benjamin lewis

so indie - edsheervns

1 atlas hands / benjamin francis leftwich
2 heartbeats / josé gonzález
3 hold back the river / james bay
4 all i want / kodaline
5 same mistakes / paper aeroplanes
6 the first day of my life / bright eyes
7 generator (first floor) / freelance whales
8 home / gabrielle aplin
9 riptide / vance joy
10 devil on my shoulder / orla gartland
11 bones / lewis watson
12 sos / ashley frangipane
13 waiting for the fall / tommy ashby
14 you always make me smile / kyle andrews
15 featherstone / the paper kites
16 lilo / lauren aquilina
17 neopolitan dreams / lisa mitchell
18 put on, cologne / donovan woods
19 play with fire / vance joy
20 skinny love / birdy
21 windows / lewis watson
22 the ground / orla gartland
23 as we are now / saint raymond
24 another love / tom odell
25 pictures / benjamin francis leftwich
26 how to save a life / the fray
27 i’ll keep you safe / sleeping at last
28 out on my own / gabrielle aplin
29 bruises / tommy ashby
30 turning page / sleeping at last
31 the river / saint raymond
32 youth / daughter
33 lost / gentle bones
34 bloom / the paper kites
35 5 years time / noah and the whale
36 heirloom / sleeping at last
37 dancing song / little comets
38 gracious / ben howard
39 favourite day / bombay bicycle club
40 generator (second floor) / freelance whales
41 butterfly culture / benjamin francis leftwich
42 jupiter / sleeping at last
43 cold snap / tommy ashby
44 cough syrup / young the giant
45 give me love (the live room) / ed sheeran
46 turning back around / rhodes
47 do you want it all? / two door cinema club
48 we are (live at the cluny 2 newcastle) / ed sheeran -


don’t bury me, faceless enemy
                                                               i’m so sorry
                                                                                                       is this the way it’s gotta be?


By way of comparison to the US and in celebration of the special relationship, lets face it apart from a minor spat in 1812, 1776 is all forgotten. let’s take a look at The Mother Country, the UK’s contribution to the muscle and fitness world. Just to remind you all we’ve still got it!

From top to bottom: Benjamin Reineta, Ash Edelman, Jordan Tebb, Tom Coleman, Owen Harrison, Flex Lewis, Alex Davies, Nathan De Asha, Ashley Cain, Lewis Harrison

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It… it was the wounding, sir. Blood spilling from the same piece of them. Upper left thorax. You see, I think the instinct accurate. 

It’s the same wounding, when he must kill for necessity. These, Mr. Nadelman and Mr. Ratovski before him. This… this is the animal unleashed. 

Mr. Reid, sir, which animal? 

This is fine work. But I think you both must leave us now. 

What, no? Inspector? 

Get out, Thatcher.

Ripper Street S4 - Edmund Reid Did This

playlist for a lost love


  • twelve feet deep- the front bottoms 
  • your graduation- modern baseball 
  • the boy who blocked his own shot- brand new 
  • navy blue- the story so far
  • on the floor- seahaven
  • we’re fighting again- flatsound 
  • me- the 1975 
  • own it- drake
  • hide- little may
  • set the fire to the third bar- snow patrol 
  • in my veins- andrew belle 
  • sea bitch- tallows
  • love lost (acoustic)- the temper trap 
  • if it hurts- gallant 
  • oceans- setfret
  • moths- racing glaciers 
  • nikki- logic
  • echoes of silence- the weeknd 
  • loveland- milky chance
  • fallingforyou- the 1975 
  • shine- benjamin francis leftwich
  • mr. brightside- the killers 
  • it could be better- lewis watson 
  • atlas hands- benjamin francis leftwich 
  • peach- the front bottoms 
  • strange girl- the zolas
  • she changes the weather- swim deep 
  • dust is gone- mø 
  • remember you- g-eazy 
  • lyin king- jhene aiko 
  • rollercoaster- bleachers 
  • not your fault- awolnation 
  • hold my hand- the fray 
  • temple- kings of leon 
  • honey- magic man 
  • everything we used to do- goldhouse 
  • idfc- blackbear
  • changing of the seasons- two door cinema club 
  • maps- the front bottoms
  • resolution- matt corby 
  • often- the weeknd 
  • such small hands- la dispute
  • all i want- dawn golden 
  • days- the drums 
  • mess is mine- vance joy 
  • talk about it- erik hassle 
  • cold cold man- saint motel 
  • too far gone- sir sly 
  • don’t wait for me- racing glaciers 
  • coming back again- kings of leon 
  • waiting game- banks 
  • perfect like you- ricosheï 
  • undo- the 1975 
  • beautiful you- parker theory 
  • syndicate- the fray 
  • always- blink-182 
  • knees- peter and kerry 
  • jealous- labyrinth 
  • a part of me (ft. laura whiteside)- neck deep
  • beautiful war- kings of leon 
  • knee deep- lydia 
  • sedated- hozier
  • wake me- bleachers
  • still- daughter 
  • animal- racing glaciers
  • always take you back- night terrors of 1927
  • romance- monogram
  • holding on- fyfe
  • jesus christ- brand new
  • the one who gave up- flat sound
  • clairvoyant- the story so far
  • forest whitaker- bad books 
  • papershaker- morning show 
  • comeback story- kings of leon 
  • begging for thread- banks
  • sleep- citizen
  • caffeine- thomston 
  • wolf- now, now
  • anobrain- the 1975
  • jungle- drake
  • your soul- RHODES
  • au revoir- onerepublic
  • promises- jhene aiko 
  • trouble (stripped)- halsey
  • i hope you’re okay- flatsound



Photographer: Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Stylist: Katie Shillingford
Hair: Rudi Lewis
Makeup: Hiromi Ueda
Models: Poppy Okotcha, Jamilla Hoogenboom, Karly Loyce, Kris Kulyk, Ella Hope, Kiran Kandola, Zuri Tibby, Linn Arvidsson, Valentine Bouquet, Anastasiia Gorshenina, Lululeika Ravn Liep, Emily Bador, Misha Hart, Leah Milligan, Kaia Moore, Gaby Loader, Hayett McCarthy & Evie Bee


He cannot undertake to do that, Mr Reid, because Miss Matilda put ‘im out on the streets and won’t speak to 'im. 

Is this true, Drummond? 

Please, sir, sign. 

Reid: Tell me. 

Sergeant Thatcher, sign. 

Samuel Drummond… was it you who lit the candle at Mathilda’s window? 

Ripper Street Season 5 - Episode 5 - A Last Good Act