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An Unorthodox Proposal

Written for OTP Idea #370 on @otpismsYour OTP only getting married for tax benefits. Also inspired by the story hoʻokāne by Siria (which is great and everyone should go read).

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: T (only for language)
Word Count: 1520
Notes: Set after 7.18, so some spoilers for the latest episode. For the purposes of this story, Steve and Danny are conveniently single.

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About what’s coming!

I’ll reply soon to all your comments about the end of Newcrest’s Chronicles.

I’m on something that i should post in a few days. This will be a spin off of Newcrest’s Chronicles about Julien and Angel (one of the main characters of @storybooksimblr). 

About “Friends with benefits”, a short story…

This short story (8 or 9 episodes) will be a stand alone. The events will be placed in january 2017, which means between the season 3 & 4 of Newcrest’s Chronicles, during the time jump of a year. Matt is dead and John has left Julien since a few months but this is before (~6 months) the begining of the season 4 in the night club.

I hope you’ll like this short story, called “Friends with benefits”

The events in this story are related to the story of @storybooksimblr and my new main story incoming.

@storybooksimblr helped me a lot for writing this short story and to be the most loyal/accurate to her character, Angel

Thank you so much to let me use your character and for all the help you provided me.

“Friends With benefits” will be exclusive to my new sideblog :

The NSFW Chronicles 

Warning! This is a NSFW sideblog around Sims 4, with mostly gay romance, sex and stuff like that.

Don’t hesitate to follow it to not miss anything about this short story but also for my new main story.

From now, all the NSFW parts of my stories will be post on this side blog. 

About my new main story, “Psychic”…

Finally, my new main story will be placed in the universe of Newcrest’s Chronicles. First, I wanted to do something different but i didn’t find the motivation. So, even if i’ll keep the most part of the initial storyline i had planned first, i’ll include it in what i build for during 5 seasons with Newcrest’s Chronicles. This will be a sort of sequel of Newcrest’s Chronicles but, fifteen years in the future. And even if you will see Julien, John and the rest of the cast (at some point), they won’t be the main characters anymore. In “Psychic”, you will follow the adventures of Allison DuBois (in her youth years), freely inspired by the main character of the TV show, Medium. I guess, this is a sort of legacy.


Denée Benton performs a cut song, “If He Were Here Now,” accompanied by composer Dave Malloy, at the Ars Nova benefit gala event on 12/5/2016. 

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What do you think each of the hosts college lives would have been like?

ooooh this is interesting thanky

Tamaki: I feel like, as charming as he is, Tamaki would have had problems making friends in college - especially if he didn’t just continue on into Ouran’s university section. He’s smart, so classwork wouldn’t be an issue, but when you’re used to everyone ‘ooh’ing and ‘ahhh’ing over you in school, I’m sure he had a bit of a culture shock with that. But after he joins a club or two - and probably starts a University version of the host club - friends start pouring in an he’s a sort of big man on campus. He always gets invited to parties but never goes because he’d rather drink in the company of his closest friends than surrounded by a bunch of strangers. Continues to be invited. Is on good terms with the frats that aren’t total douchebags and always helps out at their benefits.

Mori: College is a very…liberating, so to speak, experience for Mori. It’s the first time that he’s not in any classes with Honey, and since he’s so tall and quiet people are afraid to approach him however, slowly but surely, once he talks a bit more in class and joins an intramural sport people realize that he’s actually just a giant soft-hearted nerd that just happens to be able to kill a man. Lots of girls swoon over him - it’s the mystery in the beginning, and the size of his heart afterwards - and guys want to be his friend. He spends a lot of time reading in the library and in nice, shady spots on campus. Is the guy that all the frats want to be in their frat - but he’s always like, “No thanks.” Volunteers at the local animal shelter and gets super sad because he can’t take all of the animals home.

Honey: Honey’s in the tech program and when he starts school everyone in his classes is kind of surprised and they all underestimate him - until he gets a really good grade on a test that everyone else failed. Being the kind, gentle soul that he is, he starts a study group and everyone slowly starts to realize that this kid is like on some whole other level and lots of them think he’s on some sort of drugs - no one eats that much and is that happy all of the time. Girls still fawn over him until he has his growth spurt and is finally tall - then everyone starts drooling over him, girls and guys alike. Eats lunch with different people every day. Volunteers at the local elementary school, is especially popular with the kindergartners. 

