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Southern Ohio Gothic

- A road closes near your home. They’re putting in another roundabout. The roundabouts are growing in numbers, soon it’ll be time.

- The skyline or gold star debate continues. We all know the answer. We weep for the poor misguided souls of the damned.

- Mr. Redlegs’s face haunts your dreams. His lifeless baseball face smiles at you. You can never escape him.

- Chocolate buckeyes are the food of the gods. The sweet ambrosia graces your lips. You crave more. There is never enough.

- You’re a Bengals fan. They’re still terrible. You cry into your hands.

- Cincinnati is slowly becoming inaccessible. The roads close and never open again. Farewell Cincinnati.

- There’s corn. The corn stares into your soul. You can never escape the corn.

- Everyone keeps moving to Ohio. The schools are flooding, more houses are being built. Everywhere you go, there’s screaming. Why move here? Why would you come to corn Hell? Leave while you still can. L e a v e.

In the Chicago Bears roast thread, 69memelordharambe420 posted “There are more Bears than Bears fans.” That got me thinking: Is that true? And more generally, which teams have fewer fans than there exist whatever they’re named after?

To start, I needed a rough estimate of the number of NFL fans in the world. This turned out to be difficult to find. I found several reasonable estimates that ranged from 200,000,000 to 400,000,000, but the average estimate seems to be about 300,000,000, so I decided to go with that. If you prefer a different estimate, you can easily scale all of the final numbers up or down as needed.

Of those 300,000,000, about 90%, or 270,000,000, consider themselves fans of one team in particular. To find out how these 270,000,000 fans apportion themselves among the 32 teams, I used this page, which lists how many likes each team has on Facebook (it lists the St. Louis Rams and the San Diego Chargers but still has accurate numbers for the Facebook likes, I checked), and calculated the total number of likes across the 32 teams: 91,712,968. Then, I took the number of likes for each team and multiplied it by 270,000,000/91,712,968 (then rounded to the nearest whole number) to get the best estimate that I was realistically going to be able to get for the total number of fans that each team has. Here are my results:

Bears: There are roughly 12,092,476 Bears fans. There are eight species of bear, plus the grizzly-polar hybrid. I won’t go through all of my calculations, but I came up with a final number of 1,148,364. There are more Bears fans than bears.

Lions: There are roughly 5,642,181 Lions fans. The worldwide lion population is somewhere around 20,000. There are more Lions fans than lions.

Packers: There are roughly 16,024,215 Packers fans. I don’t really feel like doing extensive research on the worldwide meatpacking industry, but the U.S. meatpacking industry employs about 148,100 and there is no way that there are a hundred times that number outside of the country. There are more Packers fans than packers.

Vikings: There are roughly 6,200,740 Vikings fans. The Viking Age ended nearly a millennium ago. There are more Vikings fans than Vikings.

Cowboys: There are roughly 25,758,315 Cowboys fans. There are currently less than 9,730 cowboys in the United States. Again, there’s no way there are over a thousand times more cowboys elsewhere. There are more Cowboys fans than cowboys.

Eagles: There are roughly 8,888,974 Eagles fans. This one was a lot harder than I was anticipating, but there are 60 different species of eagle. Two of the most common are the bald eagle (70,000 in the world) and the most common eagle in Europe, the spotted eagle (40,000 in the world). Based on this, I highly doubt that the average eagle species has a worldwide population of more than 100,000, an estimate which would yield a total eagle population across all species of 6,000,000 (remember, this is most likely a wild overestimate). There are almost certainly more Eagles fans than eagles.

Giants: There are roughly 11,690,931 Giants fans. Giants are mythological creatures. There are more Giants fans than giants.

Redskins: I’m not touching this one.

Buccaneers: There are roughly 2,779,276 Buccaneers fans. According to Wikipedia, the term “buccaneer” refers specifically to Caribbean pirates of the 17th and 18th century. They’re all dead. There are more Buccaneers fans than buccaneers.

Falcons: There are roughly 6,009,462 Falcons fans. The common kestrel (5,000,000 worldwide) and Merlin (1,300,000 worldwide) alone cover this number, according to this list. There are more falcons than Falcons fans.

