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You're Not Ready For This

Okay so Archie is the leader of Team Aqua and Maxie is the leader of Team Magma. Archie’s goal to expand the seas so that Pokemon will have more environments to live in and thrive, while Maxie wants to expand the land so that humans can further their own development. 

First off, not only are those plans just stupid enough to work, they’re also the most altruistic of any Pokevillains goals. Like, Arch and Max are in Villian Anonymous meetings with a ruthless gangster, two genocidal masterminds, and a sociopath bent on taking over the world. They are the worst at trying to be evil (this is especially funny when you consider two of the aforementioned, Giovanni and Ghetsis, are utter SHIT fathers while Archie and Maxie are considered GREAT father figures).  

And they totally live up to that expectation because it’s implied that a lot of Team Aqua/Magma members are just teens in need of support? Like one text post mentioned, Archie and Maxie were intending on building up their teams to be espionage experts but instead they got a bunch of kids from broken homes and they couldn’t turn them away at the door!! Those kids need them!! Plus the Grunts are undyingly loyal to Arch and Max (which is par for course, but for some reason it especially shows up here as “awww”-worthy.)

Not to mention the relationship they have with their Admins? The past few gens the Leader has always manipulated their immediate underlings to get their goals accomplished but not only do Matt and Shelley/Courtney and Tabitha believe and support their leaders THE LEADERS BELIEVE IN AND SUPPORT THEM BACK. You can tell they are all good, close friends. Matt, Archie’s underling, made him a work-out mix-tape labled “BRO MIX VOLUME 7.” MEANING THERE ARE AT LEAST SIX OTHER VOLUMES FLOATING AROUND. 

Third of all, Archie treats the player character like a Worthy Opponent and continually gauges their abilities (he goes the whole game calling you “lil’ scamp” ARCHIE YOU’RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO BE THREATENING). And then when shit goes south and you need to save the day, Maxie is all intent on giving you advice and Archie reassures you not to be afraid. My heart, my heart, I can’t take this. 

Plus you can tell that they (and Archie especially) really love and care for their Pokemon? They ADORE their Pokemon. And that matters. 


  • Archie and Maxie used to be on the same team (!!!)
  • Maxie doesn’t even keep a bed in his room but he has a sailboat in there (coughgiftfromArchiecough)
  • Archie met Jirachi, a super-secret legendary, when he was young (??!!?)



Archie is stunned at first, but then he looks so satisfied and PROUD he is so happy you kicked his butt you lil’ scamp!!

External image

Meanwhile, Maxie has a mini-heart attack (dork). 


And finally, Hardenshipping is the greatest Pokemon ship ever because counterparts/friends-turned-enemies-turned-‘I can’t hate you but I still think you’re a stupid bastard’ is my dynamic. The end. 


They are hot. 

TRC Air Travel HCs!

(Thanks to @prongsalicious @roses-and-daisy and @kiismehardy for the help lol) 

 •Adam is canonically afraid of flying. The only form of air travel he’s ever experienced is the occasional brief helicopter ride with Gansey, which in itself is a struggle enough. A plane, though? Another thing entirely. He’s never been on a plane before (plane tickets are hella expensive and the Parrishes aren’t the kind of family who takes family vacations) 

•Adam way overthinks the mechanics of air travel and is far too aware of the ways it can go Wrong; he sits through turbulence with white knuckles and jaw clenched -but Ronan holds his hand whenever they come upon a rough patch of air and it Helps Calm Him :)))  

 •Ronan himself can get nervous if he thinks about flying too much, so he covers it up with a layer of Grumpiness.

 •He’s got very little patience for airport security (he gets real snappy if they stop him and ask to pat him down, and he has definitely received warnings and nearly been kicked out of the airport before for the threats he’s made towards security)

 •He also hates crowds of slow people, but once he’s on the plane and plugs in his headphones to Murder Squash or whatever, he can calm down.

 •But definitely part of his strength is all show for Adam’s benefit 

•Getting Chainsaw on board a flight is another challenge entirely and one that was attempted once and never again 

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Our future tends to frighten the majority,
As no one is certain on what lies ahead;
Making us realize that we may lose.

Ambition is stifled with chance of failure,
And conclusions we couldn’t agree with;
Even if they wouldn’t actually ensue.

But I’m not scared of the potential ends,
Those odds are equal across the board;
A benefit for what I’ve been through.

Fear comes from what we all anticipate,
That’s why I’m not afraid of being alone;
Because I already know it to be true.

Monty x Miller Fic Recs

Monty Green/Nathan Miller Fic

(also known as Minty, I started shipping this before the end of season 2. It’s pretty popular these days. These fics have Minty as the main pairing rather than a side pairing, although Bellarke or Clexa might surface on the side)

Updated: 5/2/16

28 Floors by assholemurphy

Nathan Miller is late to work, extremely late, and he’s going to miss one of the most important meetings of his career if he doesn’t get up to the 31st floor immediately, so really, is it so hard to understand why he didn’t bother to wait for anyone else to get on the elevator before pressing the door close button? No. No, it’s not, but Monty holds different beliefs.

Monty Green is beginning his second day of work at one of the most annoying offices in this ridiculous city and he hasn’t been there long but he hates his job, his best friend, their cat, their neighbor, his life, and just about everything, but he doesn’t hate it half as much as he hates the man in the elevator beside him. Was he a jerk to do what he did? Yes. Did he regret it? No. Okay, well, maybe a little.

5 times people found them, and the one time they weren’t hiding by enjolrascore

Monty and Miller want to keep their relationship private for a bit, but that doesn’t mean they’re very good at it.

all we do is hide away by jennycaakes

Miller and Bellamy pass the time by getting drunk and making out. It confuses a lot of people, including Miller.

Miller/Bellamy, Miller/Monty, Lowkey Bellarke and Bellina, Canon!verse

a day at the beach by jennycaakes

Monty goes with some friends to the beach, Miller also goes with some friends to the beach, they meet in the middle.

And a Guy Like Me by Chash

Nathan Miller is assigned as Princess Clarke’s personal guard, meets her friends, her betrothed, and her tutor, and is absolutely not interested in her betrothed. Even if it’s an arranged marriage. And she’s obviously in love with someone else. He’s just here to guard her. Really.

And Turns Them to Hunters by kissteethstainred

There’s a wolf in the woods.

