benjamin coffin

  • friend (excitedly): what's your favorite Christmas Eve movie?
  • me: Rent
  • friend: haha that's odd why?
  • me: *starts tuning a guitar*
  • friend: wait no
  • friend: not again
Signs as Rent Characters

Aries : Support Group Leader

Taurus : Tom Collins

Gemini : Mimi

Cancer : Mark’s mother

Leo : Maureen

Virgo: Roger

Libra : Akita

Scorpio : Joanne

Sagittarius : Benjamin Coffin lll

Capricorn : Bohemian #5

Aquarius : Mark

Pisces : Angel

happy rent day


Roger Davis

To the INFP life is a long quest for meaning and harmony and their personal values are so important to them. This means that it is essential to the INFP that their beliefs and their actions are totally in sync at all times. An INFP is unlikely to take any action which they don’t believe in their heart is right. Yet there is a crusading side to the INFP that would surprise even those who knew the person well. When a personal value, or belief is trodden on, then the INFP can become uncharacteristically outspoken but their values are usually so well hidden that the other person may not realise they have done so.

Mark Cohen

The INTP is intellectually curious and enjoys the more complex and theoretical problems, often for their own sake. Practical application has little interest for them, preferring to identify the solutions and then leave someone else to plan the work. They do however like things done properly and have very high standards. The routine, the detail bores them rigid and they will put off completing tasks, especially those that they see as unnecessary, preferring to ‘blitz’ them nearer the deadline. For the INTP follow-through does not come naturally, and completion will be via huge bursts of energy at the last minute but it will be done.

Tom Collins

Engaging, plausible and entertaining the ENTP will be like a breath of fresh air, infusing people and situations with a whole array of new ideas and creative ways of doing things. However, they can become bored and withdraw their energies as they go off in search of the next thrill. Curious, child-like wonder characterises the ENTP, they are flexible, open-minded and love possibilities. They tend to see everything as a challenge, seeing opportunities even in the most difficult of circumstances. ENTPs can at times display impatience with those whom they consider wrong, and may show little restraint in demonstrating this.

Mimi Marquez

Focusing on the here and now, the ISFP will live life to the full, cherishing the present moment, and finding real pleasure in the more sensory and practical activities such as painting or handicrafts. They need an inner balance, a kind of karma for their lives and this means keeping things as uncomplicated as possible. Planning and control are not for the ISFP, they much prefer to stay in the background doing the things they like, keeping a balance, which includes choosing to remain, happily disorganised. Quiet supporters, rarely will an ISFP be the leader, preferring to remain behind the scenes, observing, understanding, but saying very little.

Angel Dumott Schunard

Although gentle, and preferring to be out of the limelight, the INFJ will work long and hard behind the scenes to maintain harmony but they are also intensely independent, of both of thought and spirit, and will be outspoken in their defence of human values, the downtrodden, and the oppressed. Earnest and responsible INFJs often see themselves on a mission, and they take their missions very seriously. The views of the INFJ are very personal, built up over a long time and so anything which may be perceived as questioning their values may be dealt with in an unusually direct way, surprising those who saw only the quiet INFJ.

Maureen Johnson

The ESFP is interested in people and experiences and their dislike of rules and routine, are justified by their view that their reason for existing is to bring harmony, sympathy and support to peoples’ lives saying 'I just had to do something to help.’ The keywords here are 'do’ and 'help;’ caring and practical in equal measure. The ESFP has an ability to make others feel so special. Down to earth and practical, ESFPs live in the here and now preferring to take life as it comes with the optimistic view that it’s bound to be good, (and if it isn’t then there’s always next time!).

Joanne Jefferson

ESTJs are the pragmatic organisers, they like to get things done and done properly. They have little time for anything ethereal, woolly or conceptual preferring facts, figures, plans and procedures. These are the action-oriented characters who cut to the car chase and move quickly to completion, taking the least circuitous route. The strength of the ESTJ is the desire, and ability, to adopt a decisive stance, take charge and get the job done which makes them 'natural’ leaders whom others will readily follow. .

Benjamin Coffin III

Organised, productive with high willpower, determination and an intense need to be constantly ‘on the go,’ the ENTJ will not sit back and see what life brings but will proactively go make it happen. Rarely intimidated and with a restless desire to achieve and with no problems going against the grain or being very direct with people. This is of course not intentional but they can display a lack of patience with those who don’t grasp things as quickly as they do, or who appear to be blocking the plan, and can be seen at times as intimidating overbearing in their desire to get the job done, moving from A-Z in the shortest possible time-frames 

Descriptions from Prelude Character Analysis.

me and equalopportunityenby and aftermidnightblue were talking about what each rent character’s blog would be

mark: social justice and links to his youtube page. ends every post with “YOU BETTER REBLOG THIS!”

