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AUSTRALIA: Gay Winner Of Big Brother Benjamin Norris Proposes To Boyfriend During Finale

Okay, I’m genuinely done with people right now.
Anyone who watched Big Brother Australia would know of Benjamin Norris, an openly gay 32-year-old in a committed relationship with his partner, Ben. Benjamin won Big Brother tonight, and as he received his prize, his boyfriend came up on stage to congratulate him. Benjamin took this very public opportunity to propose to Ben on national TV (to which Ben fortunately said yes), and not one, but two kisses between them were aired. I cried with pride in how far our country has come, accepting people for who they are and who they love, and not having a problem with showing the entire country the legitimacy and strength I this love.
I got on twitter after the show finished tonight, to see a bunch of trends including #legalisegaymarriageinaustralia, which I have no doubt became so prolific because of Benjamin and Ben’s display of love on the Big Brother final… but then I scrolled down my twitter feed, and saw this scattered between all the messages of support for the cause:
“gays die of aids for a reason!”
“go & seek mental help dude! Would it be cool with you if you were never born cause yo parents were gay?”
“to me it’s a disease of the mind, not something your born with, after all only a woman can give birth, as god made us”
I want to be sick. As a bisexual with a legitimate mental illness, I don’t think I could be more filled with rage or hatred right now. There are no words to explain the anger I am feeling. I’m losing tolerance for people… I can’t take this.
Love is love, regardless of gender, race, age, size, location, anything. How fucking long will it take for people to understand that?