There’s a wolf in the woods, and Monty watches the rest of his village grab their spears and swords on the regular wolf hunt. They’ve been hunting the wolf for over a year now, and still they’re unsuccessful in killing it, much less capturing it.

are you aware you’re my lifeline by awildthing

Monty is wandering around campus one day, minding his own business, when he stumbles upon a tarnished magic lamp. The genie that he unwittingly summons… well, suffice it to say that Monty’s in for an interesting adventure.

be honest with yourself and i will too by jennycaakes

Bryan starts to notice how Monty looks at Miller, and he doesn’t like it. Miller doesn’t like it when his boyfriend tells other people to stay away from him.

A Monty Green character-study, Monty x Miller

Angsty as hell but it has a happy ending, canon compliant!

the benefits of board games by jennycaakes

Settlers of Catan is the most complicated, annoying, stupid game in the world and Miller wants nothing to do with it. Well, until Monty offers to teach him how to play.

Or, the gang plays Catan.

a better way home by royalwisteria (WIP)

Four years post graduating from Hogwarts, Monty’s lost. Cashier at Flourish and Blott’s, only friends consisting of Bellamy, Wells, and their respective girlfriends, a tiny flat with two muggle roommates, and the pervasive thought that nothing’s as it was meant to be– it’s not that nothing’s going right, so much as that Monty doesn’t know what right is anymore. A wholly unexpected reunion with his old friend Nate feels good, until his parents understand “friend” to be “boyfriend” and suddenly they’re expecting Monty to bring Nate as his plus one to a cousin’s wedding. Monty doesn’t know how to get out of this situation.

Body Language by Skylily

Minty + “we’re hiking and shit, I think I sprained my ankle and oh, okay, sure, please carry me piggyback back to the campsite, yes, the first aid kit is in the lean-to.  

the boy from farm station by butter

Truth is, Nathan doesn’t have a boyfriend from Farm Station.

boy, look the other way by jennycaakes

“Do you love him?” he croaks.

Nate pauses and peels himself away from his boyfriend. “Who?”

Bryan scoots backwards slightly so he can sit up as well. “Monty,” he says softly.

Bryan sees and overhears some things that break his heart. Miller x Monty, Bryan’s POV, Post-War

Can You Send Dick Pics Through a 3DS? by AlexisDevanne

MINTY AU PROMPT: They both have 3DS’s and street-pass each other everyday and have conversations using the personal message feature and sometimes they play games together.

Catch a Glimpse of Sunlight by thetrashlord

Monty is dragged by his friends to a bar one night and catches the eye of the singer in a band performing.

chasing promises on the horizon by jennycaakes

Monty may or may not have fallen for Nathan Miller before finding out that Miller had a boyfriend. Who might still be alive out there somewhere. Well, friends is better than nothing. Right?

Monty’s POV. Minty endgame.

The Chef’s Special by castielscrusade (alindy)

When Monty took Jasper out to dinner at a nice restaurant, he definitely hadn’t expected to be hit on by the chef via the waitress, but as the night goes on, and he sees just how cute that chef is, he doesn’t really seem to mind all that much.

come kiss me quick by jennycaakes

Instead of Maya and Jasper making out to distract the guard after breaking through the wall in the art room, it’s actually Monty and Miller.

Cookies, Cakes, and (Hopefully) Kisses by RavenclawPianist

Monty starts bringing in baked goods for the zoo staff. Then he starts using the baked goods in attempt to get Miller’s attention. 

Courage is Universal by jennycaakes

The gang goes to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Monty x Miller focused, background bellarke, linctavia, jaya, wellven, and harpoe. Pure fluff, pure fun.

Curses and Coffee by lordmxrphy

“my summer job is working at a coffee shop and this cutie comes in everyday so one day I finally write my number on their drink but then YOU grab the cup by accident and when you call me I don’t know how to turn you down so I end up going on a date with you but wow, actually you’re hotter and more charming than my original crush so it worked out well” (from tumblr)

Don’t Know How to Get Close to You by TheHedgehogSong

Miller is finally trying to deal with everything that’s gone down after they’ve left Mount Weather, but being the kind of person who keeps everything inside makes it kind of hard. All he wants is to feel better than this awful he feels now, and the only time he’s felt less than awful lately has been with Monty. So, being unable to communicate this, Miller just keeps trying to sneak his way into Monty’s radius, tries to sneak a hug or a pat on the shoulder. Basically sneaks his way into any kind of intimacy, and Monty is just baffled because there’s no need to be shifty about it when he’s happy to offer it anytime.

Easy by MilenaDaniels

The days after their rescue from Mount Weather aren’t easy for Monty.

eight moments on earth by jennycaakes

Miller and Monty have some moments that no one else knows about, from the dropship to Mount Weather to Camp Jaha and Arkadia. Involves as lot of lip-licking. Canon compliant up to the Season 3 premiere.

Enough by MilenaDaniels

Monty has always been a tactile person, always quick to hug when the opportunity presents itself. After Mount Weather, Monty doesn’t wait for the opportunities anymore.


Five times Miller watched Monty hug other people before before he got his chance.

the equivalent of sunshine by codesandhearts

So, Miller’s pretty sure Monty Green is an actual angel.

every time i look at you, it’s like the first time by MelikaElena

Miller sighed. “Happy, like, twenty-month anniversary or something.”

“Or something,” Monty mocked. “You know exactly what day it is! And I thought we didn’t celebrate anniversaries like this?”

Miller glared. “We don’t. It’s purely a coincidence that it happened to be on a Saturday and also a day we were both free for a date.”

“Uh-huh,” Monty said, obviously in disbelief, but he was grinning.

Miller surprises Monty.

Expiration Date by MilenaDaniels

Birthdays were a genuine celebration on the Ark. Every birth and every passing year meant the human race was still kicking away, still pursuing that endless dream of existence. And more than that, it meant advancement, it meant fresh eyes and new blood ready to tackle life as they knew it and transform it into something more, something better, something worth living.

In the Sky Box, birthdays were expiration dates.

face it, tiger by hai_mae

All Monty and Jasper have ever wanted was to become famous comic book writers. They have the talent, but they just can’t manage to come up with any ideas that… well. Don’t suck. But then they stumble across Coffee Grounders, where all the baristas and regulars are ridiculously, painfully attractive– especially Clarke and Bellamy, who spend as much time staring wistfully at each other as they do screaming about who makes a better cappuccino. And Monty and Jasper should probably ask their permission before they use them as characters in their new webcomic, but hey. They figure it won’t be a big deal.

(It becomes a big deal.)

