A Sibyl with a Book (copy after Anton Raphael Mengs) (1761). Benjamin West (Anglo-American, 1738-1820). Oil on canvas. Ferens Art Gallery.

After original of 1761, three-quarter-length female in Renaissance rustic dress of brown cloak and white linen dress beneath, with a turban headdress turns to her right to look at the viewer, leaning her head on her right hand, and her left is in her lap holding an open book.

Saint Cecilia (c.1761). Benjamin West (Anglo-American, 1738-1820). Oil on canvas. Ferens Art Gallery.

Cecilia is frequently depicted playing a viola, a small organ, or other musical instrument, evidently to express what was often attributed to her viz., that while the musicians played at her nuptials she sang in her heart to God. West depicts her with a book and a scroll which looks to have musical symbols.