joanne: one of those people who uses perfect grammar on the internet (but doesn’t bug other people about it). writes lengthy comments debunking inaccurate posts. has specific tags for everything

maureen: shameless self-promotion. also links to her performance art youtube channel. sends flirty anon messages to everyone, including herself. doesn’t tag anything

angel: gorgeous fashion sideblog, as well as social justice stuff. answers every single ask. has cute little pixel icons for mimi and collins 

collins: social justice stuff but more discriminating than mark is. posts nudes. angel stalks his selfie tag. probably likes memes the most out of the group

mimi: vines of herself poledancing. probably just links to her instagram a lot. endless chains of reblogging angel’s posts and adding reaction gifs

roger: band blogger. pictures of guitars. also sad readmores about his feelings. passive aggressive tags. #gave a mile to who? #love is not a three way street >:(

benny: uses reddit

Signs as Rent Songs

Aries: Light My Candle
Taurus: Goodbye Love
Gemini: I’ll Cover You
Cancer: Take Me Or Leave Me
Leo: One Song Glory
Virgo: Over The Moon
Libra: Today 4 U
Scorpio: Out Tonight
Sagittarius: Seasons Of Love
Capricorn: Tango Maureen
Aquarius: Rent
Pisces: La Vie Boheme

Rent Fan Blog

Starting new blogs is hard. Although finding this name was surprisingly easy. (Got it on my second try!)

Anyway. Things are cool.

My personal is @hamiltrashnumberone
My writing blog is @witchofbooks (although I may do some writing on here!)

I really like Anthony Rapp.
Hope you enjoy my trashiness.

rent [movie] summarized
  • seasons of love: ooooh THATS what this song is from !
  • rent: apparently these ppl don't understand paying rent is part of fucking life? but okay?
  • you'll see: boi u beTrAyed Usss now we gotta pay rent, which is part of life but we don't wanna do it !1!1!
  • one song glory: Rodger just can't write one fucking song and it's pathetic
  • light my candle: k r they really talking about candles ??
  • today 4 u: angel is perfection and she is too good for this world you can't argue with me on this she's adorable and this song is adorable fight me
  • tango maureen: so joanne + mark are just like incapable of understanding maureen is an independent bisexual woman so their bitch ass complains
  • life support: u can do dis bby u got aids but u ok bby I believe in u
  • out tonight: freaking hoe anthem this is the sOng to HOE TO stRip To ThiSss
  • another day: rodger has fuckin baggage and he's fucking rude tbh
  • will i: awe bby
  • santa fe: deadbeats can dream, can't we?
  • i'll cover you: collins and angel are too good for this movie they are literally perfect they don't deserve this
  • over the moon: whAt theE aCtUAl FuCK??????111111!!!!!!
  • la vie boheme: lIt
  • i should tell you: we both got issues but let's coMbINe our issues and date cause that's just sO healthy !!
  • la vie boheme b: lIt pt.2
  • seasons of love b: it's abt to go downhill kids
  • take me or leave me: apparently strong women who are naturally flirtatious and also bisexual NEED TO be like??? super careful and always cater to their overprotective lover???? but that's none of MY business :))
  • without you: idk man this is just depressing cause mimi is messed up and rodger isn't emotionally there enough to help her.
  • i'll cover you [reprise]: anGel ANd COllINs dId nOooT deSerVe ThIs !1!!/!- THESE Sfucking IDIOTS are out Living LIDE and being fucKin duMbassEs and aNGel, toO pure fOr tHis World, dIes iM fucKing dOne tHis is FuckEd UPPP
  • halloween: this is p sad i mean he's realizing things and it's almost been a year wow ??
  • goodbye love: i don't even know it's like they all hate themselves and everyone else they are all so fucked up I'm
  • what you own: this song is such a waste of time like rodger goes to santa fe then comes back all in one song it was such a waste I don't understand
  • finale a: mimi is dying whoops
  • your eyes: i finally did a thing but ur dying lol whOOps
  • finale b: aw jk I'm here for now but I'm lowkey abt to die ahaA we good fam we good
  • love heals: this whole fuckin musical is messed up but it's amazing bye
The Signs As RENT Characters
  • Mark Cohen: Capricorn, Pisces
  • Roger Davis: Scorpio, Virgo
  • Tom Collins: Cancer, Aquarius
  • Benjamin Coffin III: Leo, Sagittarius
  • Angel Dumott Schunard: Aries, Scorpio, Leo
  • Mimi Marquez: Taurus, Virgo
  • Maureen Johnson: Gemini, Libra
  • Joanne Jefferson: Libra, Aries, Taurus


Mark’s is neat, but kinda girly.
Roger’s is small, messy, and almost illegible.
Mimi’s is cute and curly, usually with hearts over the “i"s and "j"s.
Joanne writes in cursive, but the kind of illegible cursive that’s basically a bunch of squiggly lines.
Maureen’s is a bit loopy and swift, but neat.
Collin’s is pretty basic, he’s a teacher after all.
Angel’s is really neat, sweet, and pretty.
Benny’s is solid, small, and neatly written in capital letters.