In which Monty becomes one of the creators of the year’s best new webcomic, drinks a lot of chai tea lattes, and falls hopelessly, pathetically in love with that one sullen barista who always wears a beanie.

Favorite Record by larisfreakshow

In which Miller accidentally hits Monty’s head with a football and tries to make up by inviting Monty to dinner…

Green Pen by kay_emm_gee
After returning to Ark City after five years of being thought dead, Nathan Miller has kept his vigilante identity hidden from his family, his friends, the media, and even the police, but somehow he can’t bring himself to come up with a plausible excuse when he brings his bullet hole-ridden laptop to his company’s whiz IT guy, Monty Green, whose bright smiles are more than a bit distracting.Or, the Minty Arrow AU one-shot that was just too temping to not write.

Here With My Ghost All Around Me by Chash

Nate knows Clarke blames herself for the curse, but it’s not like she was the only one involved in the whole thing. And it isn’t even bad, most of the time, except he doesn’t even remember what Monty looks like, and how unfair is that?

hold you close (wake up next to you) by growlery

Monty and Miller start hooking up and, weirdly, it’s not weird or awkward at all.

Home by MilenaDaniels

David Miller is reunited with his son after years of incarceration and two months on the ground, and their dynamic is about as smooth as it was before he was arrested, which is to say, not at all. But he’s determined to make things better this time, and he’ll take any help he can get, even if it comes in the form of random boys his son tries (unsuccessfully) to sneak in.

hopeless hearts just passing through by jennycaakes

Miller fell in love with strangers on the daily. But he was gay, and they were straight. Imagine his surprise when the boy he fell in love with in the library had a pride sticker on his laptop.

Lowkey Bellarke, mentioned Wellven, and Bellamy/Miller roommates

Miller x Monty, Miller’s POV

How Causes Dance Away From Me by Chash

Nathan Miller tells his parents his soulmate’s name is Mary Green, because he doesn’t know if he can tell them the truth.

How Movements Rise and Then Dissolve by Chash

Monty and Jasper became friends because they had the same birthday, so they find out their soulmates at the same time. But Monty gets to meet his first, and it’s a lot to handle.

I had a nightmare I lost you by eagererudite

Monty does his best to not break down, he doesn’t want to bother anyone with his “drama”. He thinks everyone else has it so much worse. Yet somehow, Miller always finds him at his lowest. The only person to see Monty break is Miller. Miller is always there when Monty needs someone the most.

Monty has a panic attack and Miller is there for him

i keep craving, craving by codeasandhearts

It starts, like it always does, with a lie.

He’s got someone from Farm Station he loves. The fact that he’s in the van with him and doesn’t know about it is just a matter of technicality.

i think we’re alone now (there doesn’t seem to be anyone else around) by MelikaElena

Our boys make the most out of their limited alone time.

i will rearrange the stars and pull them down to where you are by actualbluesargent

based on the prompt “I know I keep coming to the cookie shop and for some reason it’s always your shift but don’t you dare judge me I need these for my sanity” but quickly became a coffee shop au where Monty has a serious addiction to cookies and an attraction to Miller.

i won’t say i’m in love by kissteethstainred

Nathan Miller is not going to fall for Monty Green just because Monty is the only other gay guy at their school.

I would walk 500 miles (and i would walk 500 more) by captaindanger

What’s supposed to be a 16-hour road trip turns into a four day excursion across the East Coast that results in a head wound, a cat adoption, and Monty and Miller falling in love (finally).

I’ll Love You to Love Me But in Secret by SkyladDame

“I’m Nathan Miller, ma’am. I’m Monty’s Bible partner.” He answered without a stutter.

“Bible partner?” said Monty and his mom at the same time.

Only Monty’s boyfriend would lie to his mother about being a Catholic to make him happy.

i’m a spark (you’re a boom) by millerbellamy

“You shouldn’t have left the interview.”

“I know.”

“The games start in six weeks.”


Miller plays volleyball professionally. He really hates PR but he really loves Monty.

i’ve been looking for you by jennycaakes

Bryan broke up with Miller, and Miller was not going to talk about his feelings with Bellamy, so he lied.

“I’m seeing someone anyway. Didn’t I tell you?”

Monty x Miller

i’ve been looking for you, baby, in every face that i’ve ever known by MelikaElena

Miller didn’t recognize the guy whose ass was currently perched on the counter, next to the register, and it better not be another stoner friend of Jasper’s. The last idiot that Jasper brought in was higher than a kite, and it showed when he knocked over a postcard stand and Miller had to help clean the damn thing up because the friend was too busy cackling like a hyena.

“Get your ass off that counter.”

The guy turned, blinking, black hair nearly in his eyes. He was cute, fine, but that didn’t excuse it. No asses on the counters. No matter how tight they were, or how cute the owners were.

Monty and Miller open up a coffee shop together. Modern AU

if the morning light don’t steal our soul by millerbellamy for bythelightofthenight

Miller isn’t the most talkative person on the Ark, but he’s a lot better at reading people that he gets credit for.

if the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall by MelikaElena

They become friends by accident, because there’s no way that Miller would’ve befriended Wells Jaha on purpose. ARK AU

Impressions by jennycaakes

Three times Monty Green makes an impression on David Miller.

Interruptions by Captainmintyfresh

5 times miller tries to get some alone time (wink wink) with Monty but everyone keeps interrupting them and one time miller announces that he’s taking Monty to go make out and that no one is to disrupt them

Invite the Tabby Two Doors Down by Chash

Jasper keeps trying to put a limit on how many cats they are allowed to have, but Monty has a thing for the guy who works at the animal shelter and Clarke doesn’t really listen to Jasper anyway, so it’s not going very well for him.

is this a kissing book? by kissteethstainred

Miller calls out, “Hey, Farm Boy! Save an apple for me.”

“As you wish,” Monty says.

jethro is an awful name for a cat by eomerking

“The soundtrack of my life will just be distant sobbing,” Monty says mournfully, “and maybe someone falling down the stairs.”

Or, Monty is in deep and Octavia is never letting Jasper tamper with the moonshine again.

kisses on my knuckles by royalwisteria

“I look a lot like someone in one of your classes and every other day you come up to me and start talking to me like I’m them” AU.

Some guy keeps mistaking Miller for someone called Jason, he’s not entirely thrilled by how cute the guy is, and Miller would totally testify in court about how terrible Bellamy is at being a best friend.

The “L” Word by Callielily_27

Three times Nathan tried to tell Monty he loved him and the one time Monty beat him to it.

