benjamin say

Ben’s spent four years pouring his heart and soul into this role, perfecting it for ages so that he can portray Evan as the most believable and real character that he can. He’s gone through so much to get here, losing weight and restricting his diet and affecting his posture and habits so much that he’s also had to see a physical therapist. Ben is truly the most dedicated performer I’ve ever seen and he’s been doing this on and off for four years, always coming back to this brilliant show because it was something he believed in and loved and if anyone gives him anything less than the love and respect he deserves after such an incredible run, I will fight them. I can honestly say I love Ben Platt and I hope everything he does in the future makes him as happy as he’s made me through such an honest and important portrayal of anxiety and society.

dont 👏 watch 👏 turn 👏 washington’s 👏spies 👏 if 👏 you 👏 were 👏 never 👏 a 👏 spy 👏 or 👏 cabbage 👏 farmer 👏 during 👏 the 👏 american 👏 revolution

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I can't believe they never made a National Treasure 3. They completely set up for it by having Ben Gates look at page 47 of the President's Book. Am I never going to find out what page 47 says? It is rumored that it was supposed to be about the Fountain of Youth, but we can never be sure. Why would they set up for a third movie and then just never make it? How could they do this to their dedicated audience? It has been eight years since the second movie came out and this still haunts me.

This doesn’t feel right, Ben.

Quotes about Benjamin Tallmadge, Women, and Partying

From General Washington’s Commando: Benjamin Tallmadge in the Revolutionary War by Richard F. Welch

  • “Benjamin was intelligent, personable, and made friends readily.”
  • “Affable, good-looking and flirtatious, [Tallmadge] had a keen eye for female beauty, and was attractive to and attracted by many young women, whose names, or descriptions, appear frequently in his letters.”
  • “[Tallmadge’s] love of a good party had been a matter of record since his Yale days.”
  • “A young, handsome officer, attired in a dashing dragoon’s uniform, renowned for his combat exploits, Tallmadge was highly popular with the young women of Patriot disposition, and he was certainly interested in them. References to young women are sprinkled throughout his letters, and his romantic - or at least flirtatious - encounters probably extended much further than the written record reveals.”

I told y’all he was a major ladies’ man…