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Founding Fathers age comparison.

In 1776, Benjamin Franklin was 70, George Washington was 44, John Adams was 41, Thomas Jefferson was 33, John Jay was 31, James Madison was 25, Alexander Hamilton was 21 and James Monroe was 18. 

The Founders, Explained With Gifs

George Washington: 

John Adams:

Alexander Hamilton:

Thomas Jefferson:

James Madison:

Thomas Paine:

John Hancock:

John Jay:

Paul Revere

Patrick Henry

Abigail Adams:

Aaron Burr:

Richard Henry Lee:

Albert Gallatin

Sam Adams:

Benjamin Franklin:

Since US history is all the rage now, I thought I’d share some of my favorite stories about the founding fathers.

-John Adams and Thomas Jefferson once visited the home of Shakespeare together… and both broke off pieces of one of the writer’s chairs so that they could take home souvenirs.

-When he was given an official surrender document during the French-Indian War, George Washington blindly signed the thing because he didn’t want to admit he couldn’t read French. In doing so, he basically solely accepted the blame of multiple war crimes. Somehow he wormed his way out of this… one of his methods was to blame his translator.

-Ben Franklin was forbidden from writing the Declaration of Independence because the founding fathers thought he would try to slip in puns and jokes.

-John Hancock was a convicted smuggler. Charges were dropped against him after he hired John Adams for a lawyer.

-Aaron Burr was a firm believer in the intellectual equality of men and women and lobbied for women’s suffrage.

-John Adams named his dog Satan.

-James Madison was our smallest president, at 5'4" and roughly 100 pounds.

-When he was 26, Washington bribed voters into electing him into office with alcohol… he gave certain voters about a half gallon for choosing him.

-Ben Franklin once wrote an essay urging scientists to “improve the odor of flatulence.”

-Jefferson warned Lewis & Clark to beware of giant sloths during their expedition.

-Adams and Jefferson were the original bros; after a lifetime of friendship, bitterness, and more friendship, they died hours apart on the same day- July 4th. Adams’ last words were, “Jefferson survives.” Well, not quite.

-Washington crossed enemy lines during the Battle of Germantown to return a lost dog to General Howe.

-The Star Spangled Banner was based off of a rowdy English drinking song.

-Alexander Hamilton’s descendants heavily edited and even hid some of his letters to his totally hetero bro, John Laurens, claiming “the content was embarrassing and indecent.”

-Ben Franklin opted for the turkey to be the U.S. national bird, claiming that bald eagles were cold and volatile.

-A few days before signing the Declaration, the Constitutional Convention got LIT. It’s rumored that the founding fathers drank 54 bottles of Madeira, 7 bottles of Claret, 7 bowls of spiked punch, 22 bottles of porter, 8 bottles of whiskey and 8 bottles of hard cider in this one night.

OK so I know y’all are probably sick and tired of all of my Hamilton AUs but

A middle school AU.  Just imagine it.

Laurens with braces

Lafayette coming in as the new kid from France

Mulligan running a condiment black market for the cafeteria

Alexander Hamilton going through an emo phase

Jefferson is that one guy who’s always spraying axe in the hallways

Madison is always at the top of the honor roll and always gets out of PE because of health reasons and everyone’s a little jealous of him

Washington is the history teacher

Franklin is the principal that’s always trying to be ‘down with the kids’ and everyone loves him because he’s really trying and he’s so weird

Angelica is that one girl that everyone likes but everyone is too scared to talk to because she’s intimidating as hell

Eliza is in band and choir and she gets all of the solos

Peggy definitely is into pastel punk, I mean come on

Maria would be the cheerleader that everyone thinks is sleeping around but she’s just fucking done with their slut shaming and is up to date on all the social justice stuff with Angelica???

Yeah just Hamilton middle school au thanks

Questions requiring answers in IMA Season 2

- well obviously Adams didn’t win the 2012 election but what happens afterwards??? And is he ever going to run again??

- Abby and John are a thing??? right??? pls tell me Abby moves in with the Boys

- also, Caroline? she was a bitch but I loved her? I want to see her become some badass ninja spy while they try to rescue Madison

- does Jefferson write more music? and does it still make me cry?

- does Franklin start a blog because he needs to start a blog

- Hamilton????? my boy????? does his depression and guilt worsen??? does he become a terrible person or does he transcend himself?? please I’m so worried about him

- also, mindi?? does she keep playing Alex? does poor boy ham ever work it out with her because they have some serious misunderstandings going on :’(

- has Ben confessed his love for John yet

- has George adopted all of them yet

- is Thomas still doing drugs?!.

- does Thomas become less of a sullen loser?? he and Alex were starting to learn to be team players so I really need to know if it ever worked out!!!

- what is the fishwife’s name?

- is he John Jay?

- where did Madison’s clairvoyance come from?? will it ever be explained??

- where is our entirely Madison’s POV episode?!,,?,?,?.?

- when they find James will he forgive Alex??? will Alex have an – actually yes of course he’ll have an emotional breakdown why am I even asking

- w h y was James kidnapped what is going on??

- is he hurt??

and I can’t believe I forgot the most important question

- WHERE IS JAMES MADISON??’?:?/!?????!,!:?

the founding fathers at a school dance
  • george washington: the parent chaperone
  • thomas jefferson: overdressed, is dancing way too hard but won't stop even tho he kicked someone in the face
  • james madison: really wants to go home, has a headache, feet hurt, no one wants to dance with him
  • benjamin franklin: in the middle of the dance circle with everyone cheering for him, clothes keep falling off
  • john adams: keeps requesting for a slow song (but the dj never takes his requests)
  • alexander hamilton: is dancing and flirting with everyone EXCEPT his girlfriend
  • james monroe: doesn't dance, hangs out by the punch bowl and talks to everyone who visits the refreshment table
Where You'll Find the Founding Fathers.
  • Benjamin Franklin: having a pool orgy
  • George Washington: fixing the two party system
  • Alexander Hamilton: in a tent in the library
  • James Monroe: stressing because he accidentally has two jobs
  • James Madison: drinking apple juice and playing with Legos
  • John Adams: fighting with congress
  • Thomas Jefferson: riding John Adams as he fights with congress