Or Miller is too sissy to tell Monty he loves him.

late night whispers by jennycaakes

Monty doesn’t realize that Miller’s a pretty light sleeper. Miller’s usually actually awake when Monty’s talking about his feelings for him.

like I’m drowning by jennycaakes

Monty and Miller are both dealing with the loss of someone they love. Healing is hard to do, but easier to do together.

Like This by MilenaDaniels

5 times where Monty Green is Camp Jaha’s reigning king of Peek-A-Boo, and 1 time where, well, he was still the reigning king of Peek-A-Boo because obviously some people were not born for stealth.

M’s & N’s by night_litany

Clarke’s frown deepened as she studied Miller’s grouchy expression and the way he slouched forward with his shoulders hunched. She glanced at her phone one more time before turning to Miller again. “Is that why you are so territorial with Monty?”

“I am not territorial with Monty,” Miller denied.

magic is weird by jennycaakes

Monty starts to feel feelings that aren’t his feelings. Magic is the worst, especially when you don’t have it.

Monty x Miller

(congrats on 1k Mia!!)

The Magic’s Savior by jennycaakes

Monty accidentally sends all of his friends a fanfiction he’s writing about them. Chaos ensues.

Fluff, super silly. Miller x Monty focused with background relationships.

Social Media AU!

Maybe We All Need Anger Management? by LesbianPanda

“Nathan understood that Jasper was going through some serious PTSD, but that didn’t take away from the fact that he was completely disregarding everyone else’s feelings, even Monty’s. This disregard, this simple state of uncaring, angered Miller. And he hadn’t always been the best at maintaining his anger.”

The Most Dangerous Word by castielscrusade (alindy)

“Clarke’s laughter pushed Monty forward and gave him, despite him knowing that this word was the most dangerous of them all, the littlest bit of hope.”

A Movie Script Ending by Chash

Monty thinks he’s having one of those classic rom-com meet cutes, but it turns out the guy is dating his roommate’s crush. So it more just kind of sucks.

morning shower routines by jennycaakes

The four times Monty sees Miller in the dorm showers, plus the one time Miller sees Monty.

the native hue of resolution, the pale cast of thought by bgonemydear

Monty’s not sure what his own penance should look like, but it’s not like Clarke’s or Bellamy’s.

Neighbor Things by readwriteandavengers

Monty and Miller have barely talked to one another, besides the casual nods of acknowledgement they share as they pass one another in the hall of their apartment complex. The thing is; they’re neighbors. One day Monty’s got a spider in his apartment and can’t find a single soul to save him. That is until his totally hot neighbor that he doesn’t talk to shows up in time to rescue him.

Not If They Were Called Scumdrops by Chash

Bellamy and Clarke are having a baby, and it’s possible neither of them nor anyone else they know should be allowed to name it. But at least it’s giving Monty an excuse to talk to Miller more.

Of Coffee and Conversations by castielscrusade (alindy)

Miller works at a diner and Monty chooses him as his waiter every time.

operation tell me a lie by lrstxt

After Monty realizes Miller’s his soulmate, he has a plan to find out if he’s Miller’s soulmate. It’s a bad plan, but it’s a plan.

(Soulmate AU where you can’t lie to your soulmate also ft. lots of texting, coffee, and genderqueer monroe)

Origin of Crisp by dicis5, Martyjensen

Filled with misunderstandings, high ramblings, and homework

Part of the Pack by LayaLioness

Miller sort of walks into his engagement accidentally when one night Monty says very quietly, “Would you ever, maybe, want to get married?”

Miller turns to him with a single eyebrow raised. “I thought we already were,” he admits. In fact, he’s been considering Monty his husband for an embarrassingly long time, and had started possibly before it was reasonable to do so.

Red is Your Color by Kacka

For Monty, drinking comes with unfortunate side-effects.

The Reluctant Matchmaker by lilmisslola

It was getting ridiculous, really, and Bellamy could swear it only happened when he was in the vicinity.

Road to Recovery by bythelightofthenight

Miller considered him carefully before facing the other wall like he was. “I hugged my dad today. Twice, actually.”

“I helped kill hundreds of people.”

same heartbeat (falling behind) by growlery

Jasper wants to be popular, Monty’s just trying to get by, and Miller might, possibly, sort of, have a crush.

Say My Name by clarkegriffvn

Prompted by anonymous: “we’ve been roommates since freshman year and now we’re juniors and I accidentally walked in on you masturbating because you forgot to put anything on the door handle, and oh no this is awkward because I’ve had a crush on you since frosh week and I think you were moaning my name but there are a lot of nathans on campus so maybe I’m wrong”

This is pure smut, but I snuck in some fluff in there.

serious symptoms, simple solutions by SpankMyAstonMartin

Monty finds out one of his neighbors has a cat. Otherwise he’s hallucinating.

Or rather…

The ‘You live in the apartment next to me. We’re not supposed to have pets, but I KNOW you have a cat. I’ll make you a deal, I won’t tell, if you let me pet it’ AU. Or a variation of it.

Smoke Rings by CoffineWeaver (politely_ironic)

Miller is not one to get stoned often. Sure, it’s cool occasionally, when he’s got some extra cash, or when someone offers, but it’s not something he can do more than casually. But if he does smoke weed, and he does, the first person he calls is Jasper Jordan. The second is, well.  

Socks by dracomalfoy

They’ve talked about sex loads of times before, but Monty’s determined to try the real thing.

something binding us together by growlery

So Operation Get Monty a Girlfriend was a disaster, but Operation Ge Monty a Boyfriend is going to be a roaring success, Jasper swears it. He knows where he was going wrong, now. There’s no way this can fail.

sometimes you just have to go for it by jennycaakes

Monty Green’s a junior at Arkadia University, and he’s absolutely in love with actor Nathan Miller who was just casted to play Miles Morales as Spiderman. When Miller comes to Arkadia to give a speech, they just so happen to bump into each other.

includes: chance meetings, sneaking around, international supermodel Blake siblings, and lots of fluff

Miller x Monty

stars, hide your fires by awildthing

Monty Green meets Nathan Miller and knows immediately that he’s going to fall in love with him.

study buddies by kay_emm_gee

When a late-night study session snack break goes awry, Nathan comes to Monty’s rescue–and maybe gets more of a reward than he bargained for.


talk about it (somewhere only we know) by serendipityinwords

The war is over and Monty still likes Nate.

