Still no evidence of Russian hacking except that the Liar-In-Chief and toddler Obama said so.  This is the same guy who’s birth certificate is a proven fake and tried to convince you Benghazi was based on an obscure YouTube video.

Obama is trying everything to start World War III on his way out the door.

Now he’s trying to ban Russian intelligence people from the US to help fit his fake narrative.  Shall we talk about Obama interfering in other country’s elections and overthrowing democracies for the last eight years??  Egypt, Syria, Libya, Israel, etc. to name a few.

Obama and the Democrats want the American people stupid, because they know if they keep telling a lie long enough, the stupid people will believe it is the truth.


So I decided to send some asks to a Hillary Clinton shill blog named “Hillary Is a Lion” that is pretending like she didn’t lose the election.

The answers were sent to my in-box, but I decided to share them anyways, because I think they’re funny.  XD