Panthers: There are roughly 7,034,101 Panthers fans. “Panther” is kind of a loosely defined term, but the genus Panthera includes tigers (3,890 worldwide), lions (20,000), jaguars (15,000), leopards (250,000), and snow leopards (6,000). That adds up to 294,890. There are more Panthers fans than panthers.

Saints: There are roughly 11,930,352 Saints fans. For this study, I’ve only been counting living things, and you have to die to become a saint. Not that it really matters, since the Catholic Church has only canonized about 10,000 people anyway. There are more Saints fans than saints.

49ers: There are roughly 12,383,284 49ers fans. “49ers” refers to people who partook in the 1849 California gold rush. The oldest living person was born in 1900. All of the 49ers are dead. There are more 49ers fans than 49ers.

Cardinals: There are roughly 4,279,156 Cardinals fans. There are about 120,000,000 northern cardinals alone. There are more cardinals than Cardinals fans.

Rams: There are roughly 2,327,583 Rams fans. A ram can refer to either a male sheep or a male goat (note to all of the Patriots fans about to make what they think is a super clever comment: just stop). There are over a billion sheep in the world and nearly as many goats. This isn’t even close. There are more rams than Rams fans.

Seahawks: There are roughly 11,993,609 Seahawks fans. A seahawk is another name for an osprey, of which there are fewer than 100,000 in the world. There are more Seahawks fans than seahawks.

Bengals: There are roughly 3,517,293 Bengals fans. There are 2,500 Bengal tigers left (to be honest I’m just going to stop posting sources when the information is a single search away because I’m already tired of this and I still have half the league to go). There are more Bengals fans than Bengals.

Browns: There are roughly 3,738,429 Browns fans for some reason. The Browns are named after someone whose last name was Brown. In the United States, there are about 1,552,500 people with that last name. The majority of the people who speak English as a first language live in the United States, so it’s very likely that the majority of Browns do as well. There are probably more Browns fans than Browns.

Ravens: There are roughly 6,927,791 Ravens fans. There are 20,000,000 common ravens alone.. There are more ravens than Ravens fans.

Steelers: There are roughly 19,179,380 Steelers fans. There are only about 87,000 or so steel workers in the United States, and I’m just once again going to extrapolate and say that there aren’t several hundred times more than that outside of the USA. There are probably more Steelers fans than steelers.

Bills: There are roughly 2,533,838 Bills fans. The Buffalo Bills were named after Buffalo Bill, so it makes sense to use the number of people named Bill. There are about 3,002,475 people in the United States named William. Using the same logic as we did with the Browns suggests that there are roughly twice as many Williams in the world as Bills fans, so we’d need at least half of all Williams to go by Bill. Especially considering how many common nicknames for William there are, this seems unlikely. There are probably more Bills fans than Bills.

Dolphins: There are roughly 6,637,669 Dolphins fans. I was somewhat surprised to learn this, but we don’t really have much of an idea how many dolphins there are in the world (the ocean is, like, really big). My standards for reputable sources have fallen so far at this point in this regrettable project that I’m just going to use Quora, where “Patricia Barquin, Enthusiast” believes that there are well over seven million. So there are probably more dolphins than Dolphins fans. Whatever.

Jets: There are roughly 5,824,758 Jets fans. Apparently, there are about 20,000 commercial airplanes in the world. A lot of those are not jets, but there are also a bunch of private jets. Either way, there’s no way the number of jets is in the millions. There are more Jets fans than jets.

Patriots: There are roughly 20,653,722 Patriots fans. A Gallup poll from last July found that 52% of Americans are proud to be Americans, so there are way more than twenty million people in the U.S. who consider themselves patriots, which is good enough for me. Yeah, we’ve had an ugly election since then but considering that the president still has an approval rating in the 30s, there’s zero chance that the percentage of Americans who are patriots is less than 10%. There are more patriots than Patriots fans.

Colts: There are roughly 6,689,254 Colts fans. A Colt) is a male horse under the age of four. There are 58,000,000 horses in the world. The lifespan of a horse in the wild is about 15-20 years (we’ll take an average of 17.5 years) and I do not feel like doing in-depth research into the horse industry so I’m just going to assume that the 58,000,000 horses are distributed evenly by sex and age. That would mean 29,000,000 male horses, of which about 6,628,571 would be under the age of four. This is ridiculously close, but using my obviously extremely accurate numbers it looks like there are more Colts fans than colts!

