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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Six

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report in DWM 408:

[on trying to film during a sandstorm]
“Not only was what we were shooting looking horrible,” James tells DWM, “because we had no light… and this massive desert landscape, you couldn’t see it… I mean, we could have been in a car park at Upper Boat… but also sand was being blown in our faces constantly. The actors couldn’t open their eyes.”

“Problem is,” says make-up designer Barbara Southcott, “it’s on high-def, so you’ll see every bit of sand on their skin.”

“You’ll have to paint it out,” make-up artist Steve Smith teases The Mill’s Dave Houghton.

“Frame by frame,” nods Dave, “grain by grain.”

“I know it’s not easy, guys,” calls out John [Bennett, First Assistant Director]. “Let’s just do what we can.” But David’s hair has turned blonde. (Daniel [Kaluuya, who plays Barclay] dubs him “Barry Manilow”.)

The sand is sticking to everything. Worst hit is Tracie Simpson, whose lips are actually yellow. This is her first episode as Doctor Who’s producer. It’s a baptism of fire - no, of wind! Of wind and sand and lipstick.

Forgetting that Dubai is four hours ahead of the UK, DWM decides to text a message of support to Russell T Davies in Cardiff - you know, something encouraging and inspiring. But somehow we manage to send one that says: “SANDSTORM! CODE RED! ABORT! ABORT!” Surprisingly, Russell messages back: “I’ve got you texting with ‘SANDSTORM!’ and Julie [Gardner, executive producer] phoning with ‘SANDSTORM!’ I’m hooting. Save yourself, Ben.” Perhaps we should hide in a Portaloo until it’s all over? (We don’t last long. It stinks in here. Besides, a queue was forming.)

Back outside, the majestic crane shots intended for this morning are abandoned. The crane is dismantled and taken away. “I thought, let’s shoot everything that we can against the bus,” James explains later. “…but the actors all looked like they’d been tarred in sand and dragged through a hedge.”

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Our main character, young and fresh out of college, is ready to fulfill their potential and take on the world

Only to find out that they’re gonna be stuck with a job they dislike While others, who happen to be larger and naturally stronger have what they want 

They aren’t happy with this

 But their parents certainly are

 So to prove themselves, they go out beyond their limits, putting their lives at risk but not caring about that

 Only to have a truth revealed to them that others aren’t having a too grand time at life right now

 So our protagonist shows this to others, including a non-human version of a celebrity

And so this character makes everything all right…or at least they think they do

 But despite their win, everything has gone pretty suckish

 Including a person they care for ending up really upset after our heroes’ “win”

 So they and their love interest fix everything

 And the person they care for gets a job they mentioned wanting earlier

 We get a couple last animal jokes

 And so everything works out in our beloved heroes’ favor, and we get to see them all happy and stuff 


1) The Last Phantom #12. Cover art by Alex Ross

2) Spider-Island #2 variant by Gabriele Dell'Otto on Tumblr

3) Lantern City aka Star Wars: Dark Times: A Spark Remains #1 by Benjamin Carré

4) First page from Uncanny X-Men # 186 | Art by Barry Windsor-Smith (thanks ungoliantschilde!)

5) Thor by Bill Sienkiewicz

6) Dylan Dog by Luca Maresca

7) Daenerys Targaryen by Yang Bilong

8) Wolverine by Marco Turini

9) by Vlad Rodriguez on Tumblr

10) Batman/Joker by Riccardo Fasoli


Barry: Is anybody gonna ask how and why I knew to show up here?

Archer: Is…? Okay, I’ll bite.

Barry: By tracking the satellite signal from Katya’s internal hard drive, which Doctor Dipshit over there bought from the KGB.

Archer: Krieger!

Krieger: Yeah, but…the savings.

Barry: Like, eighty bucks you saved.

34 Questions I Have For Stephenie Meyer On The New "Twilight" Book
By Anna Menta

1. First of all, why???
2. Did you really write a 442 page novel to prove Twilight isn’t sexist?
3. Is it literally just Twilight over again with different pronouns?
4. How does that prove a point?
5. It’s just the same story?
6. Is the dialogue the same?
7. Is girl-Edward’s name really Edythe?
8. Is boy-Bella’s name really Beau??
9. Is Beau really short for Beaufort???
10. Is that a real name?
11. Are there really no other B-names?
12. Bradley? Benjamin? Barry?
13. Are other characters in the novel going to be gender swapped?
14. If so, can Jacob be named Jansport?
15. Will there be a movie?
16. Will the same actors be cast?
17. Can Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart just switch lines?
18. Can girl-Jacob be played by Taylor Lautner in that same wig?
19. How great would it be if Kristen Stewart sparkled?
20. How do you think RPattz and KStew feel about this book?
21. Do you realize how many interview questions they’re going to hear about this?
22. Will you ever let these actors forget Twilight?
23. Does this mean you’re never going to finish Midnight Sun?
24. How many more versions of Twilight do you think you’ll write?
25. Do you realize you’ve basically written your own fanfiction?
26. How long did writing this take you?
27. How the heck did you keep it a secret?
28. Did you really just pull a Beyonce?
29. Will you write sequels?
30. Will Renesemee become Charlisle?
31. Does the title mean someone’s actually going to die in this one?
32. Does the cover mean green apples are the gender-opposites of red apples?
33. Do apples have genders now?
34. How is this real?