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Science Experiment: Heartbeat At Death

On October 31, 1938, John Deering took a last drag on his cigarette, sat down in a chair, and allowed a prison guard to place a black hood over his head and pin a target to his chest. Next the guard attached electronic sensors to Deering’s wrists.

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David Bowie aka David Robert Jones (English, 1947-2016, b. Brixton, London, UK) - With his painting, Child In Berlin, at a charity event benefiting The American Cancer Society at the Eduard Nakhamkin Fine Arts Gallery in NYC, Nov.  27, 1990. Credit Kevin Mazur/WireImage, via Getty Images

Sunday marked the Simple Plan Foundation’s 5th yearly benefit event. I was there to cover the event, here’s my review:

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A client wanted a design done for a Halloween tasting event benefiting a charity group.

Client: …we want something like a ghost with a martini.

I sent two versions combining alcoholic drinks with classic Halloween imagery. The client told us that they weren’t happy with the designs.

Client: We want a ghost with a martini, but we don’t want there to be alcohol because this is a kid-friendly event. And we don’t want there to be a ghost because that’s too scary. But something like a ghost with a martini.