Jaguars: There are roughly 1,748,475 Jaguars fans, significantly higher than my initial guess of 87. As I said earlier, there are about 15,000 jaguars in the world. There are more Jaguars fans than jaguars.

Texans: There are roughly 6,484,945 Texans fans. Texas has a population of about 27,470,000. There are more Texans than Texans fans.

Titans: There are roughly 2,737,981 Titans fans. Titans are mythological creatures. There are only 26 of them anyway. There are more Titans fans than Titans.

Broncos: There are roughly 13,082,453 Broncos fans. A bronco is apparently just a name for an untrained horse. The vast majority of the world’s 58,000,000 horses are domestic horses, and I’m just going to assume that most of those are trained because I don’t know why they wouldn’t be and also I am extremely sick of looking all of this stuff up. It would be convenient if Reddit had an option to save drafts of posts but it doesn’t appear to. Anyway, the vast majority of horses are not broncos, so that means that there are probably more Broncos fans than broncos.

Chargers: There are roughly 4,700,430 Chargers fans. The Los Angeles Chargers don’t seem to have been named after an actual thing, so I’ll improvise. I own several chargers. So does everyone I know. Considering how ubiquitous electronic devices are, there have to be billions of chargers. There are more chargers than Chargers fans.

Chiefs: There are roughly 4,568,973 Chiefs fans. Chief is an honorary title used by a lot or organizations, but do they combine to account for one out of every 2000 people or so in the world? I doubt it. There are probably more Chiefs fans than Chiefs.

Raiders: There are roughly 10,099,869 Raiders fans. Meanwhile, a “raider” isn’t really an actual thing. It’s pretty much only used for sports teams. There are more Raiders fans than raiders, I guess.

Summary: So the teams with fewer fans than their namesakes are:

Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams
Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots
Houston Texans
Los Angeles Chargers

Make of that what you will.

Conclusion: Turns out that there are a lot of birds in the world.

Many of you know that one of my favorite things in life is to get together with family and friends and watch my hometown @bengals and tonight we are looking for a big win on @espnnfl in New York! I’ve got a bunch of friends that are die hard Giants fans and I understand if your allegiance lies elsewhere but if you can send some good vibes towards the orange and black tonight we would appreciate it! It’s never easy being a Bengals fan but from my first game at riverfront stadium with my dad until the end I am here and hoping for a chance to see my team in the super bowl. #whodey photo: @thejulietsimms #odellthurmanjerseymightbringluck? #Iknowyouarentsupposedtoputpunctuationinhashtags #beatnewyork

anonymous asked:

Your art, especially the way you use colours, just inspires me so much! Thank you for sharing your art with us, and Happy New Year!

Thx ! It seems that my colors are always the “thing” that people see. I don’t think it is as great as some other guys. It was a big matter to me as the career counselor when I was in junior high school told me that I could’nt do comics as I’m colorblind.

I was like :”what the fuck ?, I read manga everything is in black and white”

counselor: ” yes but in france comics are in color blablabla…”

I’ll manage by any way to get through this. Color was bothering me much more than drawing. Few years ago, I learned that my colorblindness wasn’t a problem, and career counselor clearly didn’t know what she was talking about even if she was into comics as it seems. But that’s one of the reason I don’t want my comics to be in color. But France is a very different way of thinking about comics, there is culture about the “daddy” who likes to have a “beautiful book and big” that fit well in his collection. Each time someone tell me “we are gonna do a beautiful book” it pisses me off like hell, I don’t want to do a BEAUTIFUL BOOK , I want to do a GOOD BOOK, so yeah I don’t like the mainstream french comics philosophy much. Even if it has some good advantages (I shouldn’t say it in public but yeah can’t hide it anymore).

The color I see from screen are different from printing and with my little colorblindess problem I don’t see the difference when friends of mine tell me that the difference is huge and so on… Color issue for printing is like shit to me so I’m not very demanding.

I mainly don’t do traditionnal color as mixing color is painful like hell. Fortunately, I was born when digital medium is at it best. The color wheel saved my life, I mainly work with theory but it is good for me.

So, yeah it surprises me a little bit when people “only” see colors in my stuff :D. And sometimes, I wonder what are the real colors that people see in my stuff.

