#HappySaturday - Start this stunning sunny morning off with the 3 “P"s - Porridge, Protein & Pool! I think I vitamin top up is in order today!

Porridge Recipe
1 Cup Natural 100% rolled oats
½ cup of Vitasoy Rice & chickpea Milk
1x Copped Banana
2x Dehydrated Peach diced
1x Dehydrated Fig copped finely
1x Date copped finely
Sprinkle of chia Seeds
1x Handful of Goji Berries
1x Small drizzle of organic 100% natural honey!

my brother: would you let someone poo on your chest for a million dollars? 

me: no thats fucked , would you?

my brother: yeah? i would let anyone poo on my chest for a million dollars.

me: ew