benjamin and elise


group shots

“Like Ben Franklin with the key and the kite; You see it right?”

THIS HAS MORE MEANING Some historical background: before Franklin published an article in the Pennsylvania Gazette regarding lightning and electricity’s relation to the key and the kite, lightning had already been proven to be electricity due to an experiment done by a French scientist using a metal rod. In this article Franklin didn’t even say that he performed the experiment, he just explained that it could happen. So Benjamin didn’t even discover electricity, he just wrote an article about it and people accredited the find to him

So where does Hamilton come in? When Angelica met Hamilton, she was already married to her husband, John Church. So while she met Hamilton and is reflecting on the connection forged between her and him, she had already discovered romance elsewhere with Church. Therefore, much like Franklin, the discovery had already been made. When she met Hamilton, it was like the key and the kite. No action was taken by her to advance this discovery of romance with Hamilton, like Franklin, she was simply saying that the connection had been forged, but history remembers it differently.

CONCLUSION: Lin-Manuel Miranda is an actual genius. Chick-boom.



Look, only one bit of Lams. I’m improving!