anonymous asked:

Is it wrong to want a whole room the color of Colin's eyes?

Well Nonnie, to answer your question properly I felt it was best for me to do some research.

Now this is a topic I am intimately familiar with, but I figured it was good to use this as an excuse to google Colin pics fact-check.

What you see below is a photo of the adorable goober making a face that he must know by now is illegal.

For good statistical rigor here is another

and one more

What you may notice among these photos is that, while the color of his eyes varies slightly depending on lighting, it is generally a deep cyan color.

Using an intricate scientific process (aka photoshop’s color picker) I have isolated an average of this color.

As fate luck would have it, this corresponds almost exactly to the Benjamin Moore paint color “Thousand Oceans”

A quick perusal of the site give us our answer:

Is it wrong to want a whole room the color of Colin’s eyes? No, Nonnie. Wanting a room the color of Colin’s eyes is classic, timeless, and elegant. You’ve got excellent taste, my Tumblove, excellent taste!