bengal tiger and the baghdad zoo

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to get to see one of my idols live when I saw Robin Williams in The Bengal Tiger and the Baghdad Zoo" (It easily became one of the best plays I’d ever seen, I highly suggest reading it.) 

And I remember being so blown away by Williams’ performance, mainly due to the fact that I could never imagine him in such a heavy piece (having only grew up with his comedies). The thing I love best about The Tiger though is the way he’s a type of dark-comedic relief in this raging, violent, godforsaken war and time. Looking back on that, it’s sort of reflective of how in our own, sometimes sad, lives, he was there as a source of laughter. And I hope he provided himself with the same in his own trying times, and I’m deeply sorry that it didn’t seem to be enough. 

My favorite part of the show, though, was after the curtain call; there was an auction, led by Robin himself. And I remember being in stitches laughing along with this man and all his banter, not a character he’s portraying. Being there live, and getting to see him perform, AND talk to us all as himself was too incredible. It felt like meeting him, briefly and indirectly. And I’m just very grateful I got to see him live, I wish I’d cherishes it more at the time. I should have stagedoored. He’s one of my favorite actors, I’ve loved everything I’ve seen him in; he’s always meant so much. And it feels very strange losing someone so delightful, uplifting, and talented. It’s very haunting. 

Bangarang, friend. 


does anyone have PDFs of Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo OR References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot? Your local poor theatre major would very much appreciate it!