Alright, so let’s talk about this thing a bit:

this is bullshit.

The top row is mostly true. There is a fee for childcare, but poor families can have it  waived, and child beneftit is not the same as basic income, and it is actually paid to the parents.

The second row is some horseshit. “guaranteed job” is an euphemism, meaning that a young person who turns down a jobb offer can have their beneefits cut, and there is still plenty of youth unemployment.

The youth parliament is a once a year gathering of some rather arbitrarily chosen kids, which btw, I, an actual Finnish person involved in actual politics, have never heard anyone talk about. No one cares about it, and it does not, in fact, do anything. It’s  a debate club.

And as for lowest child poverty last figures, from 2008 show we have 14% child  poverty.  Which is a marked increase from it’s  lowest number in 1990, 5%. The increase has been steady since 1996, which is odd because we had a depression at the beginning of the 90′s, but the economy was in an upswing from around that time.

It’s as if actually all these policies to eradicate poverty have been dismantled in the last twenty years, but liberals are too in love with the image of FInland as the greatest welfare  state in the world to actually acknowledge the truth.