Periscope’s Benjamin Dewey (artist of The Tragedy Series) did something awesome for a friend’s 4 year old.

The boy’s mother writes: “(My) four-year-old son had a scheduled surgery on both his legs last Tuesday, and was sent home with a walker and knee immobilizers — neither of which he enjoys. He especially associates the walker with pain, since while in the hospital they asked him to stand and walk with it and it hurt (a lot) post-op.”

“This had me thinking: what if we made the walker look more like an AT-AT and let our son shoot at us (something we usually strongly discourage) while he was standing and walking? Another friend suggested we print out a picture of an AT-AT and attach it to the walker, and then (Ben’s wife) Lindsey told me Ben had volunteered to create an AT-AT for the walker.

Around 20 hours later, Ben and Lindsey came over to our place with the most impressive walker I’ve ever seen…”

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Ben Dewey’s Tragedy Series Comic.