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I still believe. You wanna know why? Because I can’t believe that THIS should be the way things turn out.

I can’t confirm anything, because I’m just one obsessed and trustful TJLCer, but here are some facts about what happened the last days:

(If you do not want to believe anymore or get hurt in case I am wrong - because, like I said, I’m not able to confirm anything and I don’t want to make any of you even sadder than they already are if I’m wrong -, please stop reading here. If there will be actual truth to it, you won’t miss anything even if you do not read this post.)

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I love this group shot. It’s so adorable and it looks like they made Ringo the right size X3.

Note: The PS Game guide states that both Ringo and Bu-ling are in their 6th year of elementary school. Also, Ringo is the only one that Bu-ling doesn’t address as “Onee-chan”.


An Onassis Video we shot last fall. It’s amazing. Great writing by Emily Altman Great direction by Seth Reiss and Benjamin Apple, and great DP and editing by Benjamin as well. A quick shout out to all the Target employees that “didn’t see us” when we shot in their store.

Give Away Day

Today was give away day.  I collected some of the items I’ve been wanting to give to special friends as I’ve been decluttering and simplifying my life and also all the stuff I wanted to send off to the thrift store.  It was fun, not spending a penny but being able to drop off unexpected treats to people that were happy to get them, and it was even more fun to come back to the house and have more space. 

I was pretty excited, but not as excited as my friend Benjamin Apple over his new web series CUBED that is coming out next Wednesday.  Watch his reaction over the one million views his trailer got…(actually it only has about 493 views…but it is a pretty convincing hoax and the web series is funny enough that it  looks like it should have a million views pretty quickly!) I met Benjamin when he was in college, and he was cool enough to show me around New York when I went there one time for a conference. One of those instances when I was really glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone to look someone up that I didn’t know all that well because hanging out with him was such a fabulous experience and a great memory to look back on.  One of the things I really try to do is make friends with people that are not just in my demographic.  I love having friends that are younger or older than me, with lots of different backgrounds.  There is a unity and joy in diversity that makes life a richer experience.

Benjamin’s video: