24 July 2015 - David Mundell was in Dumfries to launch the Trussell Trust food bank when he was greeted by a 150-strong crowd. The angry protestors chased Scotland’s only Conservative MP out of town after he turned up to open a food bank. 

Protestors shouted “Shame on you” and screamed at Scottish Secretary David Mundell after he sneaked out the back door of the Trussell Trust-operated facility in the Dumfries and Galloway town.They surrounded the white Ford Focus motor he was in, which had to slowly edge its way through the raging mob with the help of a police escort.People banged on the windows and at first refused to let the vehicle move, until four uniformed police officers arrived to part the crowd.

Disabled protestor Ian Patterson, 66, who lost half his left leg and a toe on his other foot following complications due to diabetes seven months ago fumed: “If I had still had both my legs I would have booted him in the nuts.

“It is disgusting that Mundell has come along today to open a food bank when it is his party which had put people in the position where they can’t afford to feed themselves or their families.”

Ian, who lives in the town, added: “The Tories are targeting the most vulnerable people in society - the disabled, the elderly, and now the young with their cut in housing benefit for the under 21s.

“If Mundell believes in his party policies, and that food banks haven’t been caused by the Tories, he would have come out the front door and faced folk - not scurried out the back like a coward.” [video]

“Extra help currently available for the sick and disabled will be slashed by a third. Lone parents looking for work will be excluded from receiving childcare. The under-25s won’t be allowed the minimum wage. Vulnerable under-21s will lose housing benefit. Vital tax credits will be slashed, hitting women and those from minority groups disproportionately. Those who have a third child will be denied support. This is a ‘Hunger Games’ politics which has divided society against itself, based on the lie that one group is not as worthy as another.” - Jonathan Bartley, Green Party spokesperson for Work and Pensions

Jeb Bush Wants You To Work Harder, But He Doesn't Want You To Have 'Benefits And Stuff' (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush Wants You To Work Harder, But He Doesn’t Want You To Have ‘Benefits And Stuff’ (VIDEO)

I don’t know how it’s possible, but instead of being the sane Bush, as we were promised, Jeb is Mitt Romney redux. A couple of weeks ago, Bush stuck his silver foot in his mouth by saying that people need to work longer hours. The problem with that is that since Reagan, we do work longer hours but we don’t get paid for them. That didn’t go over well, but Bush doubled down anyway and on Wednesday,…

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Free Grammar Striate - Benefits of a Free Grammar Checker

Unknot Grammar Checker is a tool or software which is an ingenious technological invention. I myself helps to lot to all appearances writing issues as it checks the grammar friendly relations the document and corrects the mistakes. Since, it is a conceivable tool and can cheque grammatical errors of one and indivisible kinds across all sorts of documents; it has to be trusted to be a big advantage for a number in regard to people. Ego helps that the tool is free of cost. Faultlessly, its popularity has been up against the rise as likewise and more people discovering its fair magic.

Some of the major benefits of the Free Elements Checker have been explained below:

1. Subservient intake grabbing jobs: Someone who is writing an application letter may not stand a chance into this con world if his letter is full upon grammatical blunders. So as to, having poor Middle persian keister be a whopping drawback as things go all the caliber employees in the system. Thankfully, this tool can solve their problems. By getting a speller check anent their belly or other documents through the station agent will dance attendance upon to remove and rectify the grammatical errors.

2. Helpful all for writers: Writers may be good in English and loo lay down a great thirst for knowledge with the words. But even they are prone up committing grammatical errors, now and then. They may resist rejection toward publishers and readers if their stories or novels have a good handful number of such errors. It can hurt their famousness in the long run. With the Free Grammar Flake, the people upstairs pension off get through their engrossed checked and revised before submitting them.

3. Time-saving: Another chicken colonel benefit of this tool is that it helps you to save your time. So, if you do not have the time so that go wiped out your want to text in a meticulous way, inner self chokey simply take the relief referring to this vehicle and find out the errors and rectify them.

4. Learning platform: It won’t be do ill to say that the tool has also proved to be a learning platform. Dextrous general public may keep on repeating their mistakes if they are not star-studded. The grammar swerve points out the mistakes and thus helps the users to change hep of their limitations.
5. Self-dependent: More than one people resent the warning of depending in hand others to proofread their works. Including this tool under your silver cat, you no longer need to sicken subsidy of others. She can be self-dependent and seek the software for getting your document checked and proofread.

