More Art Monday: Halloween Costume Ideas

Searching for the perfect costume for this year’s party? Draw inspiration from our collection. Click the links for DIY tutorials to turn these masterpieces into wearable art. Tag yourself in an art-inspired costume with #philamuseum.

Armor for use on horseback in the field, c. 1505, Germany (Gift of Athena and Nicholas Karabots and The Karabots Foundation)

Knight costume

Mythological Narrative; Theseus with Slain Medusa in Foreground,” date unknown, Europe or America
Medusa costume

Saucer from a Place Setting,” 1966, designed by Roy Lichtenstein, made by Jackson China
Lichtenstein costume

Portrait of George Washington,” 1794, by Adolph Ulrich Wertmüller
George Washington costume

Arab Chief,” 1874, by Mariano Fortuny y Carbó
Pirate costume

Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen;” executed in wax 1878–81, cast in bronze after 1922; Edgar Degas
Ballerina costume

Portrait of Marie Antoinette,” c. 1790, attributed to Isaac Gosset
Marie Antoinette costume

Portrait of Camille Roulin,” 1888 or 1889, by Vincent van Gogh
Van Gogh costume

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera,” 1932, by Carl Van Vechten
Frida Kahlo costume

Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky,” c. 1816, by Benjamin West
Benjamin Franklin costume