Hikaru: Goes to art school alongside Kaoru. Makes friends quickly due to his sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humor. Gets invited to lots of parties but refuses to go unless Kaoru has also been invited. Throws his own parties instead. Really excels in his computer design classes and really flourishes at college in general - because even though he’s here at school with his brother and they’re living together, they aren’t together all the time because their programs are different so he really gets a chance to become his own person. Dyes his hair at least twice a month, always an outlandish color. Gets hit on by lots of girls and guys and models for the drawing classes. Becomes a happier person and starts working out to relieve himself of his anger. Gets several tattoos.

Kaoru: Kaoru is shyer by himself, so he has a bit of a tougher time making friends at first, until he taps into the wit he and his brother share and makes a quick remark that leaves his Drawing I class roaring. Bleaches his hair and then gets it cut(either like this or like this) and probably pierces his nose. Gets lots of tattoos with Hikaru. Does some modeling to help out one of his older friends who needs shots for their portfolio - then he gets asked to do so for everyone who sees the shots. Doesn’t go anywhere without a sketchbook. Really gets into thrift shopping. Probably picks up smoking. Hands are usually stained with paint or charcoal or pastels. Stays up late and wakes up early. Makes lots of friends in the textiles program and gets asked out at least once a week. Goes on lots of double dates with Hikaru. 

Kyoya: Kyoya, surrounded by other people who are well aware of how smart they are(he’d go to an Ivy League I’m sure), gets homesick easily and often. Excels in all his classes and skypes with Tamaki often. Skypes with the others every now and then. Gets into photography and picks it up as a minor - but doesn’t tell anyone about it. Joins MUN and the debate team and really shines - his charm is disarming and then he’ll tear an opponent’s argument to shreds. Has a lot of acquaintances but maybe one or two close friends from the team. Also picks up smoking for a while - despite knowing all of its terrible qualities, he can’t deny the relief they bring him. He quits after about a year and gets into meditation. Doesn’t date much because he’s busy trying to outshine his brothers. Double majors in business and pre-med, probably. Gets asked by people to be a tutor, always turns them down. Joins a business major fraternity and helps organize benefits and other events. 

On Saturday night, I witnessed the hate and violence of an emboldened Trump supporter in a NYC diner. 

Sitting in a diner called the Lower East Side Coffee Shop, my two friends and I watched as a man was arrested after telling two Asian women to “go back to Tokyo” and pepper-spraying a man who had told him he had “no tolerance for racism.”

When we’d arrived at the diner, around 1 a.m., we were seated in a booth behind the two women, Sally Wen Mao and Jen Lue, who later told me they had just come from the Kundiman Gala Benefit, a fundraising event to support Asian-American art. Mao and Lue were the only other customers in the diner, save for the man sitting adjacent to them who was decrying the Hamilton cast’s and audience’s treatment of Vice President-elect Mike Pence Friday night. He’d been loudly sharing his opinions with one of the diner’s employees for minutes on end when Mao asked him if he would please stop — they were just trying to eat their meal in peace.

But the man continued his tirade. Frustrated, Mao picked up her plate and went to sit at an empty table away from him, at which point I heard the man say, “They can go as far as they want. They can go back to Tokyo for all I care.”

The comment was the last straw for Mao and Lue, Mao later told me, and they both began yelling at the man for his racist comments. The man responded by calling them “cunts,” “whores” and “bitches,” prompting Mao to throw water from her cup onto him.

“It might not have been the smartest thing to do in the moment, but I was really mad,” Mao said in a phone interview on Sunday. “I’ve been in those situations before and in that moment it was already so raw what we were feeling — given the results of the election — so it felt like I couldn’t just sit there and let him call me those names.”

