On a mission || benjidunnimf &notmyjeepyoucreep


Stiles knows he is being stupid again. Scott would probably scold him into tomorrow if he knew what he was doing. But college was still mostly boring,and the only interesting thing about his lectures these days was Benjamin. 

The guy who read other peoples thoughts. It had taken him a whole actually to figure it out. It took a long row of small ticks and tells and brushes against his own consciousness until he figured it out. 

Now he tried to be in as many places as possible where Benjamin was too, which was really not that hard as they alreadcy shared common places like the lecture hall, coffee places around campus and the library.  

He had been trying to say something to Benij for ages now, but whenever he decides to walk over and do so, the words leave him. 

So he is - as often before - just lurking in the library, a few tables away from Benji, doing some work while he glances over frequently.