The far right and the xenophobes

Before there is a massive flood of posts on tubmlr, on twitter, on facebook and so forth about how “we should stop foreign nurses from coming here to work in the British NHS” after the news that was reported today about a nurse from Manchester was convicted of murder, I think it only fair to remind the anti-immigration, xenophobes (who appear to have very short memories) about some important facts :-

Beverley Allitt was a nurse who murdered and harmed children. 

Phillip Reed was a nurse who attempted to poison one of his patients and badly mistreated another.

Benjamin Geen was a nurse who poisoned a number of his patients and killed two of them.

Dr Harold Shipman is generally considered one of the most prolific serial killers in history.

All of these people were born and raised and trained in this country. They weren’t immigrants, they weren’t foreigners - they were British.

So while I fully expect the anti-EU, anti-immigration and anti-foreigner groups to have a field day over the next few weeks (UKIP, BNP, Tory, The Sun - I am mostly looking at you) I would hope that at least some people will keep their heads and remember that British born medical professionals have, in the past, behaved as criminally and as badly as the nurse convicted to day has. (And, in some cases, far, far, far worse).

For me - after my last lot of surgery I was looked after nurses, doctors, technicians and a host of other medical professionals from all over the globe (most of whom I can’t really remember because I was doped up on morphine for the majority of the time) and I can not praise their care enough. And I shudder to think what might have bee different if The NHS was restricted to only hiring British staff, instead of being able to hire the best staff available, no matter where they were born. 

The psychological condition that leads hospital workers, and others, to derive such pleasure from bringing patients in their care to near-death and then resuscitating them - Munchausen’s Syndrome - has gained its name, oddly, from a book first published in 1786 titled The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Although there was a real German landowner of that  name, renowned for telling humorous anecdotes about his life as a soldier and a sportsman, the book was actually written by a man named Rudolf Erich Raspe. With its incredible tales of the Baron’s exploits - including a voyage to the moon by balloon - the book became immensely popular.

In 2006 an English male nurse, 25-year-old Benjamin Green, was found guilty of two murders and 15 attempted murders by injecting patients with a ‘cocktail’ of deadly drugs. At his trial, the jury heard how he 'came alive’ and looked 'elated’ as his patients went into respiratory arrest. Green had even boasted to one doctor: 

There is always a resuscitation when I’m on duty.

Update - Victim's Identity - Homicide Investigation

Update – Victim’s Identity – Homicide Investigation

Update – Victim’s Identity – Homicide Investigation

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The Future is Binary  - Saskatoon Police are releasing the name of the victim of a homicide in the 1000 block of Avenue K North.

Benjamin Green, 38 years of age, was found deceased on June 26, 2014.  An autopsy was conducted on Wednesday, July 2, 2014, however the results will not be released at this time.


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