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Hi! I'm pretty sure tumblr's been eating my asks but I'm the anon who wanted to draw your ocs a while ago, would it be okay if I got some details on Benij? I'd love to draw him! If it's okay I need to know his age, body type, face shape, skin tone, hair style and any extra details about him like piercings or freckles. I'm not sure if you'll get this but please let me know 💕❤💕

ah i’m so sorry tumblr keeps eating ur asks, nonnie !!! :(( 💔💔💔 im so incredibly flattered that u wanna draw my ocs, though, oh my gosh ❣❣❣ ur such a sweetie pie !!!! 💐🌹🌸 it’s 100% ok 4 u 2 ask for info abt him ! 💖💛💖  benji is an eighteen year old asian trans boy !! he’s a witch, and his clothing style is what some people may describe as “goth” ! 💕💓💘 he’s a bit lanky/skinny !!! his hair is short and black, and he has bangs that go down to his eyebrows, and are straight across !! he has his septum pierced, & he has a few moles along his face !!! 💜💛💚💙💖 i hope this was helpful, nonnie !!! feel free 2 ask if u need any more info, hehe !!!! 💟💞🐇🌸💗💖💕❣👼🏻💌💓💘🌹💐💛💫