benjamin rein

  • Bradford: and anyway that's why I've decided to betray you losers
  • Ben: *eyes mist*
  • Ben: *scrubs at face, looks to the ceiling*
  • Bradford: you- you can't possibly be /surprised/, I-
  • Ben: I'm not. it's just, I- thank you, Bradford. :')
  • Bradford: ...w...h...a...t...?
  • Ben: *overcome with emotion* I'm allowed to hit you now.

The Brazilian Bombshell

Most models are known for their measurements and their physical features the bust, the small waist, the perfect skin; the list can go on and on. Gisele Bundchen has proved people wrong by, just being ‘the pretty face.’ Gisele was born in Rio Grande do Sul on July 20, 1980. She grew up with German ancestry, in household of five sisters; one of them being her fraternal twin. Even when she was young, she was known for beauty. At age 14, she moved to Sau Paulo to debut her as a model. At the age of 16, Gisele moved to New York City to make her debut as an international model in New York Fashion Week. In 1997, she traveled to London where she caught everyone’s attention by walking in six inch stilettos on a wet runway for Alexander McQueen’s ‘Rain’ show. By 2000, she was known around the world as ‘The Brazilian Bombshell.” Her Victoria’s Secret contract led her status at ‘the world’s top model.’ Not only was she on a countless amount of magazine covers but, several book covers, as well. For spring 2000 fashion week, she opened Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Dior, and Valentino’s shows. As if all of those things weren’t enough, she wore Victoria’s Secret annual fantasy bra which cost $15 million. In 2004, she became the world’s highest paid model. In 2009, she married New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. They have two children Benjamin Rein and Vivienne Lake. Although she has been named ‘world’s richest’ many times, she has still been able to be humble and denies her wealth when people accuse her of it. Aside from her modeling career, she is also known for her philanthropy around the world. She has donated millions of dollars to world aid. Many of charitable works include hunger programs, children’s hospitals, and disaster relief. Gisele donated $1.5 million to Haiti after their devastating earthquake. Gisele has shown that being a model isn’t all smiling and being sexed up to make money but, to show their appreciation to the world and give back to people who are in most need of it.