benjamin richard parker

MAY: It’s a stronghold your father erected in his subconscious–to remind him why  the world needs someone like Spider-Man.

MAYDAY: B-but that’s us–and none of us were around even around when he first donned the webs. 

MAY: I know. He’s added to this citadel over the years. it contains his most precious memories–the very soul of Peter Parker.

Amazing Spider-Girl #29

I bloody love this arc and this moment in particular. We can see Peter’s very soul and his most precious memories and front and centre, just as he first saw her is MJ. As she should be!

Also when looking through Peter’s most precious memories we see homages to Amazing Fantasy #15, Amazing Spider-Man #290 when he proposed to Mary Jane, Amazing Spider-Man #292 when she accepted his proposal and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 when he and Mj got married. 

Damn right.