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Blogs to Follow//Reference Part 1/3

I’ve never done one these massive, you should follow these blogs, popularity contests. In fact, I’ve avoided it for quite some time just because I’d feel awful if people were left out. Inevitably, some people are going to be left out, and that bums me out a little… but not enough to scrap the idea. Why? Well, some of these bloggers are lowkey but are wonderful people. Others are great resources. Then there are some blogs that just appeal to my sensibilities, and I’d like to share all of the things.

CreateBlog - Before tumblr, I was part of a webdesign forum called CreateBlog. I made lifelong friends there. In fact, that’s how I found out about this blasted website five years ago. Stylish, well-informed, people are stylish and well-informed.

Brothers & Sisters In Arms - I’m not very patriotic. However, I take pride in my service as a Marine. More than the Marine Corps, I will love the people I served with.

Okinawa Family - Okinawa will always mean the world to me, including the friends and connections I made there.

Photographers You Should Follow

NSFW & Aesthetic Blogs - This is tumblr, right?