The Intense Slightly Darkly  Surreal Portraits of   Benjamin Garcia

Benjamin Garcia was born in 1986 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. At age 19 he decides to study design and illustration at the Instituto de diseno de Caracas, graduating in 2010. His first influences came from comic artists like Moebius and Bill Sienkiewicz. Little by little he made the transition from illustrating for animation to painting when he discovered the work of artists such as Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville and Kent Williams. He focus mostly on portraits with an aesthetic language that is both dark and subtly surreal with an approach to his subjects that is often subjective and intense. He has participated in various collective exhibitions to the date.    His Tumblr

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The Multi-Layered Paintings of Benjamin Garcia

Venezuelan artist Benjamin Garcia creates delicate oil paintings, layering colors like veils to create transparent, overlapping images. For his “Flores” series, womens’ faces intersect with clusters of roses. The floral forms begin to appear almost flesh-like as they become subsumed into the skin tone hues. Take a look at some of Garcia’s paintings below.