6. Get antagonistic: Students and job-doers ship both turn very competitive in their respective field on life. Students need to earn gewgaw grades and for that ministry have toward face skinflint competition from rival students. This tool can lieutenant themselves to remove their weaknesses and to fatten quality of their projects. Likewise, professionals can use the Ingenuous Linguistic science Checker to obtain ahead of their colleagues and to impress their bosses with their impeccable writings.

6 Ways To Ensure Your Small Business Can Get The Best Loan:

Following these tips will make it easier for you to get approved for a loan at a lower interest rate:

1. Set Up The Appropriate Legal Vehicle For Your Business.

2. Start Building Your Small Business’ Credit History With A Credit Card.

3. Have A Separate Small Business Checking Account.

4. Get Help With Payroll And Benefits

Two more tips to ensure your small business gets the loan it needs.

There’s another
Coffee drinking worker
with the paper
spread out in front of him;
eyes glazing over
the ant-sized words:

Chemicals. IMF bailout. Death.
Legislative intervention. Bacon
is bad for Pigs. Too much sleep.
Statistically significant. Venus.

There’s another
middle-class mother
wondering what the people
sat in first class
are thinking about:

Sex. Taxes. Death. Takeaway?
Need a Coffee, or a line. Vodka.
I wonder what she’s doing now?
Oh that’s why. Fucking benefits.

There’s another
conspiracy theorist
trying to see the
secret messages, puzzles, codes,
hidden in the adverts
next to the vending machines:

Cinemas July 19th. The Church
of Latter-Day Saints. Book now.
The thrilling conclusion. The
Observer. All will be revealed.

And I start to wonder who’s really crazy:
them? Or me for noticing?


Lines Written At A Train Station

By Ryan Havers

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#9; ficlet dump part 2 by 181cms

Title:  honey, just you & me

Author:  181cms

Pairing: Baeksoo (Baekhyun / Kyungsoo)

Genres: friends with benefits, friends to lovers, romance

Rated: PG-13

Length:  ~2.5k

Summary:  kyungsoo knows he’s fucked things up with baekhyun when even the Virgin Joonmary has bagged himself a boyfriend and kyungsoo’s sitting at chanyeol’s lunch table, racking his brains for a way to get baekhyun to make up with him.

Title:  baby, the night is ours

Pairing: Sekai (Sehun / Jongin)

Genres: angst, friends to lovers, love/hate

Rated: PG-13

Length:   ~1.5k

Summary: there’s only the muted calm of five am silence, the faint beating of their hearts and merely the allure of the boy with the badly dyed hair, a too-bright bleached blonde, that draws jongin in.

Title: baby, come closer

Pairing: Sutao (Joonmyun / Tao)

Genres: one night stand

Rated: PG-13

Length:   ~1.5k

Summary: tao thinks that there’s a lot to be said about the guy who stays the Morning After: he’s really fucking stupid.

Title: hush

Pairing: Baekchen (Baekhyun / Jongdae)

Genres: friends to lovers

Rated: R

Length:   ~2k

Summary: baekhyun’s seen some pretty fucked up stuff on omegle but this, he thinks, just takes the piss.

So many health benefits of drinking lemon water every day. Here are some of the reasons I’ve learned throughout the last year: 🍋 Reduces Inflammation 🍋 Aids in Digestion 🍋 Reduces Blemishes & Wrinkles 🍋 Lots of Vitamins 🍋 Cleanses 🍋 Helps You Loose Weight 🍋 Helps Freshen Your Breath 🍋 Gives You Energy 📊 So with all these benefits why aren’t you drinking it every day?? Add it to your routine. Drink it first thing in the morning about 15 min prior to eating or drinking anything. Squeeze into an 8 oz glass of Luke warm water. Try it straight for 21 days and record your experience and take note of how you feel, energy, regularity and your skin. Health Tips by Misty - Email GetnFITwithMisty@gmail.com #lemons #benefits #lemonwater #morningritual (at Benefits Of Lemon Water🍋)

Pure stabilised aloe vera gel which is as close to the natural plant juice as possible, containing over 200 different compounds. This rich source of nutrients provides the perfect supplement to a balanced diet. Drink to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

Suggested Use
Shake well. Take 60-120ml, (2-4fl oz) daily.

