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Hanyaan's Cosplay Makeup Kit List

One of my favorite things in cosplay is makeup. Makeup can really help make or break your costume, and I think that everybody who cosplays should wear some, regardless of gender. (Unless you’re under a mask, but that’s a different story.) This is a guide to what’s in my personal kit. Maybe some of this might work for you and maybe some of it wouldn’t, but this is the stuff I don’t want to be without.

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anonymous asked:

Hey do you know any dupes for benefit watt's up in POWDER form?? thanks!

Sure babe! Benefit’s Watt’s Up is a pale golden, beige highlight with a fine shimmer. 

Check out similar versions in powder form like

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Euphoric $38

Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Illuminating Powder in Candlelight $22

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Global Glow $32

ELF Baked Blush in Moonlight Pearls $4


It’s barely been winter here and I’ve been indoors moisturizing and dreading real winters next year and thinking about spring looks and I feel like the time has come to bring back Madonna's Ray of Light era look. I love this look especially because this is when they made Madonna’s VH1 Behind the Music which I of course loved and devoured. It didn’t include her lame shit since then or that terrible movie she made with Guy Ritchie and just ended at like yay yoga yay baby Lourdes yay Ray of Light and I was sold because look at her at this point. 

The hair definitely coincided and bounced off the same era’s Sarah Jessica Parker hair (I remember tearing through my mom’s issues of Vogue and hearing the word Botticelliesque thrown around) and is natural and unfussy. She’s less blonde than she was in other points of her career, golden, truly gold here with hints of barely copper and a rootyness that I still love in blondes of all shades. This was right after she had her first kid and maybe it was the mom glow or the prenatal vitamins or whatever but her skin and hair are fresh and dewy, like highlighter central before highlighter was really the staple it is now for facial makeup (and shoulders and collarbones and all the rest here as we can see.)

This look is literally tinted moisturizer or BB cream (the Maybelline one is wonderful), highlighter (the ELF one is lovely, so is Benefit Watts Up), simple eyeshadow (Urban Decay Foxy on the browbone and corner of eye, Buck on the crease), fresh healthy lips (Korres lip butter in Quince or Mango) and cheeks (NARS Orgasm, Aveda Peach Lights.) Peach or pinky nude nails, maybe a pretty lavender but nothing too Easter eggy, colors that look more like the inside of a seashell. And the hair, I mean, if you’ve got texture, let it air dry or put it in four or five little buns with some leave in conditioner and then take them down and fluff, put some oil in your hair and let it be; embrace the tiny halo of frizz that texture gives you, it’s beautiful. Like, just gold and light and healthy and hydrated and touchable for spring. Gah.

anonymous asked:

Hi! What is your makeup routine? You always look flawless in your photos!

I am definitely not flawless, but thank you! :)

Because I get this question so frequently I decided to make a detail list with links and specific shades!

On a normal, daily basis:

If I go out or have a special occasion I will use these additional products:

As for brushes, I only own probable three brushes.

For tinted moisturizer/foundation/cream blush:

For bronzer/powder/blush:

For eyeshadow:

  • urban decay brush (came free with naked palette)

Hope that could help! 

Spring is almost here, and with Spring comes Spring colors! Featuring LUSH’s Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick in Glamorous and Gorgeous face cream, Benefit’s blush in Dandelion and Watt’s Up! highlighter, e.l.f.’s eye shadows in Ivory and Pink Ice, Lancôme's Définicils mascara in Black, Maybelline’s High Shine lip gloss in Electric Shock, and OPI’s nail lacquer in You’re Such A Budapest.   

cyanidevixen  asked:

Thank you for the wonderful blog! I've been able to find lots of tips that have helped me out greatly! I wanted to ask what you thought about the sonia kashuk products that are sold at target. I've been eyeing them for a while and they look like a good alternative to go to as a drugstore brand. However I have no experience with any of them and was asking if you have any recommended products or any to stay away from. I have normal/dry skin if that is of any help. Thank you! :)

Hello and thanks so much! :)

I LOVE Sonia Kashuk! They make quality products for slightly more expensive than drugstore (a few dollars more) or the same price as other drugstore brands. I also love their chic, black packaging.

Products I love and recommend

Undecteable Cream Bronzers. These blend out like a dream and come in two shades. They also make a shimmery, luminous bronzer (on right).

Eye Couture Eye On Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes. Comes in an all shimmer and all matte, they make duos and quads too!

Chic Luminosity Highlighting Stick. Comes in two shades, great Benefit Watts Up dupe!

Creme Blush. These are creamy and blend out like a dream!

Beautifying Blush. These have a slight sheen and a sheer buildable color.

Velvety Matte Lip Pencils. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil dupe! They also make glossy versions!

Pop Lip Pout in Fuschia Freesia: $11, 

NYX Eyeshadow Base in White: $5,  

Sephora Blush in Raspberry Sheen: $11,  

Pop Eyeshadow Trio: I got this in an Ipsy Bag so it is $3! 

Bombshell Stick: Got this in an Ipsy as well, so $3 again! 

MAC Pro Palette Large/Duo plus the insert: $7 

Zoya Polish: $8, unused. Tried to get into pink but couldn’t do it, haha! 

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow Mini in Bikini-Tini: $10,  

Benefit Watts Up Mini: $10, (doesn’t work on my skin tone but it’s very pretty!) 

NYX Lipstick in Thalia $3, 

Covergirl Shadow Blast Duo: $4, 

Everything is either unused or barely used at all, and will be sanitized :) 

You can buy anything individually, and pick your shipping! 

If you would like to buy the whole thing, I will sell for $55, which would save you $20 BUCKS! 

Let me know. I am new to the online makeup world so this is exciting. Please ask me any questions you like in my inbox :)

foreverrandalwaysxo-blog  asked:

what makeup products do you wear on a daily basis? your makeup always looks so flawless!

Why thank you!!! I use makeup forever HD primer and foundation, makeup forever full cover concealer, makeup forever pressed powder, NARS bronzer in Laguna, NARS blush in pink, urban decay eyeshadow primer/naked palette 2/3, maybelline the rocket mascara in very black, benefit “they’re real” mascara, benefit magic liquid eyeliner, benefit Watts Up highlighter, and Anastasia eyebrow pencil/brow sealer. Wow I use a lot. Lol

dkcarlson  asked:

I love the color of Benefit's Watts Up highlighter stick but I would like it better in a powder formula. Could you recommend a powder highlighter with a similar shade/amount of shimmer? Thanks!

Hello! :)

Benefit’s Watts Up is a beige gold highlight with finely milled shimmer, some similar powder highlights would be… 

Becca Opal

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Sandstone (creates a beige shade when blended all together)

Hard Candy Tiki (sold at Walmart)

anonymous asked:

what are your top favorite highlighters that you would recommend?

my top highlighters as of now:
• laura mercier matte baked radiance powder in highlight

• nars albatross

• the balm mary loumanizer

• becca pressed shimmering skin perfectors

• dior amberdiamond

• MAC soft and gentle

• MAC hush cream color base

• nars hot sand illuminator (limited edition:/)

• benefit watts up