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Spent most of the weekend making a version my song, “kuhn-tehk-uh figgy” for NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest. Check it out and like/repost if you’re into it! 
Thanks for watching!

Saphael Week - Day 2 - Song that reminds you of saphael

1) Horror Show // The Birthday Massacre

And now we’re laughing because they’ll never know that they have everything

We give them all of our own and they tell us they’re sick and they’re all alone

2) Livin’ Life (On the Edge of a Knife) // Bullet for my Valentine

You don’t know you’re alive

Why don’t you try and make things right?

3) Epiphany // Staind

I can’t take anymore of this, I want to come apart

Or dig myself a little hole inside your precious heart

4) Something I Can Never Have // Nine Inch Nails

You always were the one to show me how

Back then I couldn’t do the things that I can do now

5) Twin Skeletons (Hotel in NY City) // Fall Out Boy

A birth and a death on the same day

And honey I only appeared so I can fade away

6) Taking Over Me // Evanescence

I have to be with you to live, to breathe

You’re taking over me

7) Heavy Prey // Flyleaf

You only know my heart when it’s cold

But it burns when I hear my affliction in your voice

8) Seize the Day // Avenged Sevenfold

I found you here, now please just stay for a while,  I can move on with you around

I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever?

9) Kryptonite // 3 Doors Down

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?

If I’m alive and well will you be there holding my hand?

10) Centuries // Fall Out Boy

We’ve been here forever, and here’s the frozen proof

I could scream forever, we are the poisoned youth

11) Rain // Breaking Benjamin

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day

All the world is waiting for the sun

Saphael playlist - for snarkysurana and thiscantbelightgood

1) Save Me // Staind

And all that I’ve become is you

The only good in me is you

2) Buried Beneath // Red

I’m in over my head

Am I living or dead

3) Without You // Breaking Benjamin

Take my hand, drag me down

If you fall then I will too

4) Light in Your Eyes // Flyleaf

When all we wanted was love

We got cut up and burned

5) My Heart Is Broken // Evanescence

Open your eyes to the light

I denied it all so long

6) Give Me A Sign // Breaking Benjamin

God help me, I’ve come undone

Out of the light of the sun

7) This Close // Flyleaf

I’ve been walking dead, watching you

Long enough to know I can’t go on

8) The Great Divide // Breaking Benjamin

Heaven won’t help us now

But it’s better this way

9) Part II // Paramore

I’ll be lost until you find me

Fighting on my own

10) Ashes of Eden // Breaking Benjamin

Stay with me, don’t let me go

Until the ashes of Eden fall

[Raphael] [Alec] [Malec]


Here’s the title sequence for 

beat of the week no.037. vol.02, no.03 Coming From a Place of Hell Nah

This is a track created with Schism Tracker and converted to an SPC file via snesmodelite. This audio output is from ZSNES, so should be somewhat close to what it sounds like on an actual Super Nintendo.

There is some strange frequency sharing going on, and I can’t set any panning with this tool (you can with Schism Tracker, but it won’t be read into the SPC file). All the more reason to possibly make my own tracker. We’ll see.

The title is a reference to this:…ing/dp/143918691X

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Put my How to Talk Like Bane video on Vimeo, for those who prefer that, or can’t deal with ads. 

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