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Favourite episodes - 1/10
3x23 - Beach Party

The Gold Coast is playing host to a beach party, and Bella wants to ask Will if he will go with her. But she is upset when she misunderstands a conversation she hears between Rikki and Will, and thinks that they are going together. Bella then has no alternative but to ask Nate, which confuses Will (as he was about to ask her). Cleo receives a gift telescope from Ryan. Things are straightened out at the party, however, when Zane tells Will to stay away from Rikki, Will exclaims that he likes Bella. Bella and Will become a couple. Meanwhile, Sophie is trying to persuade Zane to change the name of the cafe.

Walter E. Hoffman U.S. Courthouse, Norfolk, Virginia
Vintage Photo, 1934

Historic photo of courthouse my friend snapped a picture of back on Saturday (see previous post).

From Wikipedia:

The courthouse, located in downtown Norfolk, was constructed as a Post Office and Courthouse in 1932-34. Local Norfolk architects, Benjamin F. Mitchell and the firm of Rudolph, Cooke, and VanLeeuwen, were jointly responsible for the architectural design. Although built during the Depression, the building is quite lavish in its design and finishes. Upon its completion, this four-story, gray limestone building was considered at the time to fall “little short of magnificence”, according to the local paper, the Virginian-Pilot. The elaborate Art Deco interior is marked with a high level of craftsmanship.