Tree of destiny by Captainmintyfresh

Tumblr prompt: We’re best friends and our houses have a giant tree in between them, I climb and sneak over to your house every night AU

The Upside of Badminton by castielscrusade (alindy)

Monty is fairly sure he would rather be lit on fire than be a part of the chaos that is the badminton unit of gym, but Miller’s help after an injury makes him rethink his initial opinion on the sport.

we’ve got each other, yeah? by jennycaakes

Monty and Miller have been together for a few months now, but they’re on opposite sides of the war. Hannah wants Monty to bug his boyfriend. Will he do it?

when the stars are the only thing we’ve shared by jennycaakes

Miller’s boyfriend from Farm Station has survived. He’s back, he’s sharing a tent with him in Arkadia, but it doesn’t feel right. Miller’s been through too much now and he’s not sure that his boyfriend will understand.

Miller x OC, Miller x Monty. Minty endgame because I’m weak for these boys.

when you feel the wear by growlery

Miller looks up as Monty approaches, and smiles. “Message from Clarke?”

She says to tell Bellamy he’s a prick,” Monty relays, “ and also where are the figures she asked for last week.”

whenever your world starts crashing down by kissteethstainred

It was like something from a dream Monty had once, a dream that had been called civilization from before the world ended. People were running around, carrying clothes, weapons, foods, buckets full of items that Monty couldn’t see, and everywhere there were shoddy, makeshift buildings, if they could even be called that.

Of all the places Monty had been in the apocalypse, the Ark was by far the coolest.

You Fall Slowly, And Then All At Once by Coldsaturn

Being unused to pretending or lying to himself, Miller realizes how much his reactions are unusual when they concern the Asian guy. And the tragicomic thing is that he doesn’t even know him. For the past few weeks Miller has gone from “he could be my brother”, to “he has nice features” to explain why Monty’s face stands out against others’, and he still has no idea.

you had me at aloha by MelikaElena

Monty is an exhausted flight attendant who does whatever he can to get through his shift; Miller is a cute passenger who may or may not be taken. Monty has six hours to find out.

“The guy in 19C is CUTE, and Monty can’t help but be grateful for the eye candy. When you’re a flight attendant, any little thing helps, especially on a six-hour flight from Portland, Oregon, to Honolulu, Hawai’i.

(He counted four babies all under the age of two on-board—yeah, it’s gonna be a long flight.)

It also helps that the guy sitting next to Eye Candy is cute, and for a moment Monty thinks that it’s his lucky day—until he realizes that they’re together. Which—like, who cares, right? Eye candy is called eye candy for a reason, in that you definitely do not eat said candy, you just look at it. But it’s still disappointing nonetheless. (The guy in 19C is REALLY cute.)”

you keep ending up in my shaking hands by jennycaakes

Nathan Miller was in love with a boy from Agro Station before they sent him to the ground to die. But Miller survived, and he survived, and he kept surviving. He didn’t dare think that his boyfriend from the farm station might have survived as well.

Or, a character study on why Nathan Miller is the way he is, and where he goes from there.

Miller x OC, Miller x Monty, 3x01 compliant

You should show it on the outside by bluenna

The working title was “miller thinks he’s sick when he’s actually in love hahhaa what a loser” and that’s really the best way to summarize this fic

You Sound Like a Song by Kacka

Nate gets talked into taking over Bellamy’s radio show. He’s not great on-air, which sucks because he really wants to impress the cute sound technician.

You’ve Never Loved Anyone by blizzard_ice

“You wouldn’t understand.” The words burned as they came up in a fit of rage. Monty, 2 yards away from the boy who had spoken, turned, his face fallen. “You’ve never loved anyone, Monty. Not like me and Maya.”

Alternate ending to 3x04 starting when Monty and Jasper are at the drop ship.

youth by theowlinsomniac

He’s seven years old and Monty is eight, giving Jasper a huge head start in the best friend competition, especially since the two had practically known each other since birth. It’s a catchup game from the start, but Nathan likes a challenge.

okay so I’ve decided to whole-ass the thing instead of half-ass the thing, meaning that this fictitious storyboard looks like it will take a while to finish considering I have actual work storyboards to do as well… (maybe I’ll have time to round it off at the weekend idk man we’ll see)

on the plus side I can happily inform you that the scene is short and involves Arthur being both hatless and completely sopping wet


On this day in music history: April 20, 1970 - “McCartney”, the solo debut album by Paul McCartney is released (UK release date is on April 17, 1970). Produced by Paul McCartney, it is recorded at 7 Cavendish Avenue, Abbey Road Studios in London and Morgan Studios in Willesden, UK from Late 1969 - March 1970. Following the recording of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album, Paul McCartney works on his first solo release while The Beatles are in the process of breaking up, booking studio time under an assumed name and also recording at home on a Studer four-track recorder set up in his living room. The home recordings are done without the benefit of a mixing board, with McCartney literally plugging microphones directly into the back of the tape machine. Though no singles are issued from it, the album is very successful with the track “Maybe I’m Amazed” becoming a major airplay hit. Eight days prior to the albums UK release, advance copies of the album are received by the press. Inserted into the album is a short Q&A written by McCartney that in effect announces the break up of The Beatles, and publicly declares his departure from the band the next day on April 10, 1970. In June of 2011, a remastered version of the original album is reissued, including  a 2CD + 1 DVD archival boxed set, featuring previously unreleased material from the recording sessions. “McCartney” spends three weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, number two on the UK album chart, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycles and Doses

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the oldest forms of testosterone ever made available and is further by-in-large the most popular and commonly used testosterone of all time. Very powerful, equally androgenic as it is anabolic Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most versatile anabolic androgenic steroids ever synthesized and well-suited for almost any purpose. Athletes from all walks of life regularly supplement with Testosterone Enanthate as this is a steroid that will bring about all the attributes commonly associated with and desired through anabolic steroid use. Moreover, even though it is very popular and in high demand, as most steroids that are highly sought after are generally high priced Testosterone Enanthate is both fairly cheap and in high supply across the board.

The benefits of Testosterone Enanthate are nothing short of perfect and certainly nothing short of amazing. Through the use of Testosterone-Enanthate we create a perfect environment apt for bringing forth the attributes of increased muscle mass and strength, as well as an improved metabolic rate due to the increase in tissue as well as the steroids control over fat promoting hormones. Further, because testosterone is imperative to repair and recovery after intense activity, when our levels are increased through the use of Testosterone Enanthate we readily speed this process up as well as give it greater efficiency.

