am i the only one who always thinks about how merome is just perfect

  • they’ve been best friends irl since elementary 
  • became successful youtubers doing minecraft
  • both of them are in team crafted
  • they make nearly all of their videos together
  • they take cute selfies
  • their height difference
  • their cute arguments
  • the way they compliment each other
  • how they know everything about each other
  • how they finish each other’s sentences
  • they mistake their other friend’s names with each other’s

come on now let me have a relationship like their’s please

;So today in social studies in period 1 I drew Mitch then put a little NAMETAG on top of the avatar saying: “Benj” and we had to turn our papers in then the guys looked at it and were like: “BENJ?” Omfg like can you not please? They were laughing too augh.