♡Products I Regret Buying - Benefit’s High Beam

  • This product is pretty popular within the beauty community, it’s a liquid illuminator for highlighting and has a pearly pink color. So this product was a total miss for me. I thought I would use it on my cheek bones or any where else I’d like to highlight. I tried over and over to use it and give it a chance but it never worked out for me. The formula doesn’t blend very well over my skin, and I have to pack on the product yet still looks “meh”.I’ve tried every which way possible to use this and I just have came to the conclusion that it is not worth the high price tag of $26.    
  • You’re probably wondering why a NARS Illuminator is in the photo and thats because although I didn’t have much luck with the High Beam, I love the NARS one in the color “Copacabana”. The color is almost identical, they both have that pink radiance. But, the NARS come with more than double amount of product, you need only the smallest dot, blends like a dream, and the packaging is better in my opinion. It’s only 4 dollars more than the Benefit. And I would pay 30 dollars for this illuminator again but I definitely regret spending 26 on the Benefit.