Benjaman Kyle, the man who has been without an identity for 11 years finally knows who he is. Found behind a dumpster outside of a Burger King and hospitalized, Benjaman woke up with no memory of who he was, and was diagnosed with retrograde amenesia.

Unable to work without I.D or a social security number Kyle was dependent on the support system that rallied around him in Jackson, Florida, where he’s lived for over a decade while searching for who he is.

Thanks to the help of genetic genealogist, CeCe Moore, he was able to determine his identity using the same process used in finding biological parents in adoption cases.

He made the following Facebook post:

“MY IDENTITY HAS BEEN FOUND! It is now the start of the eleventh year since this began and I never thought this day would come. A little over two months ago I was informed by CeCe Moore that that they had established my Identity using DNA. Many people had shared their DNA profiles so that they could be compared with mine.

Through a process of elimination they determined my ancestral bloodline and who my relatives were. A DNA test taken by a close relative has confirmed that we are related.

I have been in contact with them and plan on visiting them next week. I will soon have a Social Security card and a new Florida ID card. I am reserving my new name for now until I have met my new found relatives.”


In 2004, Benjaman Kyle woke up with no identification, no clothes, and no memories. Eight years later, no one, including the United States Government has any idea who he is.

Life being far stranger then fiction, great short documentary.


Hey everyone! I haven’t posted anything in a while but please, sign this petition to grant Benjaman Kyle a new Social Security Number. 

One of the students at my film school, John Wikstrom, made a documentary on Benjaman, who lost everything when he woke up in 2004 with retrograde amnesia.  Because he has no form of identification and can’t remember anything about his life, Benjaman can’t hold a real job or even check out a library card. The FBI has even taken Benjaman’s fingerprints but there’s still not trace of who he truly is. 

He needs less than 10,000 more signatures and if you just took a few minutes to sign the petition, it would really help out somebody who’s been through a lot. If you want to know more about what happened to Benjaman, just watch the film.  To sign the petition, follow this link:

Thanks for you time.  With your help, we can give Benjaman the attention his case truly deserves.

Benjaman Kyle

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Benjaman Kyle woke up bloody and beaten up outside a Burger King in Georgia in 2004. When he woke up he had no recollection of who he was or how he got there. He also found that he had no ID or any other identifiers on him.

It’s 2012 and Benjaman Kyle still has no idea who he is. He’s unable to start a new life because the US Government will not issue him a new Social Security Number under the notion that Benjaman already has one. 

Please sign this petition to allow Benjaman to move on with his life and issued a new SSN.

For further information:

Benjamin Kyle’s Wikipedia Page

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The Petition to the White House to Grant Him a New SSN

A Short 10-Minute Video 

His Official Website 

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please reblog this, especially if you are in the midwestern US, in the hopes that somebody will recognize him. 

The Mysterious Case Of Benjaman Kyle

Benjaman Kyle was found unconscious behind a Burger King restaurant in Richmond Hill, Georgia in August 2004. He remembers very little about what happened in his life before this date and was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia. He does not remember his social security number and has been homeless since the date he was found unconscious. Despite widespread media coverage noone has yet come forward claiming to know who he was in his past life before the events of August 2004. 

There have been many attempts carried out in order to find out Kyle’s true identity - these include DNA tests, fingerprint comparisons, facial recognition comparisons and research of birth announcements around the time of Benjaman’s remembered birthdate. However, none of these have been completely successful. 

To this date neither Benjaman nor anyone else knows who Benjaman Kyle really is - he is the only American citizen officially listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known.

Kyle currently resides in a 5x8 foot shack provided by a good Samaritan in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Benjaman Kyle is possibly the most well known dissociative amnesia sufferer to date.

In August of 2004, a Burger King worker found Benjaman Kyle nude, sunburned, and covered in ant bites behind a dumpster. There were three depressions in his skull thought to be caused by blunt force trauma. Benjaman was unconscious and remained that way after being transported to the hospital for two weeks.

Upon waking, Benjaman only recalled faint memories of his past and was mostly unaware of who he was or where he came from. He even said that when he looked in the mirror for the first time after waking up he saw a man about 20 years older than he initially thought he was. DNA, Benajman’s memories, and some hard detective work have led to Benjaman’s real last name possibly being Davidson and the discovery of what are believed to be two of his second cousins. Apart from this, nothing else has been found to lead to Benjaman’s identity and no one has come forward saying they know who he is. Benjaman Kyle recently cut off contact with a forensic genealogist when she told him she was getting very close to discovering his identity.

“In 2004 a man was found unconscious behind a Burger King dumpster with no belongings, no ID and no memory of who he was. The hospital he was taken to already had a John Doe, so he adopted the name Benjaman Kyle, an homage to the fast food joint at which he was discovered. Kyle, suffering from retrograde amnesia, still has memory of his former life.

To complicate matters even further, Kyle is currently unable to receive a new social security number because of his peculiar situation, and is thus unable to get a job or register at a homeless shelter. Artist Miguel Endara was one of many citizens who, after hearing Kyle’s story, wanted to help. Endara, known for his incredibly realistic dot drawings, used his incredibly painstaking stippling technique to create a lifelike portrait of Kyle in 138 hours. The final product contained 2.1 million dots, each applied one by one at an average of 4.25 dots per second.

Endara was determined to raise awareness surrounding Kyle’s unimaginable tale. Through selling prints of the work for $90 each, Endara will donate half the proceeds to help his subject. But you don’t have to be an expert photorealistic artist to contribute; an online petition is currently circulating to grant Kyle a social security number and help him begin his new life. The deadline is December 25 and all you have to do is sign it.”


Finding Benjaman

A beautiful story presented through a short film by John Wilkstrom.

Miguel Endara shot to prominence with a beautifully edited video following the 11 months it took to create a portrait of his father, using over 3.2 million dots. The Making of ‘Hero’ received more hits than dots in the days after it was released. Take a look at the video, quite amazing.

Endara’s most recent work has an even more interesting back story. This portrait of Benjaman Kyle required over 2 million dots, and when I saw the original it was hard to believe it wasn’t a photograph. It’s the subject, though, that holds the attention this time. 

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In 2004 a man was found outside a Burger King in Richmond Hill, Georgia. He had cataracts, severe sunburn, no belongings and appeared to have been badly beaten. He’d lost his memory, he didn’t know who he was any more.

These days Benjaman Kyle (a name he chose because it shared the initials of the restaurant he was found beside) is the only person in the United States classified as Missing, despite his whereabouts being known. As a consequence he can’t gain a Social Security No, meaning he can’t legally work, set up a bank account or seek public shelter.

On watching the short film below by John Wikstrom, Miguel decided to make a drawing of Benjaman Kyle to bring more attention to the subject’s plight. Prints are now being sold with 50% of the proceeds dedicated to helping Benjaman Kyle gain an SSN and get his life back on track.

Finding Benjaman from John Wikstrom on Vimeo.

> Visit Miguel Endara’s website and buy a print of Benjaman Kyle’s portrait> Miguel Endara is on Facebook and Twitter

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