The man called the police and then physically blocked the front door, announcing that no one would be allowed to leave until the authorities arrived. I told the man that when the police came I would report exactly what I’d seen and testify for Mao and Lue, who were undoubtedly the victims in the situation — not him. My friends and I asked Mao and Lue to sit with us because we had all been genuinely fearful that this man, who was clearly angry and dangerous, would hurt them. While my friends and I sat, now sick to our stomachs and picking at our omelettes, we talked to Mao and Lue about what had happened, and, to put it simply, how fucked up the world is.

Lue told me, “We had been having a good night before this.” That they had just come from an event celebrating Asian-American culture, she said, was “ironic” at best.

But Mao and Lue now had to worry about what would happen when the police officers arrived. Would they understand what happened? Would they believe their story?

Luckily, the officers had seen the situation for exactly what is was: a racist, misogynistic bigot verbally abusing two women, who had done nothing to provoke him. They told Mao that the man could not press charges against her for throwing water on him, despite his shouts of guaranteeing her a “criminal record.”

After about 30 minutes time, Mao and Lue were able to safely leave the diner and go home. But before they did, another customer, who’d just walked in with two friends, asked Mao what had happened. She told him about the slurs the man, who remained in the diner, had hurled at her and Lue.

When the women left, the patron who had just learned of what had transpired turned to the man and told him simply, “I don’t tolerate racism.” The man didn’t take well to this comment. “I wasn’t being racist,” he insisted. “I just told them to go back to Tokyo.”

I could sense things were going to escalate. Since we’d just received the bill I went up to the counter and threw some cash down begrudgingly, upset that I had to give my money to an establishment that had tolerated such bigotry. After all, none of the employees had intervened or even so much as told the man to stop. The waiter had continued to refill my water cup dutifully, as if nothing unusual were going on.

At that moment, though, a lot of things happened very quickly: I heard shouts and then turned to see the man stand up, reach into his pocket and pull out pepper spray, which he sprayed directly into the eyes of the patron who had called him out on his racism.

I ran toward the exit and was pushed into the door and out onto the sidewalk by the man wielding the pepper spray, where, fortunately, the officers were still idling in their vehicle on the curb. My friends followed close behind, one of them having gotten some of the pepper spray in her own eyes as well.

And then we cried.

I messaged Mao on Sunday to tell her what had happened after she left and that, for what it’s worth, the man who’d harassed her had been arrested. She told me she had sequestered herself in her apartment all day; she didn’t feel like going outside, back into the world.

— Marie Solis, read the rest of her story | follow @the-movemnt

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hope this is okay :)

“I need air.”

It’s a benefit event that Lin had invited both Jasmine and Anthony too, the two of them not passing up the opportunity to help out a great cause and hang out with a lot of their friends. It was held downtown, the two of them getting ready before getting on the train, grabbing an Uber to the place where Lin had rented out for everything, putting the final touches on something he had worked so hard for.

It was a long night of speeches, awards, and a nice dinner, Jasmine and Anthony sat at a table with all of their friends. Anthony had been feeling off all day, deciding against telling Jasmine as he knew that she would just tell him to stay home or worry about him, which is the last thing he wanted to do.

So instead he finds himself sitting in the middle of a sea of table, his anxiety creeping up as he feels his suit jacket feel just a little bit tighter as the minutes go on. Jasmine was preoccupied with listening to the inspiring speeches to notice that Anthony was beginning to struggle, instead Leslie’s wife Nicolette noticing that Anthony’s whole demeanor had changed as the minutes passed.

“Anthony, are you okay?” Nicolette whispers, Anthony looking back, trying to take a deep breath as he finally shakes his head.

“I need air,” He states, standing up from his chair without another word, weaving his way through the tables, pulling at his suit jacket hastily the closer he gets to the door.

Jasmine’s eyebrows furrow as he walks away as quickly as his legs would take him, looking around the table before she stands up, going after him. Her heels prevent her from running, trying to keep up with him as she watches what door he walked out of.

She turns the corner once she’s outside in the warm summer breeze, finding Anthony sitting up against the brick wall of the building, his head in his hands as he breathes deeply.

“Baby, are you okay?” Jasmine questions, taking slow steps towards him, waiting until he looks up at her before she gets any closer.