It is a common misconception, many who supplement with Testosterone Enanthate assume they will add piles of lean tissue to their frames simply because use is active; unfortunately it does not quite work this way. While some lean tissue may indeed be gained simply through use, in order to really see a change you must feed the body but this is good news. By its very nature, through testosterone supplementation we increase the effectiveness of our food and the efficiency in-which it performs. As this is true for those who are looking to gain the same principles apply to those who are seeking a leaner physique. To lose body-fat we must be in a calorie restricted state, below maintenance; often, because the body needs energy in order to function it will take what it needs through existing muscle tissue when stores become too low. By supplementing with Testosterone Enanthate while on a calorie restricted diet we readily create an environment apt to preserving this tissue, thereby increasing metabolic activity; not to forget, as mentioned, testosterone will block muscle wasting hormones and as they are highly present when dieting this is simply an added benefit.

Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate
Go to any gym, log on to any message board and you will find those who swear on their lives that Testosterone-Enanthate is a better steroid than Testosterone Cypionate and vice-versa. Not only is such thinking wrong it’s in truth nothing short of ridiculous and is only exasperated by the ignorance of many. The truth is simple; Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate are for all intense purposes the same steroid as both are testosterone and the Enanthate and Cypionate ester are almost identical in every way. The only difference of any worth is in the half-life of each; Testosterone Cypionate carries with it a half-life of approximately 12 days, 36 hours longer than Testosterone-Enanthate and since both stretch past a week the difference is nothing short of negligible. Regardless of the form you use, assuming all things are constant, diet, training, etc. the dosing of each when comparable will produce the same results with either form.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycles & Doses
Regardless of the reason of use you will be hard pressed to find a more perfect steroid well-suited for all purposes regarding anabolic steroid use. Be it cutting or bulking or simply a desire to gain an added athletic edge Testosterone-Enanthate will provide what you are looking for. For most who are beginning anabolic steroid use 500mg of Testosterone-Enanthate will prove to be nothing short of perfect; moreover, as this is a highly effective dose it is a dose many will never surpass as it is often all that is needed and generally very well tolerated. As testosterone will in most cases necessarily be the foundation of any cycle or even used alone, regardless of the stack two weekly injections of equal doses will prove to be efficient and provide stable testosterone levels. Interestingly enough many competitive bodybuilders, especially in recent years have begun administering the hormone every other day in smaller doses spread out over the week. While this proves to be unnecessary when we look at the hormone and its active half-life, as is not unusual in the anabolic world, sometimes reality and what’s on paper do not match up perfectly. Many of these competitive bodybuilders report a more stable feeling; that’s right, they simply feel better and ask any athlete and they’ll tell you that’s often the name of the game.

While 500mg per week is a standard dose many individuals will choose to use more. 1,000mg per week is far from uncommon and can in many cases be safely used. Further, especially in bodybuilding and power lifting circles doses that surpass 1,000mg are not all that rare but there is an important factor you must understand. Most all anabolic androgenic steroids carry with them a risk to reward ratio; the greater the dose often the greater the results; however, the greater the dose the greater the potential is for negative side-effects. In the end responsible use will always prove to be key but always understand the effects of abuse are on you and you alone.

As for your Testosterone-Enanthate cycle, most will find 8 weeks of use to be the bear minimum with 16 weeks being far more efficient. Regardless of your duration of use a solid post cycle therapy (PCT) plan must be in place. Because Testosterone-Enanthate is a long ester based testosterone you will necessarily begin PCT 3 weeks after your final injection, which may include hCG, Nolva and/or Clomid. Those who use hCG are advised to begin use approximately ten days before Nolva/Comid for approximately ten days of use.

Ginny and Astoria are roommates at an all girls boarding school, which leads to “practicing” kissing, which leads to kind of dating, which leads to a big mess of miscommunication, half-truths and excessive pining. (Ginny/Astoria modern Boarding School Au)


Hello to all members of Tumblraccountants!

Like what other admins Kharla and Cedric did in the October 2013 and July 2014 board exams, I who took the CPA board exam last October 2014 will share to you my insights and previews about the exam. Para ito sa mga susunod na mga mageexam na gusting malaman kung ano ang mga nagaganap sa actual board examinations. Mahaba haba ito, so sana di kayo tamarin magbasa. :)

(Disclaimer: It might be different from what will be given in the next board exams tentatively to be held on May 2015. And it is my own observation, it might have different interpretations from others who took it. Also, I cannot post the complete actual questions, as I signed a non-disclosure agreement to the PRC not divulging the content of the exams, still it is an overview. I did this post hours after each day of the CPA board examinations.)


THEORY OF ACCOUNTS: Sabi ng ibang ka-dorm ko, galing sa ReSA preweek saka handouts yun karamihan mga tanong, consistent sa trend noong last July 2014 exams. (Taga CPAR ako kaya di ko masyadong nabasa yun sa ReSA, huhu.) Pero, I felt na sa TOA, labanan lang tlaga ng concepts. So I suggest na sapat na yun materials sa review center niyo. Mas marami pa rin kayo matatandaan kung makikinig kayo sa reviewer niyo. Maraming lumabas about the framework, financial instruments, shareholders equity, mga ilang tanong rin yun about sa EPS, preference shares saka retained earnings. May lumabas rin about service concessions (IFRIC 13) na noong preweek at actual board exam ko lang nalaman, so aside from review materials, try to read the standards and interpretations themselves kahit yun summarized lang. May konting government accounting pero ang simple lang. At walang employee benefits sa board exam ngayon.

AUDITING THEORY: Also known as “Auditing Theory and ENGLISH 1”. Paano ba naman, the Auditing Theory grammar questions introduced last July are again in this board exam. Limang tanong na proper use ng capitalization, pronouns, apostrophe saka paggamit ng active and passive voice ang lumabas. May tanong pa nga na yun other three choices are JEJEMON TEXTS. (That “K b der, 9am @ ofc, thx” choice for example.), na kung tutuusin ay bonus questions. Back to the main subject, maraming IT audit at audit sampling questions na lumabas. The rest are usual questions about audit reports and substantive procedures. For the reference, most of the questions reportedly came from Wiley. But, I think yung Salosagcol + CRC-ACE handouts sapat na rin sakin. So again, it’s all about concepts. Another tip: choose both the BEST and CORRECT answer. May tanong kasi doon na anong opinion ang ibibigay kapag may material misstatement ang FS. Di ba qualified or adverse opinion ang sagot depending on pervasiveness? Pero napilitan akong isagot ang qualified only kasi yun isa sa choices, “qualified and ADVISE opinion”. Kasi it may be the best answer, but NOT the correct one, kasi may error sa choice. Pwede kang magassume na typo error siya pero sabi nga “never assume unless otherwise stated”. Always think that your exam is correct, so if there are errors in the exams, choose the next best alternative, or if a worse error, call the attention of the watcher.


