoc reached up to grip Benjy’s hand, his eyes closing.We’ll be together soon.”


revolution-caradoc asked:

Mourn me... :'(

Mourn Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character mourning your character’s death.

Benjy Ross Fenwick had never been the type of man to cry. Not in public. Not even when he was alone really. Quite literally, the only person who had seen him in that state had been Caradoc. Caradoc may not have been his blood but he was Benjy’s family, if not more than that.

He couldn’t control his reaction when Emmeline said it out loud; looked him in the eye and brought his worse nightmare to life. Caradoc Dearborn was dead, and Benjy’s breath got caught somewhere in his throat. His vision was a mess, blurred with hot liquid. He could see her reaching for him, but he pulled away. Benjy hadn’t even responded to Emmeline, didn’t want to. Couldn’t anyways, since he was choking on the mother fucking air.

Life was different now. Life was different now. His best friend was gone. His best friend had left him alone. Life was different now.

After Caradoc’s death, Benjy chose to be alone whenever possible. He hated and yet consciously chose to consistently think about Caradoc, couldn’t quite stop hearing the other man’s voice in the back of his head. Couldn’t ever stop expecting Caradoc to show up. Couldn’t quite stop himself from dreaming of all the memories involving the other male. Didn’t want to. It was all he had left.

There hadn’t even been a proper funeral, since his body had been burnt in a fire during battle. Benjy had half a mind to not attend, but he did. He attended because Caradoc would have wanted him to. He’d even brought fucking flowers and felt like an asshole about it. That funeral had been… hard.

Benjy didn’t care if it was unhealthy because he knew his relationship with Caradoc had never been healthy. He consciously refused to even try to get over his best friend’s death. Instead, he became increasingly angry and hostile.

Full of pure wrath because… it was unfair.

Why couldn’t he have died in Car’s place? Fuck Caradoc for leaving him alone. Fuck Caradoc for meaning so much to him. Fuck Caradoc for always having been there for him. Fuck Caradoc for completing him in ways nobody else could.

leaving him cold and empty

now that he was gone