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Here is the Benefit Workshop video for Nathan Palma. Raised over $1200 for his family!



This past Saturday (12/10), Design Director Angelina Grima taught a class for the Benefit Workshop for Nathan Palma, along with Keenan Morales, Matt Pumanes, and Andrew Phan. Thank you to Keenan for organizing this event and getting the dance community together for a good cause. Our thoughts are with Nathan’s family.

SM Opens Workshop in China to Help Lay with His Chinese Activities

SM Entertainment has set up a new “workshop” in China.

According to a press release made by the talent agency, they have set up a “workshop” in China for their star Lay from EXO. This workshop was established in late March and will be used to aid Lay in his Chinese activities. It was established and registered under Lay’s name on March 31.

The workshop format is unfamiliar to the Korean entertainment industry, but it is something that is widely used in China with Chinese celebrities. With the format, even though Lay will still be with SM Entertainment, he will be able to choose his own staff and work with outside agencies in China.

One of the main benefits with the workshop format is the adaptability to the Chinese market, as the star will be free to work with various sources in China even if they are not associated with SM Entertainment and their partners.

On the establishment of his own workshop, Lay announced, “The establishment of this workshop will become a foundation for solidifying my intention to honor my contract, and I hope it becomes an example of contract fulfillment. I believe that my Chinese activities will be beneficial to EXO and the company. I hope to contribute to the growth of the company and help the relationship between the two cultures.”

source: soompi