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so about the whole spy au. Does Lances Prothesis have some other beneficts outside of being super strong bionics? Like SHiro's arm can cut through metals when turned on. Does Lance have somehthing like this?

I have been thinking about this for the last two days because HOW DID I NEVER THINK ABOUT THIS! Of course Haggar would mess around with Lance’s prosthetics! She would never let an opportunity like that pass her by.

Lance’s spine is able to adjust and adapt to his body so that he is able to bend and twist however he wants and not have much resistance. The team found out about this mostly because Hunk caught Lance trying to find out far he could bend backwards without taking his feet off the ground ( the poor guy nearly fainted when he saw Lance in a very much impossible position.)

His arm on the other hand (ha, cheesy puns) Haggar had some fun with. His forearm can sort of transform into a bow that’s about the size of a cross bow. Lance hates to use it and will only bring it out if he absolutely has to. It runs off of his core quintessence ( which means that what holds the bow together, the string and the ‘arrows’ are literally made of his quintessence) so when ever he uses it, it drains him physically and mentally, and takes him hours if not the day to recover. The only people who know about his arm bow is Shiro and Coran.

I really hope this answers your question, and that if you or anyone else has any questions, feel free to ask!

My thoughts on RTTE Season 5(SPOILERS)

To be honest, season 5 was filled up with A LOT OF ACTION and intense battles. We saw Garf(geez, that first episode was hard on my soul), Hiccup’s genius mind in action, Girls Power(YEAH), Astrid flipping around and throwing her axe at everybody on the edge 😂, HICCSTRID TIME AND HICCUP FLIRTING.

My character’s spotlight this season: DEFINITELY Astrid.
We saw new faces of her personality throughout the episode I thought I could never see before. Plus! She did reallyyyyy cool things! 😄

- Her, caring for someone else than Hiccup or Stormfly at sometimes(Garf :’( )

- Her RAMPAGE(and feminist) MODE, That definitely killed me! XD (Snotlout, Throk and Fishlegs. They were in BIG troubles)

- Her support towards Hiccup during ALL episode even though he wasn’t in a mood at some point.

- Her, recognizing and calling Hiccup “boyfriend” 😍

- Her struggles to find a gift to her babe and guilt to have failed on that.

- Her, riding Toothless. I mean! That was awesome!

And finally…

- Her… CRYING! Astrid Fearless Hofferson crying! You have no idea.. the tsunami of feels and pain that went through my body at THAT specific time. That made me realize that, inside that strong and fierce shell, hides a sensitive and warm personality AND that’s why I can relate so much to Astrid. I wish to be just like her and in a way… I am.

Okay! Enough with the sad confessions!

Now! Things I disliked! 😈

First: Kisses.. compared to the previous season..

There was a BIG lack of Hiccstrid kisses. We got one and a half(the one on the forehead counts for a “half kiss” for me) in 13 episodes.. I mean.. they are engaged right? The others know about it!

I’m not complaining about all these wonderful moments they spent together (I had a heart attack at each of them). Don’t get me wrong! The kiss on the forehead, the romantic midnight flight, the hugs, the support Astrid gives to Hiccup in each episode, that AWESOME battle between the two of them(This is where you see that the weapon doesn’t make the warrior), the engagement… 😍They were perfect BUT where are the little kisses we had in season 4?! I’m a bit disappointed for that particular point.



Can somebody tells me the whole purpose of making Astrid sick for FIVE SECONDS?! Come on guys! She ran off to face that deadly poisonous snake dragon. She PUNCHED it like a total BADASS to gain some venom for the antidote to “cure” Stormfly.(She’s my model 👌🏻) Risking her own life for her dragon WHO WASN’T EVEN SICK?????

Plus, We saw Astrid faint, then, there’s a blackout and when we go back to the episode, SHE’S COMPLETELY FINE and go on like nothing has happened! What the Thor Is That?

So RTTE writers, if you want to make Astrid sick or any other character, at least, would you please make it last a little more longer than 5 flipping seconds(Sorry Astrid) or put Hiccup nearby so we can potentially have an awesome Hiccstrid moment like we had in Buffalord Soldier. Give it a purpose for Thor sake! Stop hurting my favorite character(and my model) for nothing! Unless it gives us Hiccstrid or it is benefict for the story developpement, DON’T DO IT! That’s to hard for my soul to handle.

