benfica fans


It’s so difficult to see this pictures, because they worked so hard to be there and they played so well, it was so unfair! They deserved to win!

Now, life goes on and Benfica fans just need to be here supporting them.
We are really proud of them!


The legend I never saw - A Tribute to Eusebio, ‘O Rei’

By Dominic Vieira, writing from Lisbon

The amount of times I’ve walked to the Estadio da Luz from my grandmother's apartment to watch a Benfica match is countless. The trip with my father and brother is always the same: a repetitive route with Benfica scarves wrapped around our neck all, where all we’d talk about was our club. At that time the heroes were Nuno Gomes, Karel Poborksy and Joao Pinto. It had been years since we’d won the league, and European glory was only sensed in black and white photos published in dusty books. I had no idea how great Benfica was. None at all.

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