The first thing she notices are his glassy eyes, bending down so she’s closer to his height, reaching out to brush her fingers through his ponytail. He takes the biggest breath he can, ringing his hands together as he struggles to find the right words to say.

“I’m sorry for running out,” He begins, looking up towards Jasmine. “I’ve just felt off all day and I know I should’ve told you, but I wasn’t sure that it was anxiety. I haven’t had anxiety in so long,” He mumbles, almost sounding defeated.

Jasmine rubs against his scalp in a way that she knows he loves, giving him a few minutes to calm down before she speaks. “This is anxiety, but it’s okay, baby. It’s okay to be anxious, even if you don’t know why you are and you don’t know where it came from,” She reminds him, Anthony just nodding.

In the end she opts to just take him home, texting Nicolette to grab whatever she left from the table and bring it home with her. As excited as she was about going to an event for a good cause and seeing their friends again, Jasmine knew Anthony’s wellbeing was more important than anything, and she was willing to do whatever he needed to make him feel safer and better.

Monsta X as High School Students (includes quotes and how they’d act if they liked you)

Requested by anonymous
A/N: This was so fun to write. Did not expect it to get this much detail put into it. Hope you like it ^^

Swim team captain. Student Government Class Representative. Friendly and well known guy. Athletic in the water and just alright on ground but does better than others because of his height and athletic build. Someone accidentally signed him up for the Class Rep election and he beat the person without even campaigning, just by sheer popularity. Volunteers as the lifeguard for the community pool during the weekends. When it’s club sign up week, the team just has him stand in front of the booth and let the sign ups happen on their own. In regards to his duty as his class representation at the Student Gov meetings, he’ll propose the most daring/big ideas and end up pleasing his fellow classmates with he managed to get approved (e.g. pool day, beach day, spa day).

If you’re ever drowning, you can always call me … Well, I guess you really can’t if you’re drowning.

If he likes you, he will …
stop what he’s doing to smile at you even if you’re afar (can be dangerous if he’s training for a swim meet and he prolongs his time just to wave at you). If he sees you at school between classes, he’ll jog up to you just so he can walk with you and chat for a bit before he has to race back in the direction of his own class.

Well known football player and quite the charmer. Flirts without even trying. Fairs well with his school work without stressing too much about it. On the football field, he’s one to watch out for. University coaches scout for him and are waiting until he graduates. Off the field, he’s a pretty friendly guy. If you happen to trip and drop your books, he won’t point and laugh like the others; instead, he’ll help you out and make sure you’re okay. Against bullying and will stare/talk down those that he catches in the act. Gets bored easily in class, so he’s always up to mischief with his little pranks. Teacher catches him at least once a week, and he’s forced to clean the class after school ends that day. Lingers in the hallway between classes and knows admirers are ogling at him (he thoroughly enjoys it).

Repeat after me: ‘Wonho oppa’.

If he likes you, he will …
be a lot more touchy with you, like arm over shoulders and pulling you away from bumping into anything. He’ll prioritize talking and hanging out with you whenever he sees you, even if he’s surrounded by a group of his own friends. Would also tend to show more skin/muscles when you’re around.

That heartwarming, friendly, welcoming events Committee Leader in student government. Always thinks about new ideas to make new students welcome and to get the student body closer together. Helps out the lost freshmen. Voices for the little guys. Hands are always full with things for events and school. Always running late to class because he was busy guiding others or talking with fellow Student Gov members about events. All administrators know him, in a good way. His smile is all that’s needed to waive that tardy streak. Horrible in P.E. Avoids the ball at all costs. Somehow always ends up with Jooheon on school projects and is the only one who can calm the younger one from all the stress. Knows everyone and everything that goes on at school. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with him.

Hello! Don’t have anything to do this weekend? Be sure to come back to school to check out our benefit concert!

If he likes you, he will …
get you the best servings of lunch and helps you carry things. Uses his student government/event committee benefits to get you discounted tickets and the best seats. If you can’t make it to an event he’s hosting, he’ll pass on the Day Of responsibility to someone else just so he can spend time with you.