If you’re still reading well. THANK YOU KIND PERSON! I don’t feel lonely anymore XD

Other wise… Now I’m in a bad mood because the last season comes in 6-7 months(RIP 😱😭). School will keep me occupied in the mean time..

Armiel headcanons

I swear this ship is killing me and it’s al.l @sinto-hell fault.

sfw and nsfw hcs! English is not my native Language.

  • They are a reverse couple, before having sex they have a pillow fight on whose should top.
  • They started talking over a song 
  • Armin isn’t a big fan of mcr, but he listens to all Castiel’s playlist because he makes a happy face everytime push “play”
  • They started dating how friends with beneficts. While they were listening to a Cas’s song, he asked “wanna bang?”. Armin said yes without thinking. They did it in art’s class.
  • While they were still friends with beneficts they had a secret language. Armin said “Ehy” at Cas during class. If Cas said “fuck off” then they wouldn’t meet that night, if Cas said “dickface” Armin had to knock at his door at 22.
  • They don’t speak so much at school, a little greeting in the morning and nothing else until the end of the school day. It’s not like they are ignoring each other, it’s just that they don’t need to be always together.
  • In fact, they don’t see like a couple, just two buddies.
  • Castiel is teaching Armin how to play a real instrument.
  • Armin is teaching Castiel how to find all the secret passages in Super Mario Bros.
  • Both of them are fan of Voltron and they always sing the opening when together.
  • They also do the Bounding Moment thing.
  • Castiel is tickling and Armin KNOWS THAT
  • Armin loves Demon and Castiel melts everytime his dog lick his boyfriend’s face.
  • Actually fight pretty often over stupid things.
  • Insult each other with a smile on their faces.
  • Cuddles while watching for the ninth time Star Wars.
  • Share socks all the time
  • Also sex phone. Armin’s mother walked in one time; she just said “Oh, Armin, is that your girlfriend? Tell her i say hi!”
  • “Well, i guess you are my girlfriend now”
  • “Shut up, i’ll carry on”
  • “Is that a mcr reference?”
  • Cit The Most Popular Girls in School a lot. They fought over whose Trishas was the cuttest
  • “Eww man, that’s gay”
  • Kisses on the shoulders
  • Just two dorks in love

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Why would Dan wants to cover larry stylinson if he could expose it and get money with it?? Larries just don't make any sense, Dan is a rat and a lot of people don't like him, there's no reason for him to agree with this if it's not gonna bring any beneficts to him and for the first time i think he was really bothered with Larries by the way he replied, what he liked and how he asked about Louis about it.

Lol Dan literally says he would love to have been able to cover it if it were real and for once the snake is totally right, because any tabloid would love that scoop. ANY tabloid. The reason it hasn’t been scooped is because it isn’t real, not because of NDAs or pap superinjunctions or a hospitality industry that all get paid enough to not be lured by the promise of money for leaking a covert photo or fear of lawsuits as punishment for manipulating two stuffed teddy bears or some eternal image clause Louis signed in a dark alley with Simon Cowell in 2010.

It’s funny because for larries everyone in this is super greedy except for Larry themselves (of course) but Dan could stand to gain a lot if he betrayed Simon and just outed Larry - anyone would - as saviors of the industry taking the heat off of Larry because they wouldn’t be in breach of their own contracts that way. Yet Dan remains staunchly loyal to Simon because evil minions stick together even when they’re not profiting.

It’s the same reason why briana hasn’t gone to tabloids to sell her story even though ostensibly she was in this for a quick money and fame grab. She could have written three books by now, either about how she had a popstar’s baby or how she was recruited to fake it. She hasn’t. Why? She’s just too committed to evil to notice she isn’t maximizing her earning potential I guess!!!

