• Smart boi (Yale graduate)
  • Fought for women’s education rights
  • One of Washington’s “favorite sons”
  • “Loved his God and General Washington in equal measure”
  • A Federalist Congressman, who often debated against Jefferson
  • In favor of abolishing slavery
  • Co-founded a society to help improve the living conditions in Jewish communities
  • Made huge donations to local churches
  • Established a training school for Native American and Asian missionaries
  • Patriotic, confident, loyal, reliable, strong, polite, honorable, brave

I just finished Washington’s Spies, and I now whole-heartedly believe that Benjamin Tallmadge is probably one of the greatest people to ever walk this earth and I love him.


turn: washington’s spies // series finale epilogue pt. i (pt. ii)

Mark Schneider, who played an extra in the final season of TURN: Washington’s Spies, described the cast as follows:

  • Simcoe (Samuel Roukin): class clown, running around making jokes
  • Abe (Jamie Bell): the actor type, always alone with earbuds in until they started a scene
  • Washington (Ian Khan): method, never dropped character–even between takes
  • Anna Strong (Heather Lind): hilarious and wonderful (he drove one of her carriages)
  • Hamilton (Sean Haggerty): a great guy (he played his second during a few scenes)
  • Lafayette (Brian Wiles): interesting, spoke French, did not have good luck with his horse
  • Tallmadge (Seth Numrich): the professional, ‘yes sir, no sir’, prompt and prepared