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Coleman Lewis-guitar. Brian Halloran-cello. Patti reciting her poem/song for Benjamin: Death Singing


Behind the Scenes of The Day of the Doctor (Part Two)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report from DWM #467

Had you driven past Cardiff’s Roath Lock Studios at 4:27pm on Wednesday 24 April 2013, you’d have met with one hell of a spectacle: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, several UNIT personnel, two Doctors (one in a bow tie and waistcoat, the other in a brown pinstripe suit and trainers), three extraterrestrials from CBBC’s Wizards vs. Aliens, and a dozen or so doctors (small ’d’) and nurses from BBC medical drama Casualty, all traipsing out into the car park like naughty schoolchildren, while a fire alarm sounds from within.

“It wasn’t us,” insists one of Doctor Who’s sparks.  “Last time this happened, it was that Wizards vs. Aliens lot”

“It’ll have been a blown fuse on the TARDIS,” teases David Tennant, who’s back in the Tenth Doctor’s pinstripes and plimsoles for the first time since 2009, shooting 50th anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor.

“Or a Dalek,” offers his co-star Matt Smith.  “They’ve been known to start fires.”

“True,” David nods.  “A few of them explode in this episode.  Why do we keep blowing them up?”

Next week, David’s wife, actress Georgia Moffett, is expecting her third child.  David is about to become a dad again…and he is holed up 150 miles away in Cardiff.  Will the baby wait for him to get home?  (Yes.  Georgia gives birth a week later, to a baby boy.)  “We’re cutting it fine,” David admits.  “Right up to the wire.  But I finish tomorrow, then I’m taking six weeks off.”

On a set that DWM can’t tell you too much about (spoilers!), the two Doctors are standing in front of a large UNIT noticeboard covered in photos of former companions.

Matt:  “Tegan was with Pertwee, right?”

David glances at his co-star.  “No.  Davison."  He smiles.  "We haven’t had another Aussie, have we?”

Matt laughs.  “Showing your Doctor Who credentials, David”

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