Larrie: where everyone is too stupid to hang together a conspiracy theory that makes sense and yet Louis STILL can’t manage to find a single way out of any of it other than to show off his tattoos and give his gf the finger on a street where gay bars are.

ok ok ok,After doing some fanart of the precious kukkii’s Zip, I remembered I had a Sonic OC, I couldn’t find any pic of him because that sketch book exist no more ;A;

SOI decided to redisign him, I made him when I was studying Chinese so the name is 0 original XD Kuai literally means “Quick” lol, also he used to wear clothing specifically a mini skirt and top, lol

His personality is all sassy and happy, he acts innocently but you shoul never trust him, He’s a little thief and cheater who will seek for any chance to benefict himself, but he’s a good friend tho XD

He slides like shadow, he’s not the fastest but he has many tricks, also he can transform in stone statues sing the leaf on his forehead :D

Ireally didn’t made him a story I made him a lot timeago and just for the porn XD

Mcl rare pair week is here guys!

Aesthetic of 16/08: Armiel

+ Cold colors + Unrequieted love + Castiel side + friendship(share music and doing stupid things) + Friends with beneficts + Hanahaki disease (Forget me Not)

I tried doing something a little bit different, not only describe them but give at the aesthetic a “story”

Maybe tomorrow i’ll post another Armiel, i’m not sure, i already have a rare pair in mind u.u

Remember to post what you’ve got for this Week, i want to see them all! <3

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Consort AU where Bilbo is Very Determined to give Thorin his morning kiss regardless of where Thorin is, and has absolutely zero compunctions interrupting a morning meeting to snog the hell out of his husband. (... And maybe always managing to give Thorin a quick, dramatic dip whilst he's at it.)

this is v important yep
Although I think Bilbo is way too proper to do such a thing in the middle of a meeting. He could, instead, pull Thorin in a corner right out of the Council room to snog him there. Or when he feels particularly naughty (maybe Thorin was being silly earlier and he needs a payback) he slips on the ring and drapes himself around Thorin’s shoulder kissing and mouthing his neck and cheeck during the meeting. 
ORRR during a meeting with some foreigners who just want Thorin to marry a random dwarrowdam because all political beneficts ecc, Bilbo gets so fed up, so fed up, Thorin is his bethroted thank you very much, he just stands up from his position as advisor, excuses himself from the council, and proceeds to give Thorin a very dramatic snog before leaving.

I am a huge Sherlock fan, but I can still dislike the way an actor handles statements about people with disabilities. I will still love and support Sherlock, but I will also accept that the characters actor isn't perfect. I will still fully support the show, but I can dislike certain things AND enjoy the show.

But ignoring the facts about what Ben said…?! Sorry I am not a “belieber” sort of fan.

Straight in a Straight Line - One

This is a new Benefiction with a working title. Thoughts are always welcome as I’m not sure how I feel about the way this one is written. Do enjoy!

  The pages were cool beneath his fingers and the ink smelled fresh and welcoming. He wasn’t sure what he was doing at the Marvel office, but he had been invited and couldn’t bring himself to turn down the invitation. The artists were friendly enough and greeted him fondly, and the executives were happy to give him all the comics he could want. He’d collected a pile - a few for himself but most of them for the little boy in his life.

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If I Didn't Know - Chapter 14

If I Didn’t Know - Chapter 14
Benedict Cumberbatch/May Bell (ofc)
Author’s Notes: Thank you so so much to lexfritter for being an amazing friend and an amazing beta. Thank you to ALL of you who read this and send me messages and follow me. Go read her stories at lexfritterwrites, I promise you won’t be disappointed :)
Trigger warning: Brief mention of a suicide attempt, but not of a main character.

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Forget what God can give you, forget the things that He can make to you. Just love Him with all your heart for simply who He is. He is enough, His love is enough. Nothing that He can give or do for us is enough, only He is.

Oh my godness, I see so many people seeking Him for the benefits that He can give, I’m not saying I don’t do that, unfortunately, sometimes I do, but don’t. Don’t. Don’t do that. Seek God, all the things will disappear, all things are nothing before Him.

guys i need your attention please! since yesterday many people were protesting against the government’s decision to cut the previdence beneficts (the cut is due to money the government took from the people) given to public school teachers in Paraná, Brazil. the protests were happening in Centro Cívico, Curitiba. Differently from what happened a day ago, the confronts between the protestants and the police was brutal. Tear-shell and rubber bombs were used, not only severely hurting people, but some were also thrown at ambulances trying to take those who were injured to safety. day care centers were emptied because the gas was affecting the children. two teachers died during the manifestation that turned out to be a bloody war. we can’t let this happen anymore, don’t let the people who fought for an important cause go unnoticed! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!