benjamin machin


Name: Sebastian Stan|Filmography
Vidder: HoneyMonsterNoNo
Genre: gen
Songs: Mona - Shooting the Moon
Korn - Word up!
Olafur Arnalds - So Close
Robin Skouteris - Crucify My Enemy (Within Temptation Vs Muse remix)


“At night the fog was thick and full of light, and sometimes voices.”

winter // 15 petals // never let you down // arsonist’s lullaby // blinding // i need my girl // the one that got away (acoustic) // the diary of jane (acoustic) // skulls // open your eyes

led by her beating heart || sam || until dawn

i. different // the academic ii. tightrope // walk the moon iii. teddy bear // melanie martinez iv. laura palmer // bastille v. overjoyed // bastille vi. elastic heart // sia vii. young volcanoes // fall out boy viii. landscape // florence + the machine ix. laughter lines // bastille x. run // daughter xi. girls like girls // hayley kiyoko xii. coming down // halsey xiii. heartlines // florence + the machine xiv. lover of the light // mumford & sons xv. ghost // halsey xvi. we are young // hozier xvii. atlas hands // benjamin francis leftwich || LISTEN