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About the benefit concert;

- Ariana Grande is offering fans who were at her Manchester show last Monday free tickets to the benefit concert

- All net ticket proceeds of the show will go directly to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday at 10am

- Concert-goers are asked not to attend Old Trafford cricket ground with bags. The show starts at 7.15pm and will end at 10.15pm

Get your tickets at;…

An Unorthodox Proposal

Written for OTP Idea #370 on @otpismsYour OTP only getting married for tax benefits. Also inspired by the story hoʻokāne by Siria (which is great and everyone should go read).

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: T (only for language)
Word Count: 1520
Notes: Set after 7.18, so some spoilers for the latest episode. For the purposes of this story, Steve and Danny are conveniently single.

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Josh Groban performs the song “The Great Comet of 1812” from the Broadway hit “Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812” at the Ars Nova benefit gala event on 12/5/2016.

(I literally got chills when Or cut the music and the camera panned to the audience where the ensemble was singing. I’m fine. That’s a totally #normal reaction.)

Othardian Preservation Society Open Rp Event -Resistance RP opportunity

Othardian Preservation Society

Pamphlets and flyers have been handed out and posted around the Eorzea advertising the Othardian Preservation Society.

From far and wide the people of Othard are invited to gather together bi-weekly to participate in the Othardian Preservation Society public forum. This is a gathering to promote a place for discussion on Othardian issues, promoting of Othardian events, to request aid and support from your fellow Othardians, to advertise Othardian merchants while bringing our people together and continuing to strengthen bonds.

Bi-Monthly on Earthsday, within the tenth ward of the Lavender Beds, there will be two gatherings of the Othardian Preservation Society. The first at the third evening bell and another at the ninth evening bell. Each gathering will have time to allow four speakers with a quarter bell of time allowed to them to present to those gathering and a quarter bell for questions. Those who wish to present to the gathering must visit with the overseer at least two suns before the event to be granted their time.

The first meeting of the Othardian Preservation Society will be The second sun of Earthsday of the Third Astral Moon. The overseer for this gathering will be Mishi Mizuchi.


The Othardian Preservation Society is an event for Othardian RPers, FCs and individuals who are looking to ICLY promote their events, storylines and create connections with other Othardian RPrs as well as IC access to the Othardian Resistance.

The events will be the second Tuesday, and second last Tuesday , every month with one at 3pm est and one later on in the same day at 9 pm est (so both our UK RPers and our NA RPers can benefit from this server event)

Each event will have one overseer who will keep track of things OOC as well as IC.The overseer is responsible for making sure that all four slots of the gathering are filled and that they have ICLY and OOC been spoken to and assisted with their presentation.

Each presenter is given 15 minutes to present their idea, event, or speak their heart out for 15 minutes afterward for questions or comments from those gathered. It is expected that any questions or comments not addressed in the allotted time will spur RP after the event is closed.

For those who are interested in the Othardian Resistance:

Because a Resistance is supposed to be secret but it’s hard to ILCY promote with secret advertisements we have opted for a slight tweak.

ICLY your character may have heard whispers that there are resistance leaders and members that frequent these gatherings. ICLY you would have been told to say. “The Magpie forever flies over Othard. “ Which if you are speaking to a Resistance member should respond with. “The Dawn and Dusk are forever watchful.”

It is considered to be  ICLY a secret that ONLY official resistance members will know the response for this greeting. We respect that through RP non-resistance members could figure this out, but we are using this a tool to bring resistance RPers together under the IC umbrella that it is a secret.

The event is not for advertisement of Free company recruitments.

When: The first event will be May 23, 2017, 3pm est and 9 pm est

Where: Ward 10 of the Lavender beds.


Overseer: Mishi Mizuchi


1:3 pm : Open   9pm : Open

2: 3 pm :Open  9pm : Majima Goro, Last blade of Clan Goro

3: 3 pm : Open   9pm : Lantern’s Way

4: 3 pm : Open   9pm : Kaze yadoya

Keep Checking for speaker updates!

If you would like to be a speaker or to be involved in future events, please contact Mishi either in game, via tumblr (here) or
via email : To set up a time for RP!

Likewise, you can contact ICly in-game: Keiho  Jizutsu or Saya Igarashi which can normally found at Kasasagi Dojo, Mists Ward 8 pot 23.

anonymous asked:

niall's stage presence is getting better like he KNOWS he doesn't know what to do with his hands but he's really trying like i'm very confident he will figure it out he just loves musical instruments someone give him one gerry's shakers

HE IS. it helps that he has more time on stage now, but i think there’s a perceptible, gradual improvement with each performance where he feels more comfortable and confident. like, he talked about performing ‘this town’ at the radio 1 teen awards as being petrifying, and now he’s gone and done tunes at wembley for the one love benefit event and only said that he missed playing for audiences that big. i thought it was pretty neat too that he didn’t crack once when his guitar went out during ‘issues’ the other day, and i’m sure moments like that make all that experience NOT playing during 'slow hands’ feel super, super handy!! i think it’s so smart to vary his performances that way, as well; some songs you want to see the musician shredding it, others it feels all the more powerful when they’re focusing solely on singing, too. he’s going to put on some killer concerts!!