MANAGEMENT SERVICES: For me, it is one of the easiest examination in this board examination, pero DON’T be complacent because marami ring tricky questions doon. Maraming lumabas about financial statement analysis especially related to equity (EPS, dividend payout and yield, P/E ratio). May capital budgeting rin, pero ingat sa net annual cash inflows. Net income ang given, iba yun sa cash flow ah, dahil pag di mo naadd yun depreciation, damay damay yun NPV, payback period at simple rate of return mo. May budgeting rin: may computation ng budgeted production, at may collections from quarterly sales. May isang contested situational problem rin doon, about sa feasibility study budget proposal. Bumalik rin yun cost concepts, which some are theories. There were more problems this time compared to last July, albeit theories still dominated the exams. Lastly, there is one only question about economic concepts, about demand and supply. As for the reference, MAS Theories are reportedly lifted from Cabrera while the problems, CPAR handouts would be enough. May grammar question rin pala ang MAS, proper capitalization, kaya dapat talagang title nun “Management Services and ENGLISH 2”

PRACTICAL ACCOUNTING 1: Also known as “AUDITING PROBLEMS PART 1”. Bakit? Around 5 situational problems with five questions each ba naman ang binigay sa board exams. Di ba madalas pag P1, one-situation, one-problem lang, or at most dalawa? In short, mala AP talaga ang level ng questions sa P1. Actually pinaclarify ni Sir Valix of CPAR yun mga questions na iyon. Anyway, most of them are about cash flow statement, financial statement presentation, accrual to cash basis (not cash to accrual, kasi cash basis net income ang tinanong), inventory at accounts receivable. Wala dun yun “favorite topics” dun like employee benefits, at simple ang leases doon (as in operating lease lang). Another tip, tignan muna ang required bago yun situational problem. Bakit? May isang tanong dun na sobrang haba, almost one page yun may investment in equity securities + investment in associate + trademark + patent… tapos pagbuklat ko ng next page ang tanong lang pala simpleng dividend revenue. Badtrip di ba? Nasayang tuloy oras ko noon kakabasa. Lastly, don’t be careless in reading, may time kasi na computable lahat ng choice pero dahil sa isang additional information lang, nababago ang mga sagot. Ayun, kung next board exam ganun ang trend, after reviewing P1 handouts in your review center, isunod agad ang AP kasi magkarelate talaga sila. I would still recommend Valix books, dahil masasabi mo sa libro na yun na: “nasayo na ang lahat~” pero if gusto niyo ng AP level P1 questions, try Empleo’s FA books.


AUDITING PROBLEMS: “…PART 2”. One of the problems (about cash recieipts, disbursements and shortages) are very familiar with me dahil inexam ko siya dati noog undergrad ako, with the same amounts. That was lifted from the reviewer of Ocampo. (So may sure 5 points na ako. Hihi.) Pero beware, pwedeng baguhin yun tanong, so wag magkabisado ng sagot. For example, sa problem na yun, may lalabas na sagot if gross profit on cost ginamit mo at may lalabas rin pag gross profit on sales ginamit mo. So, INGAT, kasi pag nagkamali ka ng gamit, domino effect yun sa ibang related questions. Sabi naman ng isa kong classmate, may kinuha raw kay Roque. So, I would really suggest, like what I did in the review, that reading both of them are effective.  May lumabas na problems about shareholders’ equity (mainly issuance of shares), revenue cut off tests, and collections and payments. May isa lang na problem na medyo nanibago ako, about investment in joint venture and operations, kung paano mo hahatiin yun assets, liabilities and equity between sa mga venturers. Lastly, may THEORIES ulit ang auditing problems, like last October 2013 board exams. Mga walo or siyam yata. Related naman ito sa substantive procedures to be taken sa different transactions like in payables and receivables, at saka sa subsequent events. WALANG PROOF OF CASH. Kaya compared raw sa July 2014, mas madali ang AP ngayon.

PRACTICAL ACCOUNTING 2: Also known as “AUDITING PROBLEMS PART 3” dahil may 4 situational problems ulit with 5 questions each. It is this board examination’s KILLER SUBJECT. It was the subject that made me cry after finishing it dahil sobrang hirap niya, at paguwi ko sa dorm binalibag ko sa sahig yun mga materials ko sa P2 sa inis. :( May isang tanong doon about business combination na aakalain mo na 3-step acquisition siya dahil akala mo magkakapangalan sila. (I am talking about Kitty Kat, Kit Kat and Kitty Kit, I know makakarelate yun iba dito). Yun pala, tatlong companies pala ang nagacquire sa iisang company. (Yun dalawa ay investment in associate, at yun isa doon subsidiary) May lumabas ulit na about joint operations or assets yata about sa yachts na akala ko hindi pagtutuunan ng pansin: this time, pinacompute sa amin yun revenue, net income at share sa kada venturer. Naiinis talaga ako kasi sobrang gulo kung ilang araw talaga yun sail-days nila, pati yun costing nila. May isang problem naman doon about partnership operations na feeling alam ng marami ang gagawin pero nakakainis kasi sobrang haba ng kailangang solution dahil dalawang taon + ang hatian pa nila average capital balances + nag-admit pa ng bagong partner.  Naghahanap ako ng medyo madadaling topics sa P2 like Franchising, LTCC, Home Office & Branch, Corporate Liquidation, NPOs, Government Accounting, etc., pero WALA. Habang maraming Forex Transactions saka Forward Contract questions, Process Costing na nasa isang situational problem at dalawang Joint Costs problems. May theories na naman sa Practical Accounting 2. Doon ako nagulat, may about sa Activity Based Costing na ang alam ko part na siya ng MAS. Overall, even yung topnotchers nahirapan sa exam na yun dahil mahahaba na, nakakalito pa at habang nag eexam ako, malapit ng magtime pero walang labasan. Di tulad noong MAS, AT at TOA may nagpapasa na ng 1 1/2 hours pa lamang. Kung saan galing yun tanong, sorry, I do not know, dahil mas mahirap siya compared sa problems nina Dayag at Guerrero, na kung Level 1 yun sa libro, level 100 yun nasa exam na yun. Feeling ko self-constructed ang mga tanong kasi until now walang makapagturo ng source. Consolation na lang siguro dun yung mapaggamit nilang mga company names tulad ng Raikage at Temari ng Naruto, cast ng series na Suits, at sina June Mar (Fajardo), Andray (Blatche) at Jimmy (Alapag) + Paul (Lee) na players ng Gilas. Sabi nga ng isa kong classmate sa problem ni June Mar, sana raw sinama na nila si James Yap, PJ Simon at Marc Pingris.