Student Gov President and damn proud of it. He earned it though. Well liked amongst all the faculty and students. Thinks progressively of what to improve with the school and events. Advocates educational field trips. Partakes in numerous after school activities to amp up his ()resume. Works part-time at a nearby Bardot. Studious too. Pretty well balanced with his hectic schedule. First to arrive at school and last to leave. Ensured valedictorian … If it weren’t for Hyungwon’s smarts rivaling his. Does morning announcements with that honey voice of his. Whenever he hosts the school’s talent show, the crowd cheers him on to perform a song for them. Although he is a model student for all universities for any major, he secretly wants to be a singer. Lacks the courage to actually audition to be one.

Yes, peasant? I mean, yes, I’m President.

If he likes you, he will …
share his notes with you and let’s you into the student government room just so you have a place to study where he can easily check up on you. Everyone in the student government knows who you are because he’ll always have you around even at events exclusive for them. Gets you to events with free admission.

An innate genius. Prefers sleep over class and pays little attention when in class. Doesn’t study and does the minimal work on all assignments, yet gets the top rank in each class. Doesn’t know where the library is or that there’s such thing as a ‘study hall’. Sits beside I.M. and I.M. nudges him awake whenever the teacher’s looking or walking close. You know how there are like small fish that accompany/help out a whale? Yeah, well, Hyungwon is the whale and IM is the small fish. Oblivious to just about everything. Even his ranking, but isn’t surprised that he’s no. 1. Profound in sports. Like with all the sports. Casually shoots three-pointers. Casually scores goals from afar. Casually brushes off the coaches’ and athletes’ recruitment. Generally quiet yet is always chilling with the popular ones.

” (No words because he’s either ignoring you or sleeping.)

If he likes you, he will …
find the energy to stay awake during class just so he can talk with you and always wants you to be his partner for projects (and will actually partake in the work). Will actively make sure you’re okay with the class material and helps you with your studies, somehow making you get in the top five ranks for each class.

Dude who works hard in all his classes, yet just barely makes the top ten ranking for each. Self proclaimed rival to Hyungwon when it comes to studies and sports. He’s pretty good at basketball. Music enthusiast and is like student number one in music class with how diverse he is with the instruments. Static performer at talent shows. Sometimes spotted doing street performances over long weekends and holidays. Super focused in class and tries his best to participate, but gets distracted from time-to-time with Wonho’s antics and sometimes joining in on the fun. Some dub him the class clown only because of his clever quips when another student has already begun fooling around or has asked a stupid question. Stresses easily with his studies and projects. Always antsy about things being due, tries to finish things in advance.

No words can ever explain how I feel about spending the last sixteen hours reading over my history textbook … only to find that I read the wrong textbook for today’s test. No words.

If he likes you, he will …
always find a chance to make music with whatever is around him and sing a short song for you. Study buddy. Late night study sessions are always cozy and fun with him. Brings you coffee the morning after a late night. If you weren’t able to get what you wanted at the cafeteria because it was all taken, he’ll somehow acquire it for you.

That one guy everyone knows of and has good thoughts of. Passes out flyers for a new club he makes every semester. Ends up finding a home in the poetry club. Poetry skill amazes the performing arts teacher and ends up being the teacher’s favorite that he sits beside him during play auditions and rehearsals and makes comments when the Director doesn’t. Somehow ends up getting free lunch because of his great acquaintanceship with the lunch workers. Somehow skips out on P.E. because he managed to confuse the counsellors in enrolling him in different classes in different periods. Has anything and everything in his bag (quietly slips them to Hyungwon, Wonho, Shownu, andJooheon when they grumble about not having something). Distracts the teacher when any of mentioned dudes forget to do an assignment while they copy off another person’s.

Come join the Intergalactic Space Food Appreciation Club! Where we eat and discuss about food we think other worldly beings eat!

If he likes you, he will …
slip notes to you during class and leaves special/affectionate ones on your desk for you to see when you return. Would have a ton of inside jokes with you and just beam whenever he sees you. Disregards what he was doing in order to talk with you, even if it’s only for a minute or two.

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