benjamin print

This is a page from a 1755 copy of Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard’s Almanac. Within the almanac’s that Franklin published he would often hide quotes and sayings amongst the mundaneness of the almanac. In this case the hidden message reads:

“Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbours, and let every New-Year find you a better Man.”

Example of racial diversity: Liberty’s Kids

This show was an example of racial diversity through two of the main characters, Henri (a native French speaker of ambiguous ethnic background), and Moses, a former slave who works for Benjamin Franklin in his print shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the Revolutionary War. This show went through the course of the Revolutionary War from the Americans’ perspective, but often gave British points of view through Sarah, a native of England, or British historical figures, and treated them both as valid options.  It also often spoke very frankly about the sexism and racism inherent during that time, and frequently focused on the female or people of color heroes of the war that are often neglected in history lessons. 


Emerald City Comicon is still in swing, but today was pretty damned eventful, so here’s a post about it. Well, and I want to gush and brag a little bit.

First up is my amazing sister as Chandra! Arielle made it as a finalist in the cosplay contest, which is just so awesome. First time she molded armor and painted and she did GREAT. Look for her at PAX Prime this year!

Then there’s my husband, who was gracious enough to bend to my fangirl ways and dress as Newt once again, with apocalypticash as Sasha. I love seeing Katie’s cosplays. I see something different EVERY TIME. Then there’s me with my seestor because I couldn’t resist. She was too awesome for words.

Pony commission! I don’t do many convention commissions because I just spend too darn long on them, but I love the ones I do. :3

Wicked cool xenomorph in the cosplay contest! Dude did an AMAZING JOB.

And finally, my acquired items this far! The Pacific Rim print from Benjamin Dewey of tragedyseries fame (it is GORGEOUS in person). It was a pleasure to say hi and introduce myself! Then shoomlah’s new art book because I can’t resist one of my favorite artists. That Quality Time print was something my husband randomly found and had to get because it fits us so perfectly ( I believe it is from ). And what is easily the coolest thing I think I got this weekend was an eths-skin’s booklet from sfemonster who I GOT TO MEET IN PERSON and I may have gotten excited and hugged him without asking first and I was terribly embarrassed. I AM FROM A FAMILY OF HUGGERS I AM SO SORRY I WANT TO HUG EVERYONE.

I’ll probably make a couple posts later about ECCC (I have to blab about Newt cosplayers), but I needed to get some feelings out!


Shocking Photographs, Literally.

Scientists experimented with electricity long before its everyday use in the home. 

By the 1840s, electrical tests were conducted by researchers and documented using photography. Guillaume-Benjamin Duchenne administered electric shocks to elicit a variety of facial expressions in his subjects.

Duchenne, a medical doctor interested in physiology, experimented with electro-puncture (acupuncture using electric currents). Using photography, he captured patients’ emotions and changing facial expressions caused by a mild electrical shock. 

In 1862 he published his most famous study, Mécanisme de la physionomie humaine (Mechanism of Human Physiognomy), illustrated with photographs that he believed recorded the “movement of the soul.”

Other shocking photographs can be found at In Focus: Electric!, on view through August 28, 2016. 

I finally put this frame together!

That’s the setlist from Breaking Benjamin’s acoustic show in Poughkeepsie, NY. Notably, it was Keith’s setlist. It’s a little crooked and wrinkled, because, well, that just happens at concerts. There was an encore, as well, but I gave that part to one of my friends. There’s also the tickets from that show and Stroudsburg, PA. The RED pick is from BB’s first show back; they used all of Jasen’s old picks, since they didn’t have any BB picks ordered yet. The yellow pick was handed to me directly from Ben in Poughkeepsie, I actually got two picks that day, but I gave the other one to my best friend. And, last but not least, my favorite part - the Give Me A Sign lyric, written out by Ben for me. I’m getting it tattooed someday; that frame is its safe storage space, for now!

Now to just get some photos printed.