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Hello. Do u have any idea about AB Photography there at csb? :))

Hello, yes I do have an idea, I have friends from AB-photo. They have this professor from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC they have subjects like fashion photography to architecture and landscape and many more. They also have some video production subjects and of course art subjects. That’s all I know hehe. For more info you might want to visit the new csb website :)

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allowed ba ang mga benildeans na pumasok kapag University week nila? pwede poh pa explain ng centennial? :) meron pa ba nun ngayon? thank you!

Allowed kapag sinabi nila na open campus sila. :))) Pwede ka naman pumasok sa dlsu :) valid reasons nga lang ang pwede. 

Nung June 2011 lang yung centennial celebration eh. Wala na nun ngayon. :/