I have to drop some name that influence my colors and process:

Amei Zhao :

well… can’t say anything, just a huge fan.

Bengal :

I got into Corel painter because of him.

Blackfrog :

got into Corel Painter because of him too.

Ryan Wood :

got into Corel Painter because of him too. (ahahah)

Thien Bao:

I got into painter because of him too, ahah. (yeah that damn slowly buggy Painter)

Toerning :

Her selkie’s serie was like a huge revelation to me. And made me wondering a lot about digital process.


Well, I just like her stuff, she made me try photoshop but can’t get use to it.

Happy new year to everybody.

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Devon Still gives powerful speech about daughter Leah’s fight with cancer

Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still on Wednesday accepted the Jimmy V. Perseverance Award on behalf of his daughter, Leah, at the 2015 ESPY Awards.

With 5-year-old Leah unable to attend the event as she continues to undergo treatment following her battle with cancer, her father delivered a moving speech detailing the strength Leah has given him despite the extreme hardships the Still family has endured for last 13 months.

“The team that inspired me the most doesn’t even compete on the playing field,” presenter LeBron James said in his brief opening remarks.

“It’s her bond with her dad that’s unforgettable.”

Still thanked James and said he would cry in the hospital chapel, begging God to give him the fight with death rather than his 4-year-old daughter.

He recounted a story where she motioned from her stomach to his, and she said “I’m taking the cancer out of me and I’m giving it to you” and he truly believed her cancer was gone. Instead, doctors said it had spread.

“At that moment that I realized we had two options,” Still said. “We could’ve lost faith and just let this battle with cancer get the best of us. Or I could give my daughter’s battle with cancer a purpose, and use my platform to try to raise as much awareness as possible.”

He admitted he was giving up on football and thought about drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

“I couldn’t do it because every day I preached to my daughter that she couldn’t give up, that she couldn’t let this battle get the best of her,” he said. “And who was I to go try and find an escape through liquor, and she had no escape for her pain that she was going through. So I didn’t do it.”

Still thanked the Jimmy V Foundation and the media, his fiancé, his family, and he also thanked his team.

“To the Bengals, y’all set the example for corporate America. Y’all let everybody know what it’s like for an employer to stick behind his employee when we can do nothing for you. To coach (Marvin) Lewis, to the Brown family, I can honestly I say I love y’all for allowing met to be a father first and put football second because y’all helped me save my daughter’s life.”

He continued: “Last but not least, my beautiful daughter, I know you wish you could be here, but I know you’re watching,” Still said near the end of his speech. “I just want to thank you. From the moment you was born you molded me into the man I am today. And you know I always used to dream about how I was going to be able to show you so much about life. But in the five years I’ve been with you you’ve taught me more about life than I could ever do. I love you and I’m just proud of the way you’ve been handling yourself this past year.”

Leah then appeared on video to thank everyone for supporting her through her battle with cancer.

After his opening remarks, James introduced a video, narrated by Tate Donovan over “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

“She never complains. She’s been my strength through this whole battle,” Devon Still said in the video. “If I didn’t see her fighting, trying to remain her energetic self who’s dancing and smiling all the time, that motivates me to get over all the issues that I’m dealing with while watching my daughter fight for her life.”

The video dovetailed with his season with the Bengals, and in the piece, Still said he admitted to Lewis that his mind wasn’t on football, and he told the coach he contemplated retirement.

Defensive line coach Jay Hayes said “At times he would be so distraught, you could tell he was thinking about her. It would be hard on him. Tears would be running down his cheeks.”

Still then become emotional in the video talking about Bengals fans when he suited up against the Browns on Nov. 6, 2014, at Paul Brown Stadium

“It was special for me,” Still said in the video. “The stadium went crazy. I was like, man, we really have the best fans out here and they’re really going to be there to support me through what I’m going through. It was just – it was overwhelming, and it really helped me get through the season.”

The Jimmy V. Perseverance Award was named after former college basketball coach Jim Valvano, who delivered an emotional speech at the 1993 ESPY Awards during his own fight with cancer.

The video also featured many of the Instagram pictures and videos Devon Still have used over the year to catalogue their journey.

The Perseverance award was first awarded in 2007 to former NC State women’s basketball coach Kay Yow, who passed away in 2009 from breast cancer.