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Fragile as a Flower (Benjamin x Reader)

Summary: Benjamin reveals his feelings to the reader

words: 1111

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               He was always scared to go near the smaller girl. There was always a nagging in the back of his mind that he one day he would revert back to his natural predatory instincts. He had been in love with her since the first day he laid eyes upon her, but had never acted on his feeling. She was a few years younger than him, well the age he was when he had turned. She was also shorter than him, by a lot, only coming up to his shoulders.

               There was something drawing him in closer and closer to her. She was unique, different than all the other humans in more ways than one. It was just her powers that made her different, but everything about her had stood out to Benjamin. Her powers were like his, able to manipulate the elements. It was impossible for any human to possess these powers, but he wasn’t even sure she was human.

               If hadn’t been for the scent of her blood luring Benjamin to her, he would have been certain she wasn’t human. But there was something different in her blood too, something that no other vampire or werewolf could figure out. It was unbelievable what she could do, she had more control of her powers than what was expected. It had taken Benjamin centuries to fully learn his powers, and she had had done in just a few measly years.

               It was late December, and a thick layer of snow had covered the ground under his feet. Nessie had been playing in the snow, Isabella playing right beside her. Snowmen covered the ground, her powers whipping them up in seconds. Snowballs had appeared in her hand, and in front of Nessie. Benjamin thought it was extraordinary what she could do, and his eyes had never left her as he leaned against the side of the small house.

               She had taken Nessie for the week, claiming Bella and Edward needed a break. She was raised by the Cullen’s since she was born, almost 24 years now. Edward had called Benjamin to watch the two girls, wanting someone close to keep the safe. Also because he had known of Benjamins ‘infatuation’ with Isabella.

               A scream had interrupted his thoughts, his head whipping up. He let out a breath of relief, seeing it was just her screaming as Nessie tackled her. They both let out laughs as Nessie continued to sit on her, piling snow on top of her aunt’s chest. Isabella turned her head, looking at Benjamin, “Don’t just stand there! Come help me!”

               A loud laugh had come from her mouth as more snow was piled on top of her. Benjamin knew that if he still had one, his heart would have skipped a beat at the melodious sound. He ran over, grabbing Nessie and laying her in the snow as he began tickling her. Isabella joined in, tickling the young girls sides as she began screaming in between laughs.

               She quickly gave up, yelling out, ‘Uncle!’ a dozen times. Nessie made her way on too Isabella’s lap as she leaned against the side of Benjamin. She stuck out her bottom lip, a puppy dog face forming, “Can we go eat dinner now? I’m hungry.” Isabella nodded, holding Nessie as she stood up, with Benjamin helping her.

               It had been a fiasco trying to get her to get her to bed, Nessie wanting to stay up and play with them longer. But they had gotten her to bed, having her snoring within minutes. They were both leaving her bedroom, Isabella immediately grabbing Benjamin’s hand, pulling him towards the living. “Come watch a movie with me!” She pouted out her bottom lip, mimicking Nessie’s face earlier in the snow, “Pleassseee!”

               He had given, knowing there was no way he could go against the women he had loved for months. “I guess so, go pick a movie, I’ll start a fire.” She clapped her hands, jumping up and running to the living room. The movie began playing as she settled next to Benjamin, her legs curled under her, her knees slightly on top of his legs. Wrapping her arms around his one, she leaned her head against his shoulder as they both got comfortable.

               As she became engrossed in the movie, Benjamin couldn’t help but stare at the happiness on her face. He hardly payed attention to the movie that was playing, instead focusing on the small human that was pressed up beside him. The way the light had shined off her face had made her look utterly beautiful to him.

               She turned her head to look towards him, feeling as if he was watching her. Her suspicions were confirmed when he didn’t turn his head, instead looking into each other’s eyes. They could bother see the love in the other’s eyes, Benjamin leaning in slowly to her face. She moved her face forward as he cupped her cheek, meeting him halfway. Their lips met as they engaged in a slow and passionate kiss, all their love pouring out for each other in just a mere 30 seconds.

               She pulled back first, gasping for air as she rested her forward against his. Her eyes fluttered open, seeing the red eyes that she had been always been in love with. They bumped noses as she giggled, smiles covering both of their faces. Benjamin gulped, knowing that this would be the perfect to reveal his feelings.

               He rubbed his thumb against her cheek, her eyes fluttering closed, “I love you, Isabella.” Her eyes opened, a large smile covering her face, “I love you too.” They shared another kiss before she turned back to the movie, a large smile covering her face. He kissed her cheek, leaning his head against the top of hers.

               He intertwined their hands as she slowly fell asleep, her breathing becoming slow. Benjamin waited a few moments before pulling himself away, standing up and picking her up bridal style. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he laid her down, pulling him closer. Her eyes opened slightly, her voice coming out raspy, “Please stay”

               He chuckled, the whites of his teeth shining in the darkness, “Of course I will.” He laid on his back next to her, Isabella immediately turning and wrapping herself around him, him holding her tightly. He kissed her temple, an ‘I love you’ leaving both of their lips. He realized that night that there was no way he could never hurt her. The love that he had felt for her could overcome everything. He was allowed to feel like a human once more, now having a reason to live.

“I didn’t want to be a rock musician; I wanted to be an artist. And I think the reason I chose it was that, at that time, it was the most despicable thing you could be in American culture. To be an artist at that time had absolutely no social value. It was like planned failure. You could never be a success.”
- Mike Kelley via @art21 ❤️

Model in photo: Michael Lorz @michael.lorz


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