benjamin l. salomon


Revenge is a dish best served with doves. Doves tethered to fiery hot coals, sent to burn your whole damn city to the ground.

5 People Who Took Revenge to a Whole New Level

#5. Princess Olga of Kiev

As a ruler, the Drevlians considered Olga a pushover – an unwed woman, ha! – and because marriage would unite the two areas under their rule, the Drevlians sent suitors to make something useful out of the princess: a wife. Still wrapped up in a soft, Downy blanket of rage, Olga managed to put on her party smile and welcomed the visitors. She told her noble suitors that her people would carry them in their boats to the castle, so they wouldn’t have to walk. And they did. But when they got to the castle’s courtyard, the carriers dumped the suitors, boat and all, into a giant trench. Olga, smiling, had them all buried alive.

Sending word that she had accepted the proposal, even more Drevlians came down to help prepare the wedding. They were sent to a bathhouse when they arrived, where the doors were immediately barred behind them, and the whole building was set on fire.
And yet, Olga still wasn’t done. 

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