beneficial borders

Musings of a King - Byron x MC

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At the age of 16, I ascended the throne. Young as I was, I knew what needed to be done. I was put here to fix all the mistakes that man- Gerald, had made. Work was hard, days were long, and the nights even longer. But it was all worth it if it meant saving my country. I had to rebuild from scratch, remove all traces of the past; of the pain my people had to endure. This is what I set myself to do. My only goal is to make Stein a secure and prosperous country again.

It didn’t take long and I became of age. The bureaucrats were excited. They have always talked about “coming of age, becoming a man” but I hardly thought about it. Now at the age of 18, I can no longer avoid it. I don’t dislike the idea but I also don’t have an interest. I only see it as something to tick off my list- just as marriage to me was just another checkpoint I needed to pass.

They brought me a girl a few days after my birthday. They said she was untouched, fit for a king. I was told not to worry because this girl will not be able to conceive, so there would be no risk to the line of nobility the bureaucrats ever so valued. Our royal family will not be tainted even if I made a mistake.

That night I spent with the girl, I felt nothing. My body responded as it should, but my mind and my heart were elsewhere- already thinking about my next duty as king. With that, I have finished the task the bureaucrats wanted me to complete. They asked me about it of course, asked if I wanted more of the same “gift” - but I said that task was done and it was time to move on. They said I’m still inexperienced but stopped protesting nonetheless.

Years passed and I was nearly at the next checkpoint in the subject of relationships. I needed to find a partner, a Queen, a mother to bear my heir. The nearby country of Wysteria had just announced the ceremony honoring their new princess. Things are aligning well for me, I thought. I get to visit Wysteria and check what I can do in terms of trade and improving our relationship as neighboring countries, whilst also finding a prospective partner in their new princess. A bond between our two countries that share a border is beneficial to Stein, but more so for Wysteria. They will have no reason to decline. Additionally, they have a bountiful supply of ore deposits that have always been of interest to me in terms of resources.

I set off for Wysteria earlier than expected to do an inspection near the border before I had to attend the ceremony. It’s good to maximize time and fit in as much work as I can into my schedule.

The inspection begins, Albert and I go in different directions to cover more ground and finish faster. I arrive at our desginated meeting place ahead of time, so I decide to take in the surroundings. The sky is clear tonight. The stars look brighter. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing it from Wysteria? Suddenly, hurried footsteps approach and I see a woman, her clothes elegant yet torn- possibly from running through the woods. Bandits? I thought Wysteria was a relatively peaceful country

That’s when I met her for the first time. Nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen in the next few weeks of my life. I would discover what it’s like to think of matters besides work, and for once my heart would have something other than my country in its depths. I never knew there was that big of a gap that needed to be filled inside of me. I would feel an overwhelming desire to just be near her; to watch her, to touch her. It shouldn’t make sense but somehow it did. She would help me feel emotions I have never before felt capable of having. She would be the first person I ever loved, the only Queen I’d want by my side.

But the road we both had to take had her endure so much suffering, I feel humbled just by the sight of her smiling face. The truth is, my love for her is too great, it scares me- what I might do just to keep her.

Had I known all these when I first met her in the woods that night, I would’ve whisked her away to start our life together there and then. Avoid all the things she would have to go through for my sake.

I watch her now with pride, as she holds our daughter in her arms. Finally, I feel complete.

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