BUSINESS LAW & TAXATION: The former killer subject last July 2014 doesn’t have its sting anymore, pero hindi pa rin siya gaanong kadali. Actually, may contested situational problem doon about community tax certificates or cedula dahil wala raw siya sa syllabus ng CPA board examinations. On the Tax part, may situational problem about income tax payable per quarter, dividend income, donors’ tax, pati na VAT. Theoretical lang ang Estate Taxation doon, at more focused rin ang exam sa assessments. Sa BL naman, may hustisya dahil well distributed ang mga tanong sa mga topics: may obligation, contracts, pledge, partnership, corporation at negotiable instruments. Although may mga tanong doon na medyo nakakalito. Example is kung ano ang promissory note na order to the bearer. May ilang Latin law terms na never heard sakin, tulad ng “pactum reservati dominii” or contractual reservation of title. Napa-“ano iyon” ako doon, so I suggest na dapat may legal dictionary kayo pag nagrereview. May isa pang situational problem sa BL, about sa appraisal right ng isang corporation, na kung nakinig ka noon sa lectures ng reviewer niyo, masasagot mo talaga siya. Naging sapat na sakin yun CPAR handouts at preweek on BL at Quick Notes ni Jack De Vera para makasurvive sa subject na ito. Pero dahil alam naming killer subject ang BLT last time, marami rin kaming binasa na libro doon, like ReSA handouts ni Tamayo, Soriano, etc.                       

—- ooo —-

Nakakawalandyo *with matching voice of Atty. D of CPAR* yun exam di ba? Dahil inexpect na namin na mahirap ang CPA board examinations tulad noong July dahil sa change ng composition of BOA, pinaghandaan talaga ng karamihan ito. Pero ang nangyari, parang standard costing: ang standard ay mahirap, pero ang actual MAS MAHIRAP pa, kaya naging UNFAVORABLE sa amin. Masasabi mo talaga na ACCOUNTING ang tunay na MAHIRAP. ACCOUNTING ang tunay na PURO PASAKIT. </3 Sabi nga ng ilan, pati ng iCPA, it was one of the toughest CPA board exams ever. (Di kasama yun time na hindi pa multiple choice ang board exam ah, mas mahirap naman yun.)

Sa lahat ng nagdasal at sumuporta, maraming maraming salamat! Sa lahat ng CPAs na, congratulations and see you sa oathtaking, testimonial dinner or baka sa work na rin. Sa mga hindi naman pinalad, di pa tapos ang laban! Balang araw, susunod na rin kayo na matutupad ang mga pangarap bilang CPA. At sa lahat ng magtatake this coming May 2015, I am wishing you all the best. Tiwala lang kay Lord plus efforts, magiging CPA ka rin.


To God be all the glory!     

- P.M.G. Clamor, CPA

Checking the Melon Chart and seeing Chen and Chanyeol side by side like this is so satisfying. I’m so proud whenever I see EXO’s individual projects do so well, whether they’re in a group, doing collabs or anything else, it makes me happy seeing the seeing them chart high no matter the reason. Because it means people outside of EXO-Ls are giving them a chance– and liking what they hear.

More than anything, I’m thankful that they got to participate in these projects and collab with these amazing artists. I have to hand it to SM, the collabs and projects EXO gets involved in are always great opportunities for them and I hope this trend continues for them 

Shout out to Chen and Dynamic Duo’s project which had almost zero mediplay besides a few teaser images, luring the public in with heartfelt lyrics and a soothing sound

Shout out to Chanyeol and Punch’s OST who obviously have boarded the benefits of the Goblin hype train– but more than that seeing them in the top 5-top 10 for so long (nearly 2 months now!!) despite 13 more Goblin OSTs released is a feat of its own. 

Soar higher boys! <3

Everyone Needs a Holiday || ;hogwarts au


“Samar!” Lusso shouted, flailing an arm to try and get his fellow Hogwarts student’s attention. It was well into the summer break, where all were sent home until the new year started just before the fall.

But Lussurioso took no joy in going home. It was one of the benefits of a boarding school, he stayed away from the family’s secret manor nestled between the openly rich and powerful in Liverpool. Magic concealed the house and grounds of the Grand Duke of Britain. A title itself that was no longer officially in existence.

The eldest son of that duke had expected to spend his summer in Italy, but plans were derailed the with the escape from Azkaban and the idea that the Dark Lord was still somehow moving pieces around a board. He was forced to stay in England, to keep him closer in case of an emergency, but Lusso wasn’t going to stay under the heel of his father or mother- especially his mother.

So he tracked Samar down, using her address. 


Doesn’t this look fun? NightSUP, a Miami-based company, has put an exciting twist on stand-up paddleboarding by lining their boards with a strip of LED lights. So, when it’s dark on the beach, you now have the glow of your paddleboard as you maneuver through the water.

A unique experience is an added benefit of these boards. Originally, they were designed to enhance safety on night paddles, but the extra feature also gives you an incredible view of the nighttime sea and wildlife that aren’t normally visible during the day. Each board is equipped with about 40 feet of lights and gives the illusion that those riding it are somehow levitating.

NightSUP offers tours if you’re interested in splashing around after dark. They have several locations in Florida, Delaware, Missouri, Utah, and Nevada, and it seems like a perfect vacation activty.

If I were to need to whip up a board to go jam or gig right this second, it would probably look something like this. 

I haven’t velcro’d the Metro 16 yet, because I’m trying to decide if I want to throw hook or loop on it. 

My thoughts are that throwing hook on the board would benefit a bit more because the harder velcro doesn’t wear as easy. The softer stuff gets kind of shredded after a while. So I’m thinking about doing it that way. When I got my PT-1 it had hook on there and I actually haven’t even put loop on my pedals yet. Didn’t want to finalize it yet and my board has been shifty for a bit. Nothing has been solidified. I haven’t even put velcro on my Bastard Sword yet. lol

Anyways, the Metro 16 is a solid size for a grab and go board. I mean, this setup is hella giggable.