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Here’s a nice little Patriots memory from Detroit last Thanksgiving. Look out Alphonso!


This never gets old…

Football Outsiders: Top Offensive Patriots in 2010

Football Outsiders released their top players from 2010 today and wouldn’t you know there’s quite a few Patriots making an appearance:

  • Tom Brady: #1 QB
  • Benjarvus Green-Ellis: #4 overall RB
  • Danny Woodhead: #5 overall RB, #5 receiving RB
  • Rob Gronkowski: #2 TE
  • Aaron Hernandez: #4 TE
  • Deion Branch #11 WR
  • Wes Welker #19 WR

Other Patriots notes:

  • Woodhead didn’t have enough carries to qualify for the main rushing-only RB rankings, but his score would’ve had him as the 8th best RB in the NFL. He only missed out on this by three carries. His #5 overall RB ranking is aided by his receptions.
  • Law Firm was the 3rd best rushing-only RB.
  • Tate #14 WR for WRs with under 50 passes thrown at them, he had 46. He was #8 in WR rushing.

Notes out our enemies:

  • Mark Sanchez #20 QB
  • Peyton Manning #2 QB
  • Santonio Holmes #31 WR
  • Braylon Edwards #34 WR
  • Reggie Wayne #24 WR
  • Joe Flacco #11 QB
  • Shonn Green #11 RB
  • Ladainian Tomlinson #16 RB
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Benjarvus Green-Ellis 2010 Highlights

The Law Firm is back in the fold as of this afternoon! Right now he’s the front runner in the “Mike D’s Next Patriots Jersey” contest. After getting to see a little more into what kind of guy he is on twitter I’ve found him to be a dedicated and humble athlete who’s had to earn everything he’s gotten. It’s hard not to root for a guy like that. Plus he runs hard and never fumbles so that helps…

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Patriots Today: Best 2010 Patriots TD Runs… aka the Benny and Woody show.

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The Law Firm on ESPN First Take

We haven’t heard too much from Benny over the years but every time I do I like him more and more. What a consummate Patriots, huh? The kind of guy you’d go to war with any day of the week.

Not many football players have the mental and physical drive to work from an undrafted free agent to a 1000-yard running back in three seasons. Most of us thought of him as just a stop-gap at first, but clearly he has gotten better and better and we should expect an even better season in 2011.

I’m still wondering why we didn’t see more of him in the playoff loss.

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Not great quality but you don’t need great quality video to see Law Firm bulldozing fools.

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Giving some love to New England Patriots’ Benjarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead. 

I have to admit I haven’t given enough praise to Benjarvus Green-Ellis this season, but he’s been a beast. The combination of him and Woodhead is a perfect combination. I’d say they’re a two-headed monster but that’s just about the most overused cliche in all of sports.