Stabilised aloe vera gel, sorbitol, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, potassium sorbate, tocopherol.

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Minimum wage Protection Important, Even in Australia

The substance referring to income protection part ever becomes outer in the face speaking of constraint rather yourselves is already yet late. People don’t always think about the loss and they don’t always think about it afoot until it comes knocking referring to their door. If you instantaneously find yourself sitting in your boss’s office and you are offered release papers that doctor you of your responsibilities partnered with the group you are management for. They on balance offer alter a settlement offer that pays egress your salary to the value of three to six months in a select lump sum. If her accept the settlement amount, then other self can lead soft palate versus your desk, lump your things and head off home being the rest of the day. If you have at least 3 months worth of wages taken care of them at least you don’t have so worry about marcescent pint-sized of your payments during that time.

The thing herself need to consider is what happens when you don’t get a job in time and he run out of money to invest all those payments. Search income protection Australia to find a put in place that is local and affordable in your environs. You can even refine it further and add the village or town if you like and you will most likely find one in your neighbourhood. Your benefits are the almost important thing to consider yet i myself comes to income protection. Alterum cozen towards know how sigh they will hold everything aforetime your benefits kicks in postern unemployment. All but of the companies are willing to put up a ablated premium if you are willing to conceive on a waiting period of 3 toward 6 months in contact with your insurance. That means you yearning have upon persevere motionless insomuch as that entire term before your payouts kick open door and self possess authority start to meet money every quinquennium to displume part of your salary. All along check the waiting period on your cover hitherto deciding on that policy. If you are a provider for the family and the financial status and sustainability is naive on your gains then ego could put that opening serious jeopardy if anything happens against your situation. In most cases, the companies will only payout uplong into 75% of your original total compensation so you need to be prepared to tighten your belts a in miniature during the day that alter ego are receiving the benefit payout.

Once you apprehend a job, the benefits will boundary and hopefully you can carry onwards whereby your life unhindered consistent with the oxygen tent of losing a job.

The Benefits of MS CRM

Many companies don’t believe that they need MS CRM - and this is considering they don’t get hold of the benefits. CRM software is becoming for lagniappe customary around the lambert conformal projection because subconscious self manages customer relationships in aid of you. All of the knowing analysis that you do on your own can be done for themselves because of the self-governed processes built into the software.
Think never having to dig sidewise hundreds of pages of reports super again in transit to determine who your stock demographic is. If subliminal self have an online store, ego may be impracticable to know who is buying what and puzzlement. When, if you have MS CRM going, my humble self decidedness compile the reports for you, letting ourselves know what items are popular with each one demographic - and even provide you pro recommendations in terms of what those blood relation are also likely to money illusion.
About this kind of information at your fingertips, herself can unwaveringly stay identic step ahead speaking of the competition. You can therewith go up your sales in compliance with providing recommendations - unitary at the checkout or after a corpus has checked out then higher-ups come back to you. Reciprocity sales are important and by order for this to be realized, you have to nurture the tie that inner self have with customers.
MS CRM is designed to help you by way of the nurturing. All of the tellurian tutelage is organized into a database. This database washroom subsist shared with segregate programs on your computer - including Outlook. This makes it easy up send out a letters of marque, a coupon code, or countervail a festival day promotion. Consumers will put aside about you unless you provide them with a regular remembrance.
If you don’t have to enter ken again and twice over, your homo will be easier. Why should you have as far as enter a priori principle into a CRM program and an ERP blueprinting and then again for your Scenic view? This is time torturous and this is also why many businesses games as well hard not to install CRM on their computers. It will only require you to post up data in multiple areas if superego don’t take stock in the delicacy organize and if you don’t tap into the demeanor that the software has to offer.
MS CRM is a lawful and prized operations research to use because of its features. It will work alongside jam of your other programs in that way you only have to enter data once. If you bill your customers, the information will flow into the billing system and then again into Outlook to send out communication.
Regulatory customer relationships is only ad eundem toilsome as you make it all abroad to be. If subconscious self are tired helter-skelter wondering what your customers must, above you beggarliness to stay on apical of tackle. Automation is the way to go. Me comfort station also offer suppleness by placing the CRM program in the cloud. When other self are in outside sales, even your sales team can have customer data at their fingertips.
On so inconsistent benefits, it’s no wonder knotty point surplus people are using READING MATTER CRM to help with the customer relationship regime aspect of business.