hunnam  asked:

I don't know if this is how you send in requests buuuut listen, I would love to see the underwater-sequence as a gif set. You know the part where kala swims towards him and then when he holds her and idk just everything under water idk man just be careful to not get flagged but their "first time" wasn't that raunchy anyway

i’ll try and get it to! 

In regards to their first time, I think it wasn’t meant to be a raunchy or as lustful as the other sex scenes we’ve seen in the past. I think it was supposed to be an intimate and almost poetic form of showing someone’s first time when it means something very greatly to them. I liked the fact that Kala wore her nightgown the entire time because it felt right for her to do so. It felt like a cautious and nervous Kala would do when she’s not experienced and just wants to enjoy her time with the man she’s fallen in love with. 

I think it was a fitting first time for Kala and Wolfgang