benjamin pratt


What is it like being Black in India?

Benjamin Pratt, a student from Sierra Leone now living in India, told us that many African immigrants are victims of racism and prejudice. BBC journalists joined Benjamin on the streets of Delhi to find out more and visit a small village in the western state of Gujarat, where they visit a Siddi community of Black/Afro-Indians.

“… Siddi in South India are a significant social group whose histories, experiences, cultures, and expressions are integral to the African Diaspora and thus, help better understand the dynamics of dispersed peoples. 

More recent focused scholarship argues that although Siddi are numerically a minority, their historic presence in India for over five hundred years, as well as their self-perception, and how the broader Indian society relates to them, make them a distinct Bantu/Indian.

Historically, Siddi have not existed only within binary relations to the nation state and imperial forces. They did not simply succumb to the ideologies and structures of imperial forces, nor did they simply rebel against imperial rule.“