benji lovett

buttella  asked:

My fav is problematic: Benji


  • actively tries to look scruffy/disheveled (thinks it is charming)
  • hates rich people
  • on an ENTIRELY unrelated note, never has any money
  • has 99 problems, runs away from literally all of them
  • most of said problems are probably his fault
  • has been through the desert on a horse called No Name
  • cant help falling in love with you (and everyone else)
  • he would do anything for love, oh he would do anYTHING FOR LOVE
  • has too many song references in his callout list >:9

buttella  asked:

WAIT IS BRUNO/BENJI ON THE TABLE? BC 28 LET'S ROCK. and/or 20 for dreyalex 9w9

((IF YOU SAY IT IS THEN I’M SO DOWN… I just hope I’ve done Bruno justice, eheh! Definitely gonna do the Drey/Alex one as well, just in another post sometime.))

Floorboards creaked beneath Bruno’s heavy steps as he made his way down to the sleeping quarters of the Meow Hitch, the strangely named steamboat he currently called home. A long day’s work on top of evening watch had left him yearning for the embrace of his mattress, but as he pushed open the door and squeezed his large frame through the opening, he discovered an obstacle stood in his way. Or rather, was reclining languidly in his bed, reading a book and muttering quietly to himself.


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I decided to combine them both into a few paragraphs!

With a shout, a bang and the sound of breaking glass, Benji felt his feet leave the ground. A heavy hand hauled the slight man forward by his throat, sending him reeling through the saloon’s swinging doors and out into the night. It wasn’t the first time he’d suffered for his angry tongue like this, no. It happened often enough he swore he was beginning to enjoy it; the taste of dirt and blood between his teeth, the heave of his gut as pain and liquor rushed his senses. He hit the wall of the opposite building and sprawled sideways in the dusty side street, the warm light from inside cutting off sharply as the doors slammed shut after him, leaving him to mull in muted silence.

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tyromedico  asked:

benji 6, 41, 59

6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers?

(excuse to draw magic eye yaaay)

Benji has magical talent that manifests from a strange mutant eye he’s had since birth, but he sorely lacks control over it and generally regards it as a curse. He has made liberal use of it once before, but it’s a time he